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A Parent's Guide To Common Core By Zahid Ameer
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What are they Teaching My Kids? A Parent's Guide to Common Core! There is plenty of buzz out there about common core and what it means for children in public schools. Some parents are very impressed... More > with it and love the idea. Others aren't sure about it because they have heard complaints and that it confuses kids. Some educators really embrace it and others don't like the idea of change. They also worry that it means they have to change their teaching methods. Yet there are plenty of benefits involved with the common core curriculum. As you learn about it, you will be more comfortable with what your child will be learning about. Inside this eBook, you are about to learn the following information: + What is Common Core? + Why is Common Core so Popular Now? + Be Prepared for Changes in the Classroom + Math Standards + English Standards + Evaluating the Success of a Child with Common Core + Working with your Child's School + And so much more...< Less
Common Core Vocabulary Cards By Velerion Damarke
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Common Core Vocabulary Cards is a stand-alone set of over 3000 Vocabulary Cards that can also be used in conjunction with other Common Core programs, including Common Core Assessment Templates. They... More > are arranged by grade level (K-8) and by subject area (Math & ELA). These 18 sets of cards feature key vocabulary terms and skills that are expected of students across the nation at their particular grade level as per the Common Core State Standards. Brought to you by< Less
Common Core Assessment Templates By Velerion Damarke
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Nearly every state is going common core, and while they are resources out there, do you really want to pick and choose what pages of their workbooks to use? Using ready, premade worksheets where all... More > you have to do is give directions, fill in questions, or offer answers to write down, you can make EVERY lesson a common core lesson with an assessment. This is a blank worksheet and quiz templates, with 175 different templates that cover ALL subjects and ALL grade levels. in categories like: * Primary * Writing * Language * Math * Graphic Organizers * Quizzing * Problem Boxes * Matching< Less
Achieve the Common Core: Teaching Math Standards in Kindergarten By Tracy Jarboe, Stefani Sadler
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“Achieve the Common Core: Teaching Math Standards in Kindergarten” contains over 380 pages of activities and instructional supports that address each of the Common Core Math Standards in... More > Kindergarten. This resource features five delightful “Core-Animals” that captivate young learners and guide them through the five math domains: Counting & Cardinality (Cat), Operations & Algebraic Thinking (Octopus), Number & Operations in Base Ten (Numbat), Measurement & Data (Monkey), and Geometry (Giraffe). Teachers will also find helpful common core resources, such as: Domain, Cluster, Standard, and Math Practices Cards; Core-Animal Posters; a wealth of learning activities, and patterns for Student Data Notebooks & Mathematician Celebrations.< Less
Realizing Transitions: Common Core, College, Career By MITESOL Conference Proceedings
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This is the 8th volume in the "Selected Proceedings" series from Michigan Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (MITESOL). These papers were originally presented at the... More > "Realizing Transitions: Common Core, College, Career" conference.< Less
The Best Third Grade Common Core Math Worksheets / Practice Tests By Robert Richards, Jessica Corriere
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Practice Problems for 3rd Grade Common Core Standard Operations and Algebra, Multiply and Divide Within 100, Solve Problems Involving Four Operations, Numbers and Operations in Base 10, Fractions,... More > Measurement and Data, Solve Problems Involving Measurement, Represent and Interpret Data, Geometric Measurements, Understand Concepts of Area and Relative Area, Recognize Perimeter as an Attribute of a Plane, Reason With Shapes and their Attributes< Less
How to Implement the Common Core Standards in Your School or Classroom By Dr. Wren
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The Common Core State Standards are curriculum frameworks in English Language Arts and Mathematics developed by the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers. ... More > Recently adopted by 45 states and the District of Columbia, the intent of the common core standards is to prepare K-12 students for college and the workforce. The purpose of How to Implement the Common Core Standards in Your School or Classroom is to assist teachers and administrators in conducting a needs assessment, determining and/or designing professional development activities, and creating an assessment system all in preparation for the change over to the common core standards and, eventually, a new generation of high stakes national tests.< Less
Algebra I Common Core Regents Course Workbook (Coil Bound) By Donny Brusca
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Course Workbook for the New York State Algebra I Common Core Regents Exam. Each section contains key terms and concepts, model problems, calculator instructions, practice problems, and Regents exam... More > questions. Includes over 600 past Regents questions, organized by topic, plus a complete sample Regents exam. Answer key available separately.< Less
Teaching and Learning in the Era of the Common Core: The Students at the Center Series By Nancy Hoffman, Adria Steinberg, Rebecca Wolfe
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STUDENTS AT THE CENTER explores the role that student-centered approaches can play to deepen learning and prepare young people to meet the demands and engage the opportunities of the 21st century.... More > The papers that build the knowledge base for the project renew attention to the importance of engaging each student in acquiring the skills, knowledge, and expertise needed for success in college and a career. Student-centered approaches to learning, while recognizing that learning is a social activity, pay particular attention to the importance of customizing education to respond to each student’s needs and interests, making use of new tools for doing so. This ebook is a collection of all nine summaries of the papers, which can be downloaded for free at< Less
6th Grade Math Common Core Practice Test Book By Jessica Corriere, Robert Richards
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Three complete sample tests for Common Core 6th grade math problems. Areas include, Number Sense, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement, Statistics and Probability.