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Combat Veteran Suffering From LUBAG By Glenn Angeles
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The Medic, Second Edition By William A. Harrigan
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This is an autobiographical work about a non-combat medic during world war II which follows his 33 month tour of duty from basic training in California to England and back to the States.
Medical Perspectives of Battle Conflicts in Malta By Charles Savona-Ventura
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Medical services have been associated with the military since the days of Ancient Greece. This relationship was essential not only in ensuring the front-line treatment of injuries sustained by... More > soldiers but also to treat the diseases that accompany the disruption in the social circumstances brought on by warfare. The expectation of a military conflict requires the commanders in the field to draw up a military operation plan. This war plan varied according to the defined objectives, often being differently viewed by the combatants on either side of the conflict. There was in addition the aspect of using biological agents as weapons of warfare. There are numerous records of the use of biological weapons in antiquity. It is therefore not surprising that medical personnel played a very important role in battle plans and were generally highly regarded by the commanders and troops these medics serviced.< Less
Why Am I So Tired? - The Ebook Guide to Combat Fatigue By M Osterhoudt
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Tired of feeling run down and sluggish all of the time? This Ebook will guide through the steps to rid yourself of lingering fatigue and renew your energy. Learn how simple changes to your diet and... More > lifestyle can increase energy, promote alertness and get rid of the “blahs”. Also, learn the many medical symptoms that can cause symptoms of long term fatigue. Start today and get back to feeling like “you” again!< Less
Walk Through the Valley: The Spiritual Journey of a Vietnam War Medic By Bruce McDaniel
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Bruce McDaniel enlisted in the Army in September, 1967, and served as a combat medic with the 198th Infantry Brigade in Vietnam. In this memoir, Bruce describes his training, his year in Vietnam, and... More > the "coming home" process which formed part of a lifelong spiritual journey. Bruce explores how his Christian faith influenced his decision to be a medic and how his faith was affected by his experiences in the war and as a veteran.< Less
Confessions Of A Pharmacist - What Everyone Should Know About Their Medications By Benjamin Hanlon
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"Confessions Of A Pharmacist" outlines the many things that consumers are most unaware of when it comes to their medications and the world of pharmacy in general. This ebook outlines how... More > to save money on medications, the mistakes that your pharmacy is making on a daily basis and gives a brief introduction to how drugs work. The information presented in this ebook will allow you to make more informed decisions when it comes to your drug therapy as well as understand life saving and money saving facts when it comes to you and your medications. Find out what doctors and drug companies don't want you to know as well as receive truths to the many myths that surround generic drugs. Written by pharmacy professionals, this ebook is filled with free resources that will become a part of your everyday drug therapy decisions, including how to best identify and combat side effects and how to best utilize your local pharmacist.< Less
Combat Lifesaver Course: Army Correspondence Course Program - Subcourse 0871 - Edition C By Army Institute for Professional Development
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TABLE OF CONTENTS ADMINISTRATIVE INSTRUCTIONS .... GRADING AND CERTIFICATION ... Lesson 1 INTRODUCTION TO THE COMBAT LIFESAVER AND TACTICAL COMBAT CASUALTY CARE .... Section I. The Role of the Combat... More > Lifesaver .... Section II. Tactical Combat Casualty Care .... Exercises ..... Lesson 2 CARE UNDER FIRE ... Exercises .... Lesson 3 TACTICAL FIELD CARE ... Exercises .... Lesson 4 CONTROLLING BLEEDING .... Section I. Controlling Bleeding Without a Tourniquet ..... Section II. Applying a Tourniquet .... Exercises ..... Lesson 5 OPENING AND MANAGING A CASUALTY'S AIRWAY ..... Exercises .... Lesson 6 TREATING PENETRATING CHEST TRAUMA ... Section I. Treating an Open Chest Wound ..... Section II. Treating Tension Pneumothorax ....... Lesson 7 INITIATING A FIELD MEDICAL CARD OR TCCC CARD .. Section I. U.S. Field Medical Card .... Section II. Tactical Combat Casualty Care Card ..... Lesson 8 REQUESTING MEDICAL EVACUATION ....... Lesson 9 TACTICAL CASUALTY MOVEMENT .... .. Lesson 10 EVACUATING A CASUALTY USING A LITTER ...< Less
The Kickstart Guide to Fighting Bad Breath: Tips and Tricks to Help Combat Bad Breath By Lynne Parcell
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Bad breath is when there is an unpleasant odor that usually comes from the mouth. When people exhale, the odor comes out. Not only is it a health issue, but it is also a social issue as well. ... More > People get turned off by those that have bad breath when they open their mouth. Bad breath can occur for some reasons. And there are many contributing factors that can lead us to have bad breath. Whether you have a mild or severe bad breath, this ebook will answer some of your questions. Discover: • Determining if you have bad breath • Ways to fight bad breath • Seeking Medical Assistance • And more< Less
Ranger Medic Handbook: 75th Ranger Regiment Trauma Management Team (Tactical) (2007 Edition) By U.S. Department of Defense & U.S. Army Special Operations Command
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Ranger Medic Handbook: The mission of the 75th Ranger Regiment Trauma Management Team (Tactical) is to provide medical care and training in accordance with the tenets of Tactical Combat Casualty... More > Care, Tactical Medical Emergency Protocols, and Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support. TABLE of CONTENTS: SECTION ONE RMED Mission Statement RMED Charter Review Committees Editorial Consultants & Contributors Key References RMED Scope of Practice RMED Standing Orders & Protocol Guidelines Casualty Assessment & Management Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) SECTION TWO Tactical Trauma Assessment Protocol Medical Patient Assessment Protocol Airway Management Protocol Surgical Cricothyroidotomy Procedure King-LT D Supralaryngeal Airway Insertion Procedure Orotracheal Intubation Procedure Hemorrhage Management Procedure Tourniquet Application Procedure Hemostatic Agent Application Protocol Tourniquet Conversion< Less
Wilderness and Survival Medicine 2014 By Chris Breen & Dr Craig Ellis
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This 2nd Edition contains a wealth of new material and 46 expanded chapters including Information on Minor Injuries and Illness, Lifesaving Surgery, Environmental Problems and Tactical Considerations... More > Life is uncertain, people who are involved in survival situations, disasters and accidents are often unprepared both in knowledge and supplies.It is hoped it will be useful to those who partake in extreme and wilderness sports and activities as well as those who are interested in survivalism and preparedness. Chris Breen is an Emergency Nurse Practitioner who served with the RAMC, a Paramedic and Clinical Tutor with additional qualifications in Trauma and Remote Medicine. Craig Ellis is a Medical doctor who trained as a Specialist Emergency Physician. He has a special interest in austere medicine and medical practice during prolonged disasters. He has both worked and taught austere medical practice.< Less