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Building the Control Data Legacy: The Career of Robert M. Price By Thomas J. Misa
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This book presents a unique behind-the-scenes view into the Control Data Corporation during its ascent into the top rank of the computer industry. This detailed 15-part oral history starts with... More > Robert M. Price’s work programming the first generation of computers in California. In 1961, he joined Control Data. For the next 29 years, Price was in key positions -- culminating as President, CEO, and Chairman from 1986 to 1990 -- as Control Data grew from a Minneapolis start-up into a multi-billion-dollar global company. Lively anecdotes provide an in-depth assessment of Control Data’s founder William C. Norris and his inimitable style. Of special note are Price’s incisive observations about corporate social responsibility and the “lessons learned” from a remarkable business career. Profusely illustrated with more than 80 archival photographs.< Less
Submarine Torpedo Data Computer Mark 3 Manual By Periscope Film LLC
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Situated in the conning tower, the Torpedo Data Computer Mark III was the standard fire control device used by U.S. Navy submarines during the first half of WWII. An electro-mechanical, analog... More > computer, the TDC provided fire control solutions through a variety of inputs, including submarine course and speed, estimated target course,speed and range, and torpedo type in use. Originally printed by the Arma Corporation and the U.S. Navy, this Mark 3 manual provides a fascinating glimpse inside this mechanical wonder. Please note, due to quality issues with the original document, some pages may be slightly sub-standard. Care has been taken to preserve the integrity of the original text.< Less
Global Consulting Corporation: An Accounting Information Systems Practice Case: 4th edition By Robert Hurt
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This practice case is designed primarily for use in accounting information systems courses, but can also be used in others (such as forensic accounting and auditing). Its assignment questions are... More > diverse, including transaction processing, systems documentation, internal control, database design, data analytics and many others. Documents for transaction processing & analytics data files are freely available at; solutions are available to instructors only by contacting the author via email (< Less
TruNet By Fred Shorten
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Assassinations and a plan to take control of all people throughout the world, what could go wrong? And that is just the setting in which two unlikely people’s lives converge, a corporate data... More > analyst and an NSA analyst fresh out of the academy. It will be up to them to restore personal liberty and freedom worldwide.< Less
BLACK SEVEN: Modern Espionage Roleplaying By Stew Wilson
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BLACK SEVEN is an independent espionage organisation that undertakes deniable operations deemed too politically sensitive for governments, corporations, or private individuals. Stripped of the... More > marketing speak, BLACK SEVEN's Agents break in to places, sneak around, steal data, beat up guards, hack computers, get into running gun battles, and occasionally assassinate people. Sometimes, they do this for Queen and Country. Sometimes, it's for God, America, and Mom's Apple Pie. And sometimes it's because a nice lady with an indiscriminately European accent handed over a suitcase containing five million in non-sequential fifties as a downpayment. It's ten minutes into the future. You live a life of luxury, at least until you get the call from BLACK SEVEN. Then, you go to risk your life. Whether you do it for the money, for the safety of the free world, or to expand the definition of the “free world” is up to you. All Control cares about is that you get the job done.< Less
Flipspace:Astraeus Event, Missions 7-9 By John Steiner
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Flipspace: Astraeus Event, Missions 7-9 Shades of Jade The Mockingbird crew is pulled off their training schedule when a distress call from their sister ship, the Magpie reaches Earth from the... More > Kuiper Belt.Survival throws the crew into crisis mode and pushes them all to their limits. Close Encounters For Their Kind Recouping from their losses, and breaking in replacements, Colonel Rama is briefed for a mission that potentially violates exo-solar planetary research treaties. Rediscovered among archives of a telescope considered lost in the prior century, the data includes surface changes on the alien world that may suggest intelligent life. Raging Pacific After years, the once-broken terrorist group, Golden Fist of Pacifica reemerges. Using a new bioweapon, the GFP seize control over a corporate board of directors, and through them possession of the mult-e-nomic platform, Pacific City. This time NATO is required to act and the Mockingbird crew is put on alert status.< Less