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Loving Life Now By Lee Anne Bartlett
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Lee Anne Bartlett is passionate about empowering and inspiring others to become a better them. Through her work as a coach, mentor, trainer and presenter she has assisted hundreds and inspired... More > thousands of people globally to be better and do better. She has been able to path the way in her arena, showing others what is possible and pushing the limits and creating new levels. She loves to challenge herself and challenge others to get out of their comfort zones and go for it. Lee Anne went from over 7 figures on debt to being a multiple 7 figure income earner in just a few short years and has mentored many others to create amazing life transformations too. Lee Anne lives on the Gold Coast with her husband and 2 beautiful daughters, loves to travel and is always sporting some bling and leaving a sparkle wherever she goes. To find out more about Lee Anne and what she does - visit< Less
FOREVER FOR THE GAMBIA By Dr. Alhasan Sisawo. Ceesay, MD
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I refused the American Green Card because no place is worthier than the Gambia. I returned the Gambia because it is onus upon citizens but sheer understanding that the villagers needed healthcare... More > delivery than current rendered them. I love the Gambia to seek the golden flees in doing my duty to my people. The comfort of the develop world is what I yearned for my villagers and continent but not my personal gratification. It is said that fools and dreamers share zones but we know better and reading through this work may just reveal what dreamers can achieve. This work is about being a positive contributing member of society no matter where you may find yourself. It tries to shed reason why we need ignite the spirit and embers of giving not only to illuminate an others’ life but to remove dark and despondent moments from those needy hearts. In so doing we let hope and light triumph over darkness and hence allow peace to transcend earth. I write to raise funds for bilding of Njawara village hospital.< Less
2 Dangerous Things A Year By Terry Williams
Paperback: $12.22
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If you constantly find yourself to be the smartest person in every room you’re in, then you need to get you into some different rooms. And that's the theme of this book: developing yourself or... More > your people by getting out of the ‘room’ you’re in, getting out of your comfort zone, getting better at getting better, working out your change muscles and building up your reservoir of resilience so you've got them before you need them. 1. Why you should be proactive about change and risk, 2. Why most people aren’t, and 3. How you can – how you can make a start, build momentum, muscle through when it gets tough and bring others along for the ride. You can start on your ‘Change Evolution’ path by reading this book, doing your own dangerous things, adapting your ‘Danger DNA’, and becoming ‘Change Fit’.< Less
HB 12.1: Run With Endurance the Race God Set Before You By Julie Wages
Paperback: $15.25
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Have you ever felt like you were supposed to do something you have never done before or that you feel completely unqualified to do? Maybe this something is so far out of your comfort zone that it... More > seems impossible and WAY too hard? Yes, me too. I was never a runner. I never dreamt of becoming a runner. I never dreamt of becoming a marathoner. And, I certainly never dreamt of becoming a writer. When I felt the Lord nudging me to pursue not only one of those three things but all of them, I wondered why in the world He would choose to use me to carry that out. Certainly, He could find someone better than me. I felt like the most unqualified person for any of it. However, God’s plan sometimes doesn’t always align with what we believe of ourselves. He sees the potential in us. He has the power and the authority to make what seems impossible, more than possible. I hope this book inspires you to run your race. Where you are and where you’re going is beyond what you can imagine.< Less
Revelation's Essential Truths By Donald Werner
eBook (ePub): $2.00
The Book of Revelation is the final book of the New Testament, and it is also the last book given by God, and it contains His last advice, instructions and warnings, it also contains many apocalyptic... More > visions including the plagues, seals, bowls, etc. In this book, I will not try to interpret any of the apocalyptic visions, because the Book of Revelation has much greater truths that we need to learn first, such as who are the redeemed and how to be among them, how one receives the Seal of God, and how one avoids the Mark of the Beast, and what qualifies one to enter the New Jerusalem. We need to know all of this as Judgment Day is approaching. And what I found in God’s last book, will take most Christians out of their comfort zone. What I have to share is far more important than speculation on the nature, timing and sequence of the apocalyptic events, with endless speculations as to who is the beast. I’m sure that you will be challenged, warnings, instructed and blessed by this book as I was in writing it.< Less

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