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الراسخون في ذاكرة الأيام Consistent in memory of days By أبو محمد عبد الرحمن
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لقد حاولنا في هذا الكتاب أن نذكر... More > بعض النماذج العجيبة، والشخصيات اللامعة، أصحاب المنزلة العالية، والمتميِّزون الكبار الذين فاقوا الأعلام، من الشخصيات الإسلامية، والذين تفردوا في عصورهم، والنماذج أصحاب المراتب العالية، والذين برزوا في زمانهم، وأصحاب النجاح والتفوُّق، والسَّائدون الماهرون، والكتاب المتميزون، والأدباء البارعون، والرواد العلماء الشجعان. إنهم الأبطال الذي انتشرت بطولاتهم في كل مكان، والنوابغ النادرة، والأذكياء النظار، والحفاظ المتبحرون. إنهم الشخصيات الذين جمعوا كل الفضائل، والأمثلة في الاجتهاد والعناية، والذين وصلوا إلى أعلى درجات الصلاح، والذين طاولوا الثريا، والفضلاء الذين عشقت أوصافهم الأسماع، وافتخرت بهم عصورُهم، إنهم الشخصياتُ الشَّديدةُ ذوو الهمَّة والمحنة، والمناصب والرئاسة. في هذا الكتاب مذكِّراتٌ من صفحات الأيام الخالدة، وومضات من تاريخ العالم الإسلامي، ومقاطع المروءة، ومشاهد من المشاهد الراسخة، وعجائب القصص من تاريخ الأعيان في مشارق الأرض ومغاربها، وسير بعض النماذج من التاريخ العربي، وذكر بعض الأمراء الأكابر، والعلماء المشهورين.< Less
Perversion of Worship, Justice, and Spiritual Consistency (What to Avoid so that I May Abide in Christ) By Rev. Phodiso Bakang Ntwaetsile
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Do you Know That Some Christians Fail in their Christian Walk, Fall from their Faith, and are Inconsistent in their Faith Because with their Lives they Have Distorted God’s Worship, Justice,... More > and Spirituality? Do you know ...worship and justice of God were mostly perverted by the people. As a result, people experienced the wrath of God counteracting such attitude. Worse, people lived inconsistent lives as a result of being alienated from God because of perverting worship and the justice of God....As a result succeeding generation further distorted God’s intent about worship and justice. Unfortunately, the sin has found a way into the contemporary generations. There are forbidden things which we still find manifesting among us, for example, impersonations in worship, division in the church of God or Christians’ groupings and pride. This Book is the Remedy to this Catastrophe.< Less
Towards a semiotics of brand equity: Brand coherence and communicative consistency through structuralist operations and rhetorical transformations By George Rossolatos
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The principal aim of the book at hand consists in a prolegomena to the construction of an innovative approach of structuralist rhetorical semiotics as a formal metalanguage and method in the form of... More > a conceptual model, coupled with a transformative grammar and a stepwise methodology with view to addressing a crucial gap in the existing consumer and advertising research literature (and marketing/advertising practice alike) concerning how advertising stimuli may be selected, how they may be transformed into brand elements and how brand elements may be transformed into brand associations as sustainable sources of brand equity. The book is concerned with demonstrating the usefulness of a systematic theoretical and practical approach through the import of semiotics and rhetoric to the construction and ongoing management of brand associations as sources of sustainable brand equity.< Less
Personal History: A Discussion of the Most Prevalent and Consistent Motive in the Entirety of the Creative Work made During my Adult Life By Harry Griffin
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In this work the author Harry Griffin discusses the most prevalent and consistent motive in the entirety of the creative work made during his adult life.
M.A.G.I.C. Making A Guaranteed Income Consistantly - Selling your service By Mark Mysterrio Ron Conley
eBook (PDF): $9.97
In this book we show you how to sell your magical service. You will learn: *How to ask for the sale * How to 'close' or get the sale. *How to make prospects ask YOU for more information immediately... More > *What to say and how to say it for maximum results.*What every marketing piece must have that nobody tells you about.*How to Use Selling Skills To Increase your Business.*And Much More. This information is taught to you by two successful full time magicians.< Less
Donavan Group Consulting in Singapore and Tokyo, Japan: How to Invest to Always Consistent Returns? By Aidan Miller
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One of the major demands that the infrastructure bankers and advisors come across from the prospective clients is an investment policy with zero risks. Most people look for such an investment option... More > and still reap high interest - which is practically an impossible demand in the first place. Most individuals who are retired or would soon be retired have such queries, and some of the top options are the money market funds, certificates of deposit and much more. The first and the foremost thing to be kept in mind when you are going for investment is that do not expect unrealistically high returns. No type of investment plan can bring home such high returns anyway.< Less
The Power of Affirmations Think Outside the Box 31 Days of Word Power Disipline & Consistency By Simone Elevation
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Statics says that it takes 21 days to create or change a habit, and this book is not just a delightful read, it is a book that creates a positive lifestyle change. Lastly, there is a three-part... More > component that must be congruent to create a solid foundation in your pursuit to self-mastery. Thoughts! Words! Action!< Less
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La trombosi venosa: in cosa consiste e come può essere trattata By Chiara B.
eBook (PDF): $5.69
La trombosi venosa è una patologia molto comune al giorno d'oggi. Per fortuna, esistono dei rimedi adeguati. Vediamo, nel dettaglio, in cosa consiste.
An Honest Kindle Booksales Blueprint: How to Break Out of the No Sales Self Publishing Basement to Start Earning Routine and Consistent Passive Kindle Income By Dr. Robert C. Worstell
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Why Does it Seem Everyone Thinks Beginning Authors are Already Rich? It's not because their books are bringing them any income. But the courses and services designed to "help" you just... More > put you further in the hole! It doesn't have to be that way. This entire series was written with the idea that you can get started from the computer and internet connection you already have. And nothing else. After I got my own financial freedom from publishing books, I was able to "invest" in some of these courses to see what I was still missing. Funny enough, that extra $500 per course taught me little I didn't already know. And what I did learn was either wrong, or I could have learned it for free from those same authors. Here's the secret, exposed: You only have to write decent books, and market them decently, to get decent income. And you should be able to start writing today, self-edit and proof when you're done, then self-publish for no more than your own sweat-equity. Get Your Copy Now.< Less

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