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Compression By FlowPoetry
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My “Compression” poems ring with the resounding pounding of the pile-driver. Hydraulic whoosh and then the hammer ram clang of anvil steel upon steel; the earth absorbs, winces, bends,... More > and a puff of diesel smoke blue and gray rises up to the sky as the heavy beam is hoisted and falls again. The sound pounds my ear drums and echoes through my head. These poems here are purposely condensed. I have cut out all except for the pounding and rhythm. I have privileged percussion and compressed my thoughts from top and bottom. These poems are concrete and are meant to puncture the page and pound with pressure. I whisper them as soft as I can; the air breathes them into sound as the pile-driver rises. I yell them as loud as I can; the thick percussive air muffles the sound as the pile-driver strikes.< Less
Compressed Creativity By Sam Holland
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Compressed Creativity is an exercise in creating quality work in a compressed time frame. This volume collects 18 original scripts, each written in mere hours, including 7 that were never produced. ... More > Containing author commentary, cast and crew lists and 11 pages of photos and behind the scenes material, it’s a rare peek behind the curtain on how to (and sometimes how not to) make motion pictures. Whether you’re a moviemaker, a film buff or someone who appreciates a great read, Compressed Creativity is for you. 6 x 9, B&W, 223 pages< Less
An Introduction to Compressed Air Systems By J. Paul Guyer, P.E., R.A. - Editor
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This publication provides an introduction to compressed air systems for a variety of industrial applications.
Statistical Coding for Image Compression By Saravanan Chandran
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The book has five chapters, starting with an Introduction, Statistical Coding Techniques, Fast Arithmetic Coding, Wavelets and Arithmetic Coding, and Coding Redundancy. The book also included 100... More > references related to digital image processing.< Less
Writing Dialogue #3: Compression By Paula Berinstein
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Writing Show host Paula B. explains how to pare your dialogue down to essentials. With examples.
Brazil - Carl color compressed By Daniel Wiens
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JI is a humanitarian non profit that designs and engineers humanitarian projects around the world
Statistical Inference Through Data Compression By Rudi Cilibrasi
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This thesis provides a breadth-first tour of artificial intelligence techniques using ordinary data compression programs like zip. Using mathematical theory such as Kolmogorov Complexity and... More > Shannon's Coding Theory, we arrive at a unique and generic perspective on universal learning with a plethora of real examples. Included are results from literature, astronomy, animal and virus evolution, linguistics, semantics, and music. An open source software package, CompLearn, is available for download so that interested readers may continue the research themselves in their own applications.< Less
Compressed Creativity C&C By Samuel Holland
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Tanzania - Vicky Arias color compressed By Daniel Wiens
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Journeyman International is a humanitarian design non profit.
Matrix Designs and Methods for Secure and Efficient Compressed Sensing By Valerio Cambareri
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The idea of balancing the resources spent in the acquisition and encoding of natural signals strictly to their intrinsic information content has interested nearly a decade of research under the name... More > of compressed sensing. In this doctoral dissertation we develop some extensions and improvements upon this technique's foundations, by modifying the random sensing matrices on which the signals of interest are projected to achieve efficiency and security in its applications.< Less

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