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What does gleitschirmflug or paragliding flight consist of By para gliding
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Paragliding tandem pilots in Lucerne have the necessary training and continuing education by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) of Switzerland.
Three in the morning thoughts, that consist of nothing but you By Stephen Solomon
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A collection of poems and digital photography all inspired by one person. The impact a person can leave on another’s life is substantial. All of this work was created as a way to cope and grow... More > from the difficult relationship. This isn’t to tear anyone down, it simply is my thoughts and the way I dealt with extremely difficult emotions.< Less
Biko70 Consistent Ideas and Always Drawing Something By Marcellous Lovelace
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A collection of sketches and ideas by Marcellous Lovelace detailing #Biko70 visions and #75dab creativity. Made because it's important for me to document life as I think it. Always use your mind and... More > never copy another persons. #hueart< Less
La consistance des rêves By Julien Schemoul
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Laissez-vous emporter dans cette course poursuite poétique, au cœur d’un univers envoûtant qui bouscule les lignes du réel. Lucas est prisonnier d’un asile... More > psychiatrique. Pourtant, à le voir, à l’entendre, rien ne semble le rapprocher des autres âmes marginales qui habitent l’hôpital, si ce n’est cette capacité à fabuler l’instant, pour maquiller le temps qui défile sans saveur. Lorsqu'une journaliste qui venait lui rendre visite disparaît soudainement, il va fuir son asile pour partir à sa recherche, entraînant dans son voyage deux autres pensionnaires. Les trois héros vont avancer sur ce fil tendu entre rêve et réalité, démontrant qu’à bien des égards la frontière qui sépare la marginalité de la folie ne s’observe pas du bon côté…< Less
54 Tennis Drills for Today’s Game: Improve Consistency and Power By Joseph Correa
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54 Tennis Drills for Today’s Game: Improve Consistency and Power By Joseph Correa This book will teach you how to become more consistent by adding spin to your shots which will give you the... More > confidence to hit with more power. These 54 drills help allow you to reach your potential on your ground game as well as increase your focus and concentration in your matches.< Less
Efficient Algorithms for Strong Local Consistencies and Adaptive Techniques in Constraint Satisfaction Problems By Anastasia Paparrizou
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Constraint programming is a successful technology for solving a wide range of problems in business and industry which require satisfying a set of constraints. Central to solving constraint... More > satisfaction problems is enforcing a level of local consistency. In this thesis, we propose efficient filtering algorithms for enforcing strong local consistencies. In addition, since such filtering algorithms can be too expensive to enforce all the time, we propose some automated heuristics that can dynamically select the most appropriate filtering algorithm. Published by AI Access, a not-for-profit publisher of open access texts with a highly respected scientific board. We publish monographs and collected works. Our texts are available electronically for free and in hard copy at close to cost.< Less
54 Tennis Drills for Today’s Game: Improve Consistency and Power By Joseph Correa
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54 Tennis Drills for Today’s Game: Improve Consistency and Power By Joseph Correa "This book will teach you how to become more consistent by adding spin to your shots which will give you... More > the confidence to hit with more power.” Do you ever ask yourself: How can I hit with more top spin? How can I improve my deep topspin shots cross court? Is there a way for me improve my slice down the down? How can I be more offensive in my doubles matches? These are all answered in this book with pictures and detailed explanations on how to do things 10 times better than you are doing them now! MASTER THE GAME OF TENNIS NOW! Written by a professional tennis player and coach to help you reach your tennis potential no matter what your level of play. Learn basic and advanced patterns with this new training method that will get you hitting better in very little time.< Less
Diligently Obeying the Voice of God: Obeying God and His Spirit Consistently By Godsword Godswill Onu
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The Word of God says that we are not to be hearers of the Word only, but doers of the Word. This is to say that we have to obey the Word of God. But how are we to obey the Word of God −... More > reluctantly, casually, or committedly? The Word answers the question, when it says, “Now it shall come to pass, if you diligently obey the Voice of the Lord your God, to observe carefully all His Commandments which I command you, that the Lord your God will set you high above all the nations of the earth” (Jas 1:22; Deut. 28:1). We are to obey the Word of God diligently, carefully, committedly, and consistently, whether or not it seems difficult. God rewards obedience and punishes disobedience.< Less
5 Ways to Affirm a Man: Character, Communication, Care, Commitment, and Consistency By B. Nathaniel Smith
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5 Ways to Affirm a Man is a refreshing and skillfully written guide on understanding, learning, valuing, appreciating, and affirming men. With descriptive clarity and profound realism, the 5 Ways to... More > Affirm a Man-Character, Communication, Care, Commitment, and Consistency-are explored with depth and insight. This “quick reference guide” not only challenges it’s readers to understand the various personality traits of men but also engages the reader by asking them to perform an internal inspection of who they are. The ability to apply the principles provided, transform habits, and foster growth are readily transparent throughout this piece. 5 Ways to Affirm a Man is truly a powerfully moving and timely read.< Less
The Consistent Variable Project Workbook. Version 1.0 By Risa Dickens
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The CVP Workbook by co-founder Risa Dickens is about a design experiment that took place in Montreal. It's about working within constraints, and it's about how surprising, weird and great... More > other people are. The CVP Workbook has funny things like drawings, photographs, and haiku's; and educational things like fill-in-the-blank's, a material history, and an introduction to writing Political Economy. Risa Dickens wrote this book with diverse and internationally distributed contributions from Diane Dechief, haiku's by Emily Bernstein, illustrations by Thea Jones, and photographs by Stacey Lundeen. Original idea for the Consistent Variable Project: Clayton Evans and Sarah Collins. Note: This book is an ongoing project. If you would like to contribute to future versions of this book project please email Risa@< Less

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