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Passive Income - Personal Development for Smart People By Steve Pavlina & Rastislav Penčík
eBook (ePub): $2.49
Passive income is money that comes to you even when you’re not actively working, such as royalties, investment income, and revenue from automated business systems. I started earning passive... More > income in the 1990s by creating, selling, and licensing computer games. Once those deals and systems were established, I continued to earn money from those products year after year. This approach soon became a habit. It took me many years to figure out how to make a living this way, and I went bankrupt along the way, but eventually I learned what I needed to learn. It works, and I definitely appreciate the benefits of it. The truth is that it’s much, much easier to earn passive income today than it was when I first began on this path. Earning passive income is not difficult. The how-to part — the actual doing of it — is fairly straightforward. This book is composed of the articles from Steve Pavlina's website. It contains Passive Income Series articles. Live consciously.< Less
This is YOUR New Years Resolution! A 12 Month Health Mastery Program By Dr. Tim Labelle
eBook (PDF): $24.95
Are you at the point in your life where you’ve always dreamed of? If not, then you very well could have the solutions to your life’s problems in this book. This 12 Month Health Mastery... More > Program will give you the tools necessary to ensure that YOU achieve a New Years resolution that will improve the quality of your life and get the BEST long standing results needed. Be PROACTIVE with your HEALTH and WELLNESS. This is your chance to finally start living a life you want. • Make a Commitment to YOU. • Improve Your Health. • Change Your Habits for the Better. • Weight Loss You Can Understand. • Feel Good about YOU. • Wellness Strategies for YOUR LIFE. • Present Time Consciousness – Power of Now! • Simple Strategies to Optimize Your Health. • Conquer What’s Holding You Back. • Remove Your Limiting and Negative Beliefs. • The Power of Positive Thinking. • Build a Healthy Relationship. • Believe in Yourself Again. • YOU can BE, DO, and HAVE ANYTHING YOU WANT< Less
How Primitive man is creating our modern problems By Alan Kirwan
eBook (PDF): $0.00
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Modern man received as a instinctual code handed down from our cave man ancestors the root of all our modern Anxieties , Stresses , Fears and Depression that were originally used to save our lives ... More > to feed our bodies by killing our food or running from predators , our planning skills were used to create weapons to kill that animal to feed us and as time went on into our modern lives these instinctual qualities went on auto pilot because our senses are bombarded with so much information , it is not that we are unable to cope but that how we process this information is by association of past experiences in a generalized way that causes us to have irrational unconscious reactions that trigger our negative thinking ,feelings of fear& stress our bodies by pumping adrenalin into our system for the fight or flight response moving large quantities of blood from our organs to our legs and arms causing our heart to pump faster breathing to increase legs and arms to shake ready to run from Danger unknown Consciously< Less
Choices and Destiny By Mel Mbondiah
Paperback: $13.48
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Make a choice. In the end it all comes down to a choice: who do you want to be and what do you want to do with your life. We must make conscious choices in our lives, choices about what is acceptable... More > and what is not, choices about who we are and what we stand for. As a coach my role is to challenge you to make strong and positive choices in your life. You will understand that there are consequences to every choice you make. Make it count. Mel Mbondiah is a qualified Social Worker in England currently pursuing her passion in Life and Business Coaching. She qualified with an undergraduate degree (Bcom) Business Management from University of Limpopo, South Africa and has worked as a Financial Adviser. She combines her corporate and personal experience to deliver value to the business and social sector. Mel Mbondiah is the Founder of Goshen Business Solutions, a Life and Business Coaching organisation that works to equip individuals to realise their goals and live fulfilling lives.< Less
Raw Real Talk (The Mystery) "Life, Death, And Everything In-Between..." By QUEENE'FAITH
Paperback: $20.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Welcome! We are glad that you are taking the necessary steps to learn the truth and become more aware about the world you live in. Our goal is to provide you with useful knowledge and universal tips... More > to survive this terminal crisis (global conflicts) we all face as a people. We are all searching for answers to the many mysteries in Life, Death, and Everything In-Between and in this body of work is where you will take your very own personal journey and unravel the many mysteries in your life. We felt a dire need to create an animate voice and support system for ourselves and for the people who might be too afraid to speak up for themselves. We felt a sense of urgency to connect and bridge the gap between the globally conscious (the aware) and the unconscious (the unaware) minds to awakened them with truth and inspiration. We provide solutions and information on all subjects and concerns.(No! Subject is 2 Taboo.) We expose the problem and deliver solutions with a Raw and Real approach.< Less
Energy Awareness By Maria Erving
Paperback: $16.26
Prints in 3-5 business days
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The law of attraction states that we can have, be, and do anything we desire and there is no limit to how big we can dream. This book takes you through the process of ask, believe, and receive,... More > leading you through all the steps necessary to have an understanding so manifestation can take place. Manifestation does not mean chasing and grabbing whatever you want. It concerns stepping into the flow of life where everything is given, coming together with who you really are. Your thoughts and feelings, the words you speak, and the way you act in life all create energy vibrations that are sent out to the universe, which responds by sending back the same vibration. Energy Awareness explains how we create our life, how to use our free will to live a better and more fulfilling life. The book will help you through the ups and downs on your journey to self-realization and lead you to a higher level of consciousness. For info&E-book:< Less
The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity By Catherine Ponder
Paperback: List Price: $17.95 $8.98 | You Save: 50%
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There’s Gold Dust in the Air for You! This book is the result of several recent recessions and many years of lean living. Nobody likes recessions and nobody likes lean living—and indeed... More > nobody should like them. For fifteen years I tried to find such a book as this one. During those years of searching the book shelves, I found that there are many books which give various success ideas, but in none of them did I find a set of compact, simple laws for assuring success. Years ago, a salesman used the power of prosperous thinking, although he may not consciously been aware of it. When people asked him, “How’s business?” he always gave this standard answer: “Business is wonderful because there’s gold dust in the air!” For him it certainly seemed to be so—every contact became a sale. After a while, whenever his name was mentioned, people always said, “Yes, everything he touches turns to gold. These secrets are inside. Get Your Copy Now.< Less
How to Develop a Good Memory for Names, Faces, and Facts By Robert Nutt
Paperback: List Price: $17.99 $12.59 | You Save: 30%
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Completely reformatted in 2011! This is NOT a scanned or photocopied edition. This classic title's format has been built "ground up" for readability and clarity. Large 8-1/2" by... More > 11" edition. You WERE NOT Born with a Poor Memory! Remembering is a process that must be learned, just like walking, talking, eating, telling colors apart, distinguishing sounds, and telling time. You learned these when you were a child, and now you can perform them without effort, without being conscious of the mental processes involved. You can learn the process of using your memory just as thoroughly and when you do you will have in your power a hundred times the knowledge and experience you actually put to use now. Anyone can do it. "How to Develop a Perfect Memory" will show you how! With its easy-to-read lessons, tips and tricks, and fun memory exercises, "How to Develop a Perfect Memory" will be helping you to improve your memory, especially for names, faces and facts, in no time!< Less
Persuasion Superpowers – X-Ray Body Reading By Boyd Blackwood
eBook (PDF): $7.50
You may have heard that only three percent of all one-to-one communication is actual verbal language. The rest is what is classed as paralinguistics: body language, involuntary eye movement,... More > micro-expression and non-verbal sounds. X-Ray Body Reading gives you the power to read those hidden communications, to actually know what someone is thinking and feeling, no matter what she says. How would you like to be able to immediately start bonding with anyone you choose and to create deep rapport within minutes? What if you could virtually see into other people’s minds – as if with X-Ray Vision – and could tell things they’re thinking that perhaps they don’t even consciously know? Imagine if you could quickly sense people’s hotbuttons, dislikes, fears, needs and wants – wouldn’t that give you incredible strength to use in persuading them to your way? X-Ray Body Reading gives you these persuasion powers – in a concise and understandable 100 pages!< Less
Shape Shifter's Daily Diary (spiral bound) By Lisa Bonnice
Paperback: $14.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
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The Law of Attraction states that, "Like attracts like." In other words, we can't have what we want in our physical reality until we feel we already have it. You can not be rich if you feel... More > poor. You can not be thin if you feel fat. You can not win if you feel like a loser. So how do you feel like you are what you are not? It is a frustrating paradox. The Shape Shifter's Daily Diary is not just a journal, it is a creation tool. While using it, you flow into a new "You," in the same way that river currents reshape boulders. Every entry reshapes the contours of your life. By becoming conscious of who you are becoming, on a daily basis, you have more deliberate say in what your contours will eventually look like. You must know you are wealthy to become rich. You must know you are thin to lose weight. You must know you are a winner in order to triumph. Our outer circumstances mirror our inner world. Using this Diary will help you to deliberately create your desired outcome.< Less

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