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Some Responses To Questions About The Bible By H. Eade
Paperback: $2.72
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Some responses to the following questions about the Bible: Is the Bible full of contradictions? Hasn’t science disproved it? Is the Bible hard to understand? Is the Bible just another... More > religious book? Is the Bible out of date? Is the God of the Bible nasty?< Less
Juxtaposition By Kellie Kovar
Paperback: $7.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
A book of poems that highlights the many sides of man and nature – life at its most contradictory. In her very first collection of published work, the author uses a combination of styles... More > ranging from completely freestyle to strict form, including: sonnet, triolet, limerick, and sestina.< Less
OxyMormonics - The Contradictory Doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints By Brian Brumfield
eBook (PDF): $6.59
There is an undercurrent of logical contradictions in the LDS religious system, this book outlines many of the core LDS doctrinal contradictions.
Why Man Couldn't Have Authored the Bible By Stephen St. John
Paperback: $16.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Did Man Write the Bible? When you ask people "Who gave us the Bible?" many will very positively say, "Why, Man wrote the Bible." While it is true that man WROTE the Bible, man... More > couldn't possibly have AUTHORED the Bible. The thesis of this book is to show the reader that if you believe that man authored the Bible, then you have an impossible faith. The evidence will be clearly presented, well-documented, and in massive supply covering indisputable prophecy, archeology, science, deathbed testimonies and much more.< Less
The Word of God By Ihsanullah Danish
eBook (PDF): $1.99
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How can it be logically explained that any Divine book could satisfactorily address the ethnic and parochial problems of all mankind alike? Add to this the claim of universality and the probability... More > will increase manifold. But all such questions would be put to only that book which, besides claiming being Divine, is found in its original and pure form. So the first and foremost question to be dealt with is about the status of purity and originality of a Divine book. How a book can dispel the doubts of its followers which itself harbours in doubts? How a book can lead its followers to the path of certainty when its own status is uncertain? Can such a book be trusted to guide human being to the right path that might have once carried the Divine message but had been proved altered afterwards? Can a book be regarded trustworthy enough to guard its followers against the onslaughts of Satan that could not guard itself? Owing to the influence of Satan it could rather deviate the followers from the right path.< Less
Nineteen Eighty-Four By George Orwell
Paperback: $8.34
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Winston Smith is an average citizen who is of the middle-class in the super-state of Oceania. He lives specifically on Airstrip One, and is an editor for the Ministry of Truth. The problem with Mr.... More > Smith is his loathing of the Party, which lands him in trouble with the authorities. Nineteen Eighty-Four is a political fiction that depicts the horror and dystopian nature of totalitarianism. The novel defines the totalitarian state and all its characteristics: from lies, hypocrisy, and more, and has gained its importance in the relevance of modern politics. The comparison of current regimes has most of all, allowed sharp criticism of those regimes as being ‘Orwellian.’ The Olkuter Classics edition of this masterpiece includes the original text, edited for an easy read.< Less
Paperback: $19.29
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Perceptions of physical and mental states, and our environment that influences them.
Confessing By Mike Marty
eBook (PDF): $1.70
Sustainable, necessary rejuvenation is correlated to living contradicting nothing.
A guide for your learning journey By Stuart Hatton
Paperback: $8.91
Prints in 3-5 business days
Seven contradictions to help you on your learning journey.
Descriptions of Impossible Objects By John Berndt
Hardcover: $17.60
Prints in 3-5 business days
A small, carefully crafted book that contains detailed descriptions of ten impossible objects, and their implications to lived experience, with a philosophical afterward discussing the place of... More > contradictory experience in phenomenology. Relevant to anyone interested in thought experiments, the romantic tradition of delirium, and the esoteric, visionary, post-scientific Philosophy of Henry Flynt.< Less

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