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Contemplations By Tina Tazekand
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Poetic thoughts take shape on the pages of this book, shared with care. Some of the deepest feelings are shared along with a variety of subjects ranging from life to love and nature.
Contemplation By Terry Lowry
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Composed for the University of Alabama Tuba Quartet.
Contemplations By John O'Loughlin
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This title is comprised of three books of so-called 'abstract poems' which might better be described as 'word art', since they are of a character that defies intellectual intelligibility and invites... More > a certain contemplative frame-of-mind more conducive to spirituality and, hence, to self-transcendence, meaning, in this instance, the supersession of that fulcrum of intellect known as the ego. In that sense, these 'poems' are profoundly anti-literary and correspondingly closer to the true spirit of art, as, we believe, is the cover to this voluminous eBook whose forms are appropriately metaphysical in their abstract remove from concrete intelligibility.< Less
Contemplations By Nicholas Lovins
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a collections of poems and essays, with a little personal spice.
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Contemplations : Et l’orbe dans ce chant - Vierge essaim des âmes - Des rives coralliennes - Où l’astre s’en vient d’azur - Signes en éclair des âges... More > - Où l’orbe du sourire s’émeut - Où l’Esprit s’inscrit de fenaison - Dans le Royaume visité - Verbe enhardit des corolles de lumière - De l’ambre en semis des jours heureux - Signes éclos de l’âge souverain - Où l’ambre de la nuit dessine - Des forces éployées de la danse - Et des cimes en la pluie d’or - Des cygnes venus l’Ouest enchanteur - Où vivent d’eaux blondes les suffrages - Et s’il fut un cil en répond - Et le Verbe en ses roseraies mûries - Irradiée des souffles cette cohorte - Qu’iris le Chant d’Or dans sa pluviosité - Racines de l’aube - Où sont des ramures les branches - Et ce ne sont les peurs - Portuaire en la dimension - De l’architectonie le verbe la mesure - Où le Chant s’abreuve le désir - Mais voici que l’onde du songe - Ou se rejoignent le désir et l’imaginal - Et la pluie dans son silence intime - Car le Pouvoir de la Vie est là.< Less
Contemplations & Imaginings By Gina Olson
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Contemplations and Imaginings includes many of Gina Olson's poems and is her first chapbook. She takes inanimate objects, animals,and other things and relates them to humanity. This chapbook pairs... More > the poetry with some of Olson's own visual art. She attends Douglas Anderson School of the Arts in Jacksonville, Florida as a senior and will begin college in the Fall of 2014 to pursue writing.< Less
Contemplative Abstracts By John O'Loughlin
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'Contemplative Abstracts' is the logical sequel to 'Abstacts' (1983) which, being readerly, or capable of being read, was non-contemplative and therefore a precondition of abstract poems that require... More > only to be contemplated, since effectively a species of word art. The five books in this project represent different stages in John O'Loughlin's development of a non-readerly, or contemplative, style of poetic composition, and have also been published separately under the headings 'Contemplations' (1985),< Less
The Contemplative Soul By Brian Havel
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This somber and heartfelt account details the experiences of an adopted man’s life as he reminisces about love, loss, sacrifice, and ultimately, the enduring power of hope.
Contemplations of a Snarlac By Yon Cole
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A poetic journey into self, tapping into hidden potentialities, removing the reasons for self-limitation through forgiveness, manifesting your dreams, and discovering love.
Contemplating Emotions By Danny Gurnett
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'Contemplating Emotions' is an enticing poetry book comprised of 160 poems. Delving in to topics such as love, war, politics, nature and the universe- it takes the reader on a journey through the... More > ages, from Ancient Egypt to Victorian London, from a magical mansion to a magical gallery and from the culmination of mankind to many distant planets. With an explosion of styles and subject matter spliced together, it is sure to deliver a riveting read.< Less