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Tasty Bits of Several Complex Variables By Jiri Lebl
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This book is a polished version of my course notes for Math 6283, Several Complex Variables, given in Spring 2014 and Spring 2016 semesters at Oklahoma State University. See More > for more information. This is the same version as the smaller paperback, but on large paper and coil bound.< Less
Tasty Bits of Several Complex Variables By Jiri Lebl
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This book is a polished version of my course notes for Math 6283, Several Complex Variables, given in Spring 2014 and Spring 2016 semester at Oklahoma State University. The course covers basics of... More > holomorphic function theory, CR geometry, the dbar problem, integral kernels and basic theory of complex analytic subvarieties. See for more information.< Less
Math Drills By Rafael Baltazar
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Too many of our students are lacking the basic skills in mathematics that will ensure academic success. Studies have shown that it takes lots of practice to learn these skills. After you have... More > master the basic skills, then you can succeed with more complex mathematical problems.< Less
Funny Math proof & math jokes By Random Jokes
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Mathematics, the word itself sounds so complex and boring! However, Funny Math proof & math jokes by Random Jokes have made this boring subject fascinating. It is harrowing to solve math problems... More > and it irks student when they cannot narrow down to the right answer even after scribbling for hours. Well, this is indeed an unusual book. Every library has thousands of books teaching us how to solve problems. The least they do is teach a short cut method to evaluate and reach the conclusion. On the other hand this is the only book that explains us why were these formulas and theorems formulated. With countless examples to guide you through the horror of Maths, this book stands out because of the funny jokes it cites. The jokes are the key to solving a particular problem. This book is favourable for amateurs, who love fun at work method, however, pro mathematicians won’t find it appealing.< Less
Math Mammoth Rational Numbers By Maria Miller
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In Math Mammoth Rational Numbers we study rational numbers, which are numbers that can be written as a ratio of two integers. All fractions and whole numbers are rational numbers, and so are... More > percentages and decimals (except non-ending non-repeating decimals). Hopefully, students already know a lot about rational numbers and how to calculate with them. Our focus in this book is to extend that knowledge to negative fractions and negative decimals. We also study, scientific notation, the instructional portion of the book concludes with two lessons on solving simple equations that involve fractions and decimals.< Less
The Glory Unknown: A Math Parable By Bridgette Presley
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We know math is complex, abstract, and yet practical in solving real-world problems. There is, however, a relational connection between the shapes, theorems, and set theory characteristics that... More > strongly alludes to human bonds, the psychological struggle, and the Divine relationships between God and humanity. In this book we will explore in mathematical parable humanity's discovery, desire for, and study of family. We will dive into ideas such as love, void, paradox, and the powerful, selfless Divine deference that each person and each relationship so desperately need in order to overcome the darkness and emptiness that pervades this world.< Less
Math Mammoth Grade 4-A (Original Series) By Maria Miller
Paperback: $12.95
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Math Mammoth Grade 4-A and Grade 4-B (Original Series) worktexts comprise a complete math curriculum for the fourth grade mathematics studies. In the fourth grade, students focus on multidigit... More > multiplication and division, learning to use bigger numbers, solving multi-step word problems that involve several operations, and get started in studying fractions and decimals. This is of course accompanied by studies in geometry and measuring. The year starts out with review of addition and subtraction, graphs, and money. We illustrate word problems with bar diagrams and study finding missing addends, which teaches algebraic thinking. Children also learn addition and subtraction terminology, the order of operations, and statistical graphs. The last chapter in part A is about time, temperature, length, weight, and volume. Students will learn to solve more complex problems using various measuring units and to convert between measuring units.< Less
Most Colors of PlayDough Taste Alike…. Math Shouldn’t Be the Same! By Rena Pate
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Address primary Common Core Standards while developing problem solving skills. Using kid friendly real life scenarios students become immersed in solving complex and multi-step problems. Topics... More > are of high interest to students so they have a natural interest in participating in the problem solving. Problems are created to allow the teacher to increase or decrease the complexity based on the needs of the students. No preparation or planning on the part of the teacher is necessary. All scenarios can be taught with as little as a chalkboard or whiteboard. Rena Pate has presented at several regional and National Council of Teachers of Mathematics conferences. She is a National Board Certified Teacher with a master’s degree in teaching and learning mathematics.< Less
Navy Mathematics - Basic Math and Algebra - NAVEDTRA 14139 (Nonresident Training Course) By Naval Education and Training Professional Development and Technology Center
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COURSE OVERVIEW: This course provides a review of basic arithmetic and continues through some of the early stages of algebra. Emphasis is placed on decimals, percentages and measurements, exponents,... More > radicals and logarithms. Exercises are provided in factoring polynomials, linear equations, ratio, proportion and variation, complex numbers, and quadratic equations. The final assignment affords the student an opportunity to demonstrate what he or she has learned concerning plane figures, geometric construction and solid figures, and slightly touches on numerical trigonometry. THE COURSE: This self-study course is organized into subject matter areas, each containing learning objectives to help you determine what you should learn along with text and illustrations to help you understand the information. The subject matter reflects day-to-day requirements and experiences of personnel in the rating or skill area. It also reflects guidance provided by ...< Less
Math Mammoth Grade 5-B Worktext (Light Blue Series) By Maria Miller
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Math Mammoth Grade 5-B (Light Blue Series) Worktext comprises a complete math curriculum for the second half of fifth grade mathematics. Fifth grade focuses on fractions and decimals, in particular.... More > This book starts with chapter 5, where we study graphing in a coordinate grid, line and bar graphs, and average and mode. Today’s world has become increasingly complex, with lots of data in the media, so our children need a good grasp of graphs to be able to make sense of all of that information. In chapter 6 students learn to add and subtract unlike fractions, using the technique of first converting them to equivalent like fractions. In chapter 7, we study the multiplication and division of fractions . Chapter 8 takes us to geometry, starting with a review of angles and polygons. We learn to draw circles, to classify triangles and quadrilaterals, and the concept of volume in the context of right rectangular prisms (boxes).< Less

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Rayisms Rayisms By Ray Shufelt
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