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Comparative Religion By Carla Mooney
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Illustrated by Lena Chandhok More than 7 billion people live on our planet and more than 80 percent of them describe themselves as being religious. Few topics incite such passion as religion. What... More > does that mean? Why are humans invested in ideas that may never be proved? Why has religion played such an important role in history? In Comparative Religion: Investigate the World Through Religious Tradition, readers seek answers to these questions by comparing and contrasting the cultural, spiritual, and geographical underpinnings of five different religions. By developing a better understanding of the similarities and differences among religions of the world, readers gain a strong foothold in a dialogue that has continued for thousands of years. Combining hands-on activities with theology, history, geography, world cultures, art, and architecture, Comparative Religion encourages a deeper understanding of the world’s religions.< Less
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Comparative Religion (Illustrated) By J. Estlin Carpenter
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“Over the chancel-arch of the church at South Leigh, a few miles west of Oxford, is a fresco of the Last Judgment and the Resurrection, of the type well known in mediæval art. On the... More > adjoining south wall stands the stately figure of the archangel Michael. In his right hand he holds a pair of scales. In one scale is the figure of a soul in the attitude of prayer; beside it is Our Lady carrying a rosary. The other contains an ox-headed demon blowing a horn. This scale rises steadily, though another demon has climbed to the beam above to weigh it down, and a third from hell's mouth below endeavours to drag it towards the abyss. The same theme recurs in several other English churches; and it is carved over the portals of many French cathedrals, as at Notre Dame in Paris.”< Less
A Comparative View of Religions By Johannes Henricus Scholten
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The conception of religion presupposes, a, God as object; b, man as subject; c, the mutual relation existing between them. According to the various stages of development which men have reached,... More > religious belief manifests itself either in the form of a passive feeling of dependence, where the subject, not yet conscious of his independence, feels himself wholly overmastered by the deity, or the object of worship, as by a power outside of and opposed to himself; or, when the feeling of independence has awakened, in a one-sided elevation of the human, whereby man in worshiping a deity deifies himself. In the highest stage of religious development, the most entire feeling of dependence is united in religion with the strongest consciousness of personal independence. The first of these forms is exhibited in the fetich and nature-worship of the ancient nations; the second in Buddhism, and in the deification of the human, which reaches its full height among the Greeks.< Less
A Comparative Analysis of the Religion of Islam By Arthur Smith
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This brief comparative analysis of the Islamic belief system is written from a committed biblical Christian's perspective without apology. Nevertheless, we have sought to state significant orthodox... More > Islamic doctrines, traditions, and practices in this booklet as accurately as possible in accordance with supporting texts contained in the Qur'an and the Hadith. As we do so, we respond as necessary with explanatory comments as well as statements of opposing biblical Christian doctrine within an expanded series of footnotes. In the first part of this booklet we discuss the origin and history of Islam, followed by a brief discussion of its leading major sects, various sub-sects and many offshoots existing in today's world. In the second portion of this booklet we begin a discussion of Islamic theology, revealing the various ways in which Islam's doctrines and traditions deviate from sound biblical teaching. We conclude the booklet with a summary in which we ponder various conclusions derived from our analysis.< Less
Comparative tables in religions and philosophies By www.
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Comparative tables in religions and philosophies By www.
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This Is the Sun?: Zeitgeist and Religion (Volume I: Comparative Religion) By Albert McIlhenny
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The film Zeitgeist became an overnight internet sensation with its claims Christianity was based upon a pagan solar mythology. This idea, developed in the eighteenth century but dismissed as... More > ridiculous by scholars, has held support among anti-religious and occultic thinkers and recently was popularized by conspiracy theorists. In the first of a two volume critique of these ideas, Albert McIlhenny takes on the claims of its best known supporters. By the end of this volume, the theory of "astrotheology" is show to be based on various historical mistakes popular in early modernity but since shown to be erroneous. It is demonstrated the source of its current support is not based upon any evidence but the wild claims of conspiracy theorists dressed up to look like scholarship.< Less
Religion By Stan Charnofsky
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When an emergency light goes on as their jet is landing at LAX, Jason and Rosanna meet and agree to go for coffee. He is a social worker and avowed atheist, she teaches Comparative Religion at a... More > community college. Their connection is challenged by an historical mystery that doesn't permit Rosanna to commit, compounded by former boyfriend, Carter Trustworthy, a Scientologist and a poor loser. Each family, Jason's and Rosanna's, have lost a brother, both mothers suffering from persistent depression. The final twist reveals the stunning mystery, along with painful family secrets that tear into all hearts, yet, in the end, uplift all.< Less
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In Islam, Judaism, and Christianity the attributes of God are the same: omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. Each religion stems from Abraham, which is why they are called the Abrahamic faiths.... More > They each stress a special relationship with God, recognize the importance of prophets, services are held in a Holy building (temple, mosque, cathedral (Roman Catholicism)) and prayer takes place in each building. Upon first glance, people might think that these religions are similar and that because they appear “similar enough,” they should not be opposed but should instead drop their differences and focus on their similarities to bring about “unity from diversity.” In this book, I have presented some very basic introduction to the Christian, Islam, and Jews (Abrahamic Religions) and discussed some similarities and differences between them.< Less

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