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What Lies Beneath By Paul Francis Stewart
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Gideon Grayson is dying and one of his sons stands to gain an inheritance beyond compare... Terrified by visions of a bleak and brutal future in which his twin brother Caliban has the world at his... More > mercy, Remiel Grayson makes a decision that will impact upon the lives of countless innocents. In order to avoid the destruction and decay he has glimpsed in his dreams, Remiel condemns his brother to a leper colony and inadvertently sets in motion events that will change the course of history. 'What Lies Beneath' is the first book in the Caliban's End trilogy, a sweeping, unconventional epic fantasy penned by Melbourne author Paul Francis Stewart. The story continues in 'Into the Endless' and concludes in 'Akin to Pity'.< Less
The Square of Life 2 By Swami Ram Charran
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In the beginning there was Mythology and Magic, then came Philosophy and Consciousness, followed by Cosmology and Religion, then Physics and Chemistry were developed into science. Now in this series... More > of books called the Square Of Life, Swami Ram has been able to combine all of those in a simple science called the Vedic Sciences which explains all the phenomenon we sometimes though were not possible in life. When compared to the subject of physics, the Vedic Sciences have presented far more credible and practical explanations of the occurrences and events that happen in a human being’s life, than scientists of today can offer. In this book we can see the way our Life and Physical experiences are influenced by the various Energies of the Universe and how our life will go through the cyclic vibrations of the universe on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. This book will help you assess that future experience and it will prepare you for it< Less
The Golden Bough: A Study of Magic and Religion By Sir James George Frazer
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Before Joseph Campbell became the world's most famous practitioner of comparative mythology, there was Sir James George Frazer. The Golden Bough was originally published in two volumes in 1890, but... More > Frazer became so enamored of his topic that over the next few decades he expanded the work sixfold, then in 1922 cut it all down to a single thick edition suitable for mass distribution. The thesis on the origins of magic and religion that it elaborates "will be long and laborious," Frazer warns readers, "but may possess something of the charm of a voyage of discovery, in which we shall visit many strange lands, with strange foreign peoples, and still stranger customs." Chief among those customs--at least as the book is remembered in the popular imagination--is the sacrificial killing of god-kings to ensure bountiful harvests, which Frazer traces through several cultures, including in his elaborations the myths of Adonis, Osiris, and Balder.< Less
The Argonautica By Apollonius Rhodius
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The Argonautica is a Greek epic poem written by Apollonius Rhodius in the 3rd century BC. The only surviving Hellenistic epic, the Argonautica tells the myth of the voyage of Jason and the Argonauts... More > to retrieve the Golden Fleece from remote Colchis. Their heroic adventures and Jason's relationship with the Colchian princess/sorceress Medea were already well known to Hellenistic audiences, which enabled Apollonius to go beyond a simple narrative, giving it a scholarly emphasis suitable to the times. It was the age of the great Library of Alexandria and his epic incorporates his researches in geography, ethnography, comparative religion and Homeric literature. However, his main contribution to the epic tradition lies in his development of the love between hero and heroine – he seems to have been the first narrative poet to study "the pathology of love". The Argonautica had a profound impact on Latin poetry. It influenced Catullus and Ovid and it provided Virgil with a model for his Roman epic, The Aeneid.< Less
The Virgin of the World By Hermes Mercurius Trismagistus
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THE mystic title of the celebrated Hermetic fragment with which this volume commences is the "Kosmic Virgin". A revelation of the wonderful identity subsisting between the ancient... More > wisdom-religion of the old world, and the creed of catholic Christendom. Koré is the name by which, in the Eleusinian Mysteries, Persephone the Daughter, or Maiden. When we find Isis, the Moon-goddess and Initiatrix, in her discourse with Horus, mystically identifying the eye with the soul, and comparing the tunics of the physical organ of vision with the envelopes of the soul; when, moreover, we reflect that precisely as the eye, by means of its pupil, is the enlightener and percipient of the body, so is the soul the illuminating and seeing principle of man. For Isis or Persephone, the Maiden, is the personified soul, whose "apostasy," or "descent," from the heavenly sphere into earthly generation, is the theme of the following Hermetic parable.< Less
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169 Photographs & Graphics. The research work of Debbie Johnson has the potential to revolutionize our understanding of the past. This book redefines the Egyptian civilization by introducing... More > two new discoveries which reveal the enlightened state of the ancient culture. The first topics covered in archaeoastronomy are sun alignments and symbolic art that demonstrates amazing correlation when compared to the orientation and placement of temples and pyramids. The second subject involves the phenomenon of rock formations called simulacra that appear in the mountain cliffs in the likeness of the Egyptian deities. The Egyptian gods emerge as supernatural beings at dawn, transform throughout the day, and fade at dusk respectively with the sun. Both discoveries unite to prove that the Egyptians were both seekers and teachers of the natural world, building their structures to honor realities in nature that are based on cosmic principles of the solar cycles.< Less
The Barbarian Songs By Greg Castle
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The Barbarian Songs, is a short poem collection, in the Norse Saga Tradition, of the Poetical and Prose Eddas - The synergistic cultural role, of Northern European Barbarianism, in the modern... More > development, of Western Civilization, Northern European Mythology, comparative Nordic Asgardian and Grecian Pantheon, religious similarities - Neo-classical, short form poetry, the pivotal role, of the hero, in ancient cultural development< Less
Myth and Meaning in Early Daoism By N. J. Girardot
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Examining early Daoist texts, this work finds a thematic and soteriological unity rooted in the mythological symbolism of chaos, fundamental for both philosophy and practice in cosmic, social, and... More > individual life. Interdisciplinary and interpretive in outlook, it challenges prevailing conceptions of the Daode jing and Zhuangzi as philosophical texts without religious significance or affinity with later organized schools while also placing Daoist gourd imagery and creation mythology into a wider comparative context. Controversial and at times playfully provocative, the book with its the unique methodology and intriguing findings is essential for understanding key facets of Daoism both China and the world.< Less
Explore Greek Myths! With 25 Great Projects By Anita Yasuda
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Illustrated by Mike Crosier. Architecture, democracy, the Olympics--the modern world owes a lot to the ancient Greeks! In Explore Greek Myths! With 25 Great Projects, readers discover the gods,... More > goddesses, heroes, and monsters that lived alongside ancient Greeks in their collective imagination and informed their politics, scientific discoveries, and art. • Introduces the popular topic of Greek mythology and the history, geography, technology, and arts of the ancient Greeks • Links to online primary sources encourage curiosity and engage readers in further, independent study • Inquiry-based projects encourage critical thinking skills • Language arts activities promote comparing and contrasting, identifying detailed evidence, and making deductions “This is a wonderfully stimulating book, filled with projects and tales to ponder.” —Stephen Scully, Associate Professor, Boston University Ages 7-10 Guided Reading Level: T< Less
Saga Six Pack 8 By Sabine Baring-Gould et al.
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Saga Six Pack 8 includes The Bondman, an 1890 best-selling saga series by Hall Caine set in the Isle of Man and Iceland (The Bondman, The Book of Michael Sunlocks and The Book of Red Jason), an... More > original saga by Robert Louis Stevenson, The Waif Woman, an essay comparing Greek and Norse mythology by Hélène Adeline Guerber and Grettir the Outlaw: A Story of Iceland by Sabine Baring-Gould. There is also an image gallery featuring author portraits and art from Iceland.< Less

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