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Theory Conspiracy By Kaila Lawrence et al.
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The seven essays in this volume, composed for a seminar in political theory at Endicott College in fall, 2011, each wrestle with the dialectic of the theory and practice of politics. They are grouped... More > roughly according to the region of their case study, but each in its own way traces a similar thesis, testing and revealing the contradictions of the universalist claims of liberalism.< Less
Conspiracy Theory By John Morris
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This fast-paced mystery and espionage thriller continues the story of April and Annaliese; damaged, but not broken by events no young girl should have knowledge of. They raise themselves to do what... More > is necessary to save themselves, others, and eventually their country, from destruction. The book picks up directly from the last line of Inner Sanctum, and introduces Michael. From the apparent ramblings of this crazy man, the plot coalesces to bring in the Sheriff's department and FBI, who with support of the Secret Service, set up a task force to track the threat nationwide. They discover a terrorist plot to destroy the American system of government, and have to prevent the immanent launch of undetectable, nuclear missiles. The science described in the story is real and documented within the context of the novel. Using a series of bizarre localized disasters, real military science, and a nefarious cabal that links them together, the plot weaves a tale of conspiracy theory made real. It just might come true.< Less
Conspiracy By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
eBook (PDF): $11.37
Following the series of books in the field of conspiracy theories, a final Open book created by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken motivates awareness and reflection regarding to Conspiracy theories,... More > freedom and the collective choose of a new world based on consicousness and love. (all carachters are unreal! stories have been adapted or invented, and do not describe any REAL event)< Less
Insights Into Many of Conspiracy Theories By Eugene Hughes
eBook (PDF): $50.00
Insights Into Many Of Conspiracy Theories, My Humble Insights On Much Of The Rockefeller, Rothchilds, Aliens and Mind Control Tactics. We will explore through this Book in a journey of Mind Blowing... More > facts about our reality.< Less
100 Conspiracy Theories By James Desborough
eBook (PDF): $9.34
100 Conspiracy Theory based adventure seeds for use in modern setting role-playing games.
100 Conspiracy Theories By James Desborough
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100 Conspiracy Theory based adventure seeds for use in modern setting role-playing games.
eBook (PDF): $3.86
Everyone has a favourite conspiracy theory and so have I. Please allow me to share my theory with you. Then again, what have you got to lose because my theory I share for free. If you share my theory... More > you can only gain since mine has no charge. Mine however, is proven fraud committed by the highest ranking in our society and members amongst the highest elite in our society. Mine touches on the lives of every individual on earth. Mine shows how a small minority of leaders that fill the very top of the elite of society brainwash and manipulate the lives of every person on earth. Whatever your conspiracy theory is, it just can't top mine. And when you read this you will see that most of all, every aspect of mine are proven facts!< Less
Conspiracy Theory Dictionary By J.Q. Citizen
eBook (ePub): $2.99
This is a simple reference with some of the most common terms and names used in the realm of “conspiracy theories”, which, in fact, are more Truth than fiction. We do indeed live in a... More > world where the wool is constantly being pulled over our eyes, and the events and people we see on TV are not what they seem. The chapters are arranged numerically and alphabetically, and contain the most common terms and names current at this writing.< Less
Conspiracy Theories And Stuff By Victor Grant-Lawrence
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Compilation of conspiracy ideas and occult ideas. From christ as an allegory to hindu concepts being the real thing playing a role in peoples lives. Stuff about the dogon of africa and stuff about... More > the templar knights and taxes and corporations cited dont come for me.< Less
Dreamstate: A Conspiracy Theory By Jed McKenna
eBook (ePub): $8.99
If life is but a dream, to what do we awake? The central premise of Dreamstate: A Conspiracy Theory, is the admittedly ridiculous but incontrovertibly true assertion that the universe does not... More > exist. This is something you can understand conceptually, like watching a documentary about Antarctica, or experientially, like moving to Antarctica. There’s also a related phenomenon where you fall asleep watching the documentary and wake up in the frozen wasteland. That’s gotta be weird, but the truth is that you’re asleep in a barren wasteland dreaming that you’re not, so that’s where waking up gets you. "Jed McKenna is an American original." Lama Surya Das "Absolutely marvelous, splendid, perfect book!" Shri Acharya "These books have profoundly changed my life." C. Jensen "These books are precious gifts to humanity." E. De Vries "Thank you for the books. I've been waiting all my life for them." C. Vankeith< Less

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