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SALES = SOLD By Anthony Solimini
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Do you want to sell more? Sell with less stress? Build better relationships? Communicate more effectively? Learn Anthony Solimini’s secrets of sales success with three easy words: TRUST,... More > COMFORT, and CONFIDENCE. Sales professional Anthony Solimini is passionate about effective communication and its power to increase sales. “Before people can make a buying decision, they need to trust you, like you, and want to bearound you,” he believes. He consults with and trains executives in major companies across Asia to 1. Build successful teams and communicate effectively, using the DISC profile and NLP tools. 2.Become compelling public speakers and presenters by using body language, humor, and powerful words. 3.Be highly motivated and achieve outstanding results as managers, leaders, salespeople, and negotiators.< Less
Develop Your Confidence By Robin Hesselgesser
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If you interact with people personally or professionally, in any capacity, then you are in sales. This book teaches you how to find your authentic self, feel empowered, build relationships and... More > master the "close", while exhibiting exceptional service.< Less
Time Management with Confidence By David Khalil
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‘Confident Time Management ’ It’s impossible to manage time because you cannot control it, but what we can do is manage the events in our daily activities. The skill based program... More > is designed to use four elements 1. An introduction of understanding what time is. 2. Triage Time Management 3. Developing a balanced life. and 4. Leadership & Group Time Management. Discover how managing your time will help you define your purpose, develop understanding on how to delegate and also getting others to buy in. The Confident method of delivery employs an exclusively simple to learn and practical time management tool called ‘The Triage Pyramid ’. We will look at application both in personal context of time management and also leadership, group and business context of time management.< Less
Confidence: Remove Restrictions and Limitations By Bob Oros
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How to be more confident by removing self imposed restrictions and limitations. This is one of 13 books based on Benjamin Franklin's 13-week self improvement program (Ben Franklin's 13 virtues) that... More > will help you increase your confidence and self esteem. After focusing on improving your confidence for one week your self esteem and self confidence will skyrocket when you learn how to remove the self imposed restrictions and limitations that hold people back from accomplishing all they can. Your goal will be to become a highly skilled, super confident sales professional. You will discover how to make a total commitment and it will be reflected in every action you take and every task you perform.< Less
Selections by Frances La Sales By Frances La Sales
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our actions, and frequent recourse to God by pious and confiding ejaculations and interior aspirations. "An Introduction to the Devout Life", a work intended to lead "Philothea",... More > the soul living in the world, into the paths of devotion, that is to say, of true and solid piety. Every one should strive to become pious, and "it is an error, it is even a heresy", to hold that piety is incompatible with any state of life. In the first part the author helps the soul to free itself from all inclination to, or affection for, sin; in the second, he teaches it how to be united to God by prayer and the sacraments; in the third, he exercises it in the practice of virtue; in the fourth, he strengthens it against temptation; in the fifth, he teaches it how to form its resolutions and to persevere.< Less
The Art of Sales Persuasion By Millionaires Cult
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Step by step guide on how to persuade anyone to buy anything... plus increase your sales and confidence. This short book will help you succeed in any area of business. You will learn the best... More > asset any entrepreneur can master. PERSUASION.< Less
The Art of Sales Persuasion By Millionaires Cult
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How to ethically persuad anyone to buy anything... plus increase your sales and confidence. Step by step guide on how to succeed in any area of business. This short guide will teach you the most... More > valuable asset of any SUCCESSFUL entrepreneur.< Less
How to Locate a Sale Date By Cara Milgate
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Dealing with a home in foreclosure can be very stressful. One of the most important factors is understanding the process and being aware of the dates and procedures. I have spoken to too many... More > realtors and homeowners where homes have been foreclosed on due to lack of experience and/or knowledge. This book will give you simple solutions and direction on how to deal with the most intense situations. They say knowledge is power, I say knowledge=success in helping yourself and others. I have spoken and assisted thousands of homeowners and we have been successful avoiding foreclosures. This resource, if utilized by a realtor will increase your revenue and give you the confidence and superior knowledge to deal with the most difficult situations. As extra content specifically for realtors you will find helpful insight in dealing with short sale challenges. Know your rights dealing with your commission, take advantage of the Homeowner Bill of Rights, and much more!< Less
The Betrayal of Finance: Twelve Reforms to Restore Confidence By Georges Ugeux
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How could a few hundred financial executives, board members and regulators allow finance to threaten the world economy? Finance turned its back on its fundamental vocation to serve the economy.... More > Financiers themselves managed to reap the profits of their institutions for their personal benefit. To restore confidence, the world of finance will need to reform itself and turn to the service of its customers and shareholders.< Less
How to make a Successful sale to individuals By antonio carrozza
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You will find in this book the most essential techniques required to succeed and to make selling easier. Some salt, some pepper, some oil and then simmer. Do you know the secret recipe that will... More > guide you along the path to a successful sale? This book is the key to help you understand how to better sell and how to trigger a customer's need to make a purchase.  For any sale you will need to arrange a face to face conference with your customer to meet his expectations. Following the sales process steps will lead to a successful sales performance. Throughout the book you will be able to identify the sales skills needed to sway your customer. You will also find strategies that will help you to be more confident during the sales process from getting the appointment to closing the sale.< Less

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