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Veil of the Goddess By Rob Preece
eBook (PDF): $3.99
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When a raid on an Iraqui mosque goes wrong and nearly gets Sgt. Ivy Newman killed, she flees with sexy Captain Zack Herrera, taking with her a most holy relic—the True Cross. Can its awesome... More > powers save Ivy from the mysterious “Foundation,” who want the relic—the ultimate weapon of mass destruction—at any cost?< Less
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Description of the personal history and exploits of the individuals who led, recorded or were otherwise notable in the First Crusade, the only crusade that succeeded in capturing Jerusalem.
The Church of the East By Mar Bawai Soro
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"This is a book which is of considerable ecumenical significance and importance since here, for the first time, is a voice from within the tradition of the Church of the East setting out, in an... More > admirably clear and well-informed way, the Church of the East's own self-understanding of its apostolicity and theology."Dr. Sebastian Brock,Retired Professor of the Oriental Institute,University of Oxford"The Book of Bishop Mar Bawai Soro, one of the leading figures and architects in the ecumenical dialogues of the Assyrian Church of the East with other Churches for more than 20 years, is dealing with two fundamental aspects of ecclesiology: the apostolicity and the orthodoxy of the Church of the East. Some of his views have already been presented at conferences of the dialogues and discussed by eminent scholars." Dr. Theresia Hainthaler,Philosophisch-Theologische Hochschule Sankt Georgen< Less
St. John Capistran: A Reformer in battle By Mediatrix Press et al.
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St. John of Capistran was many things, a Franciscan, a theologian, a crusader, but ultimately a reformer of the Church, a friend of saints and a man zealous for the salvation of souls. The deep... More > remorse that took possession of him on the day of his conversion never left him and remained the dominant attitude of his mind. This penitential disposition underlay his preaching. Setting aside all reserve, he would make public confession in the pulpit, thus emulating the penitent Magdalene, his favorite saint. We are not surprised that such an energetic temperamental nature, always ready for action and battle, did not escape reproaches of irascibility and impetuosity. Yet appeals to his sympathy must have been frequent. Capistrano’s history is inextricably bound up with the great figures and world events of the 15th century. Hofer, in this powerful historical biography of the saint, traces his life as a reformer, preacher, and leading a Crusade to stop the Turkish onslaught into Europe.< Less
Crossing Paths By David Green
eBook (PDF): $3.75
One mans escape from the cauldron of Constantinople in 1453 and his subsequent travels and companions. Set at the confluence of Islam, Judaism and Christianity.
Crossing Paths By David Green
Paperback: $21.54
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One mans escape from the cauldron of Constantinople in 1453 and his subsequent travels and companions. Set at the confluence of Islam, Judaism and Christianity.
My Paperback Book By Peisirui(Oliver) Zhang & gus talbot
Paperback: $16.38
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this is a historical fiction of medieval castles and warfare. we chose the battle of Constantinople and the castles and we wrote a historical fiction
Era: From the Russian Revolution to World War II, a Life Framed by Destiny By Jacqueline F. Frazine & Claudia Dreher
eBook (ePub): $9.99
Era was born to an aristocratic family as the Russian Revolution raged. She was two months old when they fled to one of the last open ports on the Black Sea where they boarded a ship bound for... More > Constantinople. They left Russia wealthy, landed gentry and stepped off the boat refugees. Era spent her childhood in exotic Constantinople and the Turkish countryside. She went back to Russia with her mother and sister on two harrowing trips, the second time knowing they could never return. When World War II erupted, she travelled with her wealthy husband from Iran to Lebanon as the English pushed the Germans from the Middle East. When the Americans entered the war her world came apart and changed forever.< Less
The Immortal Centurion: Tales of Longinus's Mediterranean Travels, 400-800 AD By Paige Ingram et al.
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Gaius Cassius Longinus, the Immortal Centurion, has had a hard couple of centuries. When he saw Jesus suffering on the Cross, he tried to lessen His suffering and hasten His death by piercing him in... More > the side with his spear. The centurion and his weapon were changed forever. Longinus cannot die, and the spear, which became known as the Spear of Destiny, brings victory to whoever possesses it. But immortality and invincibility are great responsibilities, and that victory always comes at a price. Between the fifth and eighth centuries Longinus criss-crossed the Mediterranean, and witnessed the transformation of the Roman world. Waves of barbarian tribes migrated into Europe, the Roman Empire fell in the West, but continued in the East, and a new religion, Islam, spread out of Arabia – and Longinus was there to see it all. He came to realize that it was his mission not to fight for one side or another. But above everything else, the Spear of Destiny had to be kept out of the wrong hands.< Less
The Orthodox Confession of the Catholic and Apostolic Eastern Church By St Gregory's Press
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THE ORTHODOX CONFESSION OF THE CATHOLIC and APOSTOLIC EASTERN CHURCH, originally published in 1643 by Metropolitan Peter Mogila and corrected by the Holy Synod of Constantinople, is a standard... More > catechetical text approved by the Patriarchs of Constantinople and Jerusalem for teaching the Orthodox faith. It remains one of the best catechetical texts today.< Less

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