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Shadows of Deception By Gale Minchew
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Nicholas Zahn can travel in his sleep & communicate w/angels. He acquired these abilities & many others when he died & then came back to life. Shortly after his near-death experience at... More > the age of 5, Nicholas could see people around him who were on the cusp of death. He heard other people’s thoughts. His abilities brought him to the attention of the police, local media and some less desirable organizations. Only a few weeks after his 6th birthday, Nicholas was abducted by a covert agency. He has spent his life in a string of educational facilities receiving training in an array of skills: remote viewing, astral travel, mind control, physical combat, weaponry, psychic development & protection …everything a young boy needs. In his memoir, Nicholas reflects on his experiences in the midst of the powerful reunion between Analise & her biological mother. Their reunion stirs some deep longing within him & he finally uncovers the truth that lay hidden within the shadows of deception.< Less
Pastel: Deception in the Invasion of Japan By Dr. Thomas M. Huber
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In 1945, to end the Pacific War, American strategic plans foresaw an invasion of Japan's heavily defended home islands. Operations Olympic and Coronet, America's proposed landings on Kyushu and the... More > Tokyo Plain, were the largest amphibious invasions ever planned. Although precluded by the war's end, preparations for both were extensive. To gain the element of surprise, Washington and theater planners developed Operations Pastel and Coronet Deception, deception operations designed to convey to the Japanese a false story of where the actual assault landings would occur. In this work, Huber reveals the contents, origins, and effects of these two comprehensive, coordinated deception plans. Originally published in 1988 by the Combat Studies Institute, U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, Leavenworth, Kansas. 61 pages, 6 maps, 2 figures, 1 table.< Less
Futile Deceptions : Book 1 of Basil Ackroyd's France By Douglas Spencer Wallis
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Basil Ackroyd, a refugee from a financial scandal in an English municipal council, becomes the mayor of a small town in the French Midi saturated with expatriates. He has been running the town as his... More > own domain for many years when outside influences threaten to rob him of his ill-gotten gains. His total lack of sensibility to those around him and insatiable greed blinds him to the real situation and his efforts to combat the menace results in multiple mishaps and a worsening of his position. The hero, Basil Ackroyd, is gloriously Machiavellian and amoral, endlessly scheming and machinating for his own selfish benefit and advantage. Unfortunately for Basil, his schemes have a habit of blowing up in his face and destroying him. But he is never discouraged and is endlessly re-inventive.< Less
Deceived By Janet Ables
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Ever feel like you are just not good enough? What if you began to see yourself as God sees you: loved and accepted? When you learn to see yourself the way God sees you, the chains of deception are... More > broken and you are set free from the bondage of insecurity and fear. The truth of the matter is: you are chosen and cherished by a God who loves you!< Less
When Heroes Fall By Scott O. Jones
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Book Two - The Aryis Chronicles. Consumed by post-war confusion, new threats of concentrated pirate activity plague the Protectorate Authority and its citizens. The seriousness of the situation... More > leads to the assignment of Daric Konan and his powerful Battlecruisers to end this menace. Rather than a simple search for pirates, Daric finds himself strangely allied with his former enemies after several important people in the Protectorate are assissinated. When his closest friend is also lost, Daric uncovers a plot that reaches to the highest levels of Authority leadership. Caught in a web of conspiracy and deception, the former hero and his friends are hunted by their own people while struggling to find the truth and save the Authority from itself.< Less
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Drawing on the real life communication strategy and tactics employed by a veteran mercenary operator successfully field tested on missions that skillfully saved lives and destroyed enemy combatants,... More > Dr. Jeffrey Cantor shows you how to detect deception, sharpen your observation skills, gain the upper hand in a business negotiation or interview, strengthen business and personal relationships and excel in delivering extraordinary results as a leader. Executive Communication delivers powerful tools and tips that can help you act clearly and decisively in any situation. Rapidly determine deception and truths to win over competitors and gain a vantage point.The art of reading, influencing, predicting and engaging others like a spy will help you navigate professional and personal challenges while removing doubt from your business and personal life.< Less
Sundered Lineage By Chris Turner
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Treachery, deception, death . . . A Jinju-martial-arts fighter must use every ounce of his wits, every trick to avenge his slain Jinju master. An action-packed explosion of martial-arts combat. ... More > Short story, 2800 words.< Less
Z.A. By Joseph Sale
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Z.A. “It was yet another dark day in the strange afterlife of the world. Val woke to the gory red glow of the rising sun: the sight of a city in the thrall of the dead…”... More > Val’s life is turned upside down by the outbreak of zombie infection, but when he meets a group of men combating the armies of the dead, he finds some form of hope. But are his new companions really his saviours or are they psychopaths themselves even more dangerous than the zombies? Beneath the deceptive exterior of 'zombie story' is a tale of darker psychological truths.< Less
An Unlikely Truth By John Rachel
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It was a time of stalemate, gridlock, divisiveness, and polarization. The nation plunged into greater crisis and dysfunction as the list of things which weren't getting done grew longer. The survival... More > of democracy and America itself were increasingly in doubt. In this political drama, a bright, young, idealistic, Green Party candidate, in his bid for the congressional seat of a very conservative district in Ohio, teams with a beautiful, fiery African-American intern to combat the slick deceptions and ruthless tactics of a sweet-talking right wing incumbent. This is the inspiring story of a small committed group of activists who either never knew or forgot the meaning of the word 'impossible'.< Less
My Paperback Book By onyeka chidebelu
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Melvin has a friend;that has been an age-long close friend of his. Melvin wants to enjoy his inheritance, which is a grand piece of land. Incidentally, his covetous bosom friend suddenly feels this... More > treasure could become a honeypot. Jonas must deceive Melvin. But deception was not really helping matters; he ought to kill him, if possible. Indeed he succeeds, and Melvin hands off. However the police and government are also interested in this contentious asset. How will Jonas collude with the police in order to deceive the government? Can he combat the forces struggling to gain possession of this golden land?< Less