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Contradictions By Candalee Beatty
eBook (ePub): $3.16
Contradictions is a contradictory collection of poems stemming from a young girl/woman's wild journey through love and life.
Contradictions By Candalee Beatty
Paperback: $11.65
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Contradictions is a collection of poems written over a period of 24 years. It is a literal journey of a child/woman once lost and found by the spirit within.
Bible Contradictions? By John Taylor
Paperback: $8.00
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Many people have an idea in their minds that the Bible is 'full of contradictions'. In most cases this opinion was not formed as a result of either Bible reading or study, and so until the advent of... More > online forums and blogs, asking them to show you one of those contradictions would generally end the discussion. That situation has changed! Information of all kinds is readily available via the internet. The purpose of this book is to discuss some of these supposed contradictions from a Christian perspective.< Less
walking contradiction By phoenix rose
Paperback: $7.64
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just trying to find a way to make myself not feel so alone by sharing my stories in hopes that someone will understand
Walking Contradiction By phoenix rose
eBook (PDF): $4.99
this one is just to have to be able to screenshot the pages and they will look nicer than a book page, in my opinion.
A Walking Contradiction By Ta'shae Sterling
Paperback: $14.99
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Ask yourself, if the world ends today would you be content with what you have contributed thus far? Not to your immediate family but to your environment, to us as a society? If the world did end... More > today what would you really be leaving behind? Always following the crowd? Being rude to others? Procrastinating so long on achieving a goal that it never happened? Take a minute and think about your answers. After asking myself these very same questions and pausing to reflect on the answers I realized how I had been maneuvering throughout life prior to this self-questioning was not conducive to the representation of the person I wanted to be remembered as. I wanted to be someone kind, a leader, a doer, and accomplisher of all the goals I had ever envisioned. Someone who made a difference in people’s lives they encountered not someone who hindered or harmed others. Yet, my actions I had been performing did not support these aspirations. They were contradictory. I was a walking contradiction.< Less
Collage & Contradictions By Andreas Huemer
eBook (PDF): $31.13
Collage & Contradictions is a journey through two hundred years of architecture history and theory. A collection of projects and its theories. Collected, set in historical context, evaluated, and... More > concluded as a whole to describe a fictional project somewhere else. This somewhere was extracted from projects around Manhattan, an area pretty unknown for New Yorkers called the Meadowlands. Through the historical projects, a kind of language was developed to describe a site in different ways. By linking it to more than twenty very different projects, the site can be seen from various angles. This angles are not only defined by the writer, they are the ideas of some of the most remarkable architects and therefore not founded on just one subject, they are a collage of characteristics. The results are notes on the site about what kind of qualities are already visible, which ones are there but not seen by the average and advices about in what direction projects should get developed further.< Less
The Marriage Contradiction By Rachel Makutu
eBook (PDF): $8.99
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This book is about betrayal and being stuck in a loveless marriage, money and power being the capital of most unsuccessful marriages
Contradictions of Capitalism By Lenny Flank
eBook (PDF): $0.00
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On Practice & On Contradiction By Mao Zedong
Paperback: $12.00
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These early philosophical writings underpinned the Chinese revolutions, and Mao’s clarion call to insurrection has lost none of its ability to stir the blood and stimulate the mind.

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API Security API Security By Lee Brandt et al.
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