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conscience By Joseph Salanger
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A story about the bonding between a Grandfather & Grandson, the memories they form together on a lake, and how they come to a tragic ending.
The Amulet By Hendrik Conscience
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»The Amulet« is a historical roman from the famous Flemish writer Hendrik Conscience. The story takes place in the 16 century in the Flemish city of Antwerp.
Questions [ To theists in general, to Christians in particular ] By Clear Conscience
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I'm an innovative and curious person. My grandfather was a general secretary of a YMCA half a century ago, my parents also somewhat believes in the existence of "God". With that kind of... More > influence I want to know the details of this so called "God", I have a lot of friends who also believe in God or Gods, and yet no one seems to know what I want to know about Him, if He ever exists. Often times there were Mormons, Christians and Jehovah's Witnesses came knocking on my door on Saturday mornings, I would invite them in and ask them my questions, but none of them could offer me all the answers. Time after time I was disappointed, and yet I still want to know the answers, so I decided to write down all my major questions and complied a 36-question pamphlet, every time someone knocks on my door again, I can hand him this pamphlet and say : "If you can answer ALL my questions in this pamphlet, come back and let's discuss, otherwise, don't waste your time and mine !". But no one ever came back ...< Less
The Lion of Flanders By Hendrik Conscience
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»The Lion of Flanders« is an historical novel, relating the Flemish struggle for freedom against France in the medieval times.
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De la contemplation des orientations à l’Action se tient le Diamant-Foudre, passant à travers les événements sans que ces derniers ne puissent l’atteindre, le... More > désorienter, le but à atteindre par l’intermédiaire de sa réalité Humaine en ce lieu et en ce temps, se devant d’être concrétisation, conscience de l’Humain de son devenir et de ses prouesses, dans la Voie et par la Voie et pour la Voie inaltérable et indestructible qui régit l’orientation de la Vie dans son Eternité. Conscience réuni les ouvrages : Contemplations, Orientations, Actions, Le Diamant Foudre, de Vincent Thierry.< Less
De Leeuw van Vlaanderen By Hendrik Conscience
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Deze historische roman van Hendrik Conscience vertelt over de weerstand van de vlaamse steden tegen de franse bezetting in de Middeleeuwen.
Le Lion de Flandre By Hendrik Conscience
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»Le Lion de Flandre« est un roman historique retraçant la lutte de libération de la Flandre contre la France au Moyen-Age.
Der Löwe von Flandern By Hendrik Conscience
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»Der Löwe von Flandern« ist ein historischer Roman, der den Freiheitskampf Flanderns gegen Frankreich im Mittelalter darstellt.
THE CLEAR CONSCIENCE By emmanuel iweha
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Who comes first and why? A look at a topic that though not seen to be so important, yet still links itself to the very core of Christianity and Christian living.
Poems of Conscience By George Uwaifo
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This work of poetry was conceived based partly on my life’s experiences and on my personal stands on issues as they affect our daily lives. I see myself as one of today’s social and... More > political critics because I give my opinions on issues, good or bad, controversial or not, but as long as the message is passed on. The various poetries here-in, touches on subjects from Love, Death of loved ones, personal struggles, politics and even drunkenness. I feel many around the world would be able to identify personally with the issues and subjects that have been dealt with poetically. It is also pertinent to note that the poetry style does not follow any one particular style. In some poems, rhymes are used while others simply tell the stories.< Less