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Translation into Vestige: A New Possibility in Studio Practice By Kazuhito Naganuma
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The concept of the separation between the studio, the imaginary space of making (representational space), and the space of viewing was deeply problematized by the notion of site-specificity and... More > especially the work and writing of Daniel Buren. Kazuhito Naganuma proposes a concept of studio practice that both problematizes both representation and becomes an alternative to Buren’s post-studio practice. In this concept a studio is a special place where the information of ephemeral space-time experience is assembled and translated into matters in the form of what Jean-Luc Nancy calls “the vestige.” He argues that there is a middle ground between self-referential art, which tends to become a matter of taste and escape into cosmologic incomprehension or nihilistic insignificance, and contemporary conceptual art, which often is a social process devoid of a complex engagement with aesthetic concerns.< Less
The Road to N'Djamena By Mark Staniforth
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Comprising five conceptual journeys generated by Google Maps, 'The Road to N'Djamena' proposes a new kind of psychogeography for the post-internet age: one which rejects the increasingly banal and... More > ubiquitous motifs of conventional travel writing and re-introduces a world with (almost) unlimited possibilities. From Blaise Cendrars’ ‘Transsiberien’ to Julio Cortazar’s trawl through the rest-stops of French autoroutes, the avant-garde has long sought to expand upon the traditional definition of ‘journey’. The Road to N'Djamena finds new wildernesses within its paratexts, inviting its readers to contemplate the still-impossibly-exotic without ever leaving their seats.< Less
Brattleboro: An Atlas of Cultural Assets By Willie Gregg et al.
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Maps are a tool for exploration of realms both physical and conceptual. Brattleboro: An Atas of Cultural Assets explores the life of an arts community by mapping the cultural assets of the... More > town—the people, places, and organizations that support art and creativity. ¬ is journey into cultural cartography employs narratives and colorful imagery to illustrate the richness of a community imbued with creative energy. Moving beyond the two-dimensional geography of a standard atlas, these maps reveal the complexity of an evolving cultural ecology, o ering new ways of seeing and understanding the Brattleboro arts scene.< Less
Northwest Arkansas and Criminal Background Checks - An Explanation of Social Disparity By Hector A. Rodriguez
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This synopsis reflects the social disparity surrounding housing policy that denies previous criminal offenders decent housing in apartment complexes throughout Northwest Arkansas. It precedes a... More > research initiative conducted by Hector A. Rodriguez in Northwest Arkansas to define the issue of discriminatory business practice, to map the extent of negative impact, and to suggest corrective action. The author has conceptualized this effort of his own initiative, having witnessed this dysfunction.< Less
sensing place perception et appartenance : parcourir les zones de montréal (volume I) By spurse
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a 3 volume project to examining and rethink the relation of space to the body. rethinking the politics of "smooth space" in relation to contemporary forms of control and the conceptual... More > terrain of "holey space". a spurse project at DARE DARE, montreal canada. French and English. volume I: color images, 431 pages, diagrams, maps, photocollages, from 4 walks through montreal. Introduction excerpted from Gilles Deleuze on "holeyspace".< Less
Hindsight Bias Unit Alpha: The Apophenic Form Function-01 By Michael Podolak
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Hindsight Bias Unit Alpha: The Apophenic Form Function-01 is a collection of works, concept maps, which plot imaginary landscapes. The images depict “futuristic” scenes generated from an... More > assemblage of machine components, weapon parts, bodies in distress, and color fields gone awry. The works in Hindsight Bias Unit Alpha: The Apophenic Form Function-01 emerge as pictorial representations of several key concepts that, when mobilized, become the conceptual armature over which the work is conceived.< Less
Cost Accounting Standards - In a Nutshell - Part I By CMA. John D. Nevin
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This eBook provides a snapshot of the 22 Cost Accounting Standards issued by the Cost Accounting Standards Board of the Institute of Cost Accountants of India and will be useful for all, especially... More > to students pursuing the CMA Final – Group IV course for learning the Cost Accounting Standards, which is part of – Paper 19 – Cost and Management Audit. The uniqueness about this eBook is that it provides a mapping by identifying the common elements in each of the Cost Accounting Standards, which makes reading and learning about Cost Accounting Standards interesting, aids in understanding and revising all the aspects of the Cost Accounting Standards easily and helps in achieving exceptional conceptual clarity.< Less
Puniverse (Vol. 50) By Stephen McLaughlin
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chap at clap at crap at flap at frap at frappe at gap at hap at jap at lap at lapp at map at nap at pap at rap at sap at scrap at slap at snap at strap at trap at wrap at yap... More > at zap at Stephen McLaughlin is a senior editor at the PennSound poetry archive and hosts the podcast Into the Field for Jacket2. He created the 3,785-page PDF anthology Issue 1 with Jim Carpenter in 2008, an excerpt of which was included in Against Expression: An Anthology of Conceptual Writing. His first book of poems is Infinite Unexplored Domain of Poetic Values by Easter Halloween (Principal Hand Editions, 2011). < Less
How to design medicine logo brand? By Johnson Chang
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This book tells the story of a comprehensive pharmaceutical brand's current development status and future opportunities! Brand management system applications in the pharmaceutical industry, and... More > creating ideas and specific pharmaceutical brands workflow analysis of specific cases of a professional pharmaceutical brand design company creative mind maps were unveiled conceptual design methods to help you get to create pharmaceutical brands concepts and ideas. Large number of cases about pharmaceutical brands trends and management strategies, as well as brand drugs and drug packaging, drug promotion and other big brand integration methods of operation, to help you clear understanding of brand management in the pharmaceutical product marketing plays a huge role.< Less
Urban Mobility: Transference and Atlanta's Transit By Janae Futrell
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The research segment of this thesis creates the first comprehensive repository of the current and proposed elements of public transit that will potentially operate in Atlanta. Beginning with a base... More > GIS map of Atlanta Regional Commission’s [ARC] Regional Transit Plan – Mobility 2030, other GIS shapefiles from MARTA and Georgia Regional Transit Authority [GRTA] were added to complete the map of what Atlanta’s public transit might soon become. Working within this framework, the analysis provides the potential locations for ten nodes of transference located within Atlanta and its outlying areas - all classified by their relative locations within the city. This thesis analyzes methods of connectivity within these nodes and attempts to arrive at successful conditions of transference between various transit modes; resulting in a series of conceptual design proposals that create both modular efficiency and a standardized aesthetic language.< Less

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