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Basketball Performance: The Core Shooting Workout By Philip Spencer
eBook (ePub): $8.99
The Basketball Performance: The Core Shooting Workout is designed to increase your shooting in five weeks. The workout includes 13 different shooting exercises that target the most common basketball... More > shots taken during a basketball game. It is received by many as the top overall shooting workout available.< Less
Fitness Program: Strength Training and Core Workout By Karen M Goeller
eBook (PDF): $9.99
Fitness Program: Two workouts that get results! The first exercise routine is a full body basic strength training workout using dumbbells. The second workout is a light conditioning workout which... More > consists of mostly core exercises. When alternated, these exercise routines make up a great fitness program for getting in shape and maintaining a good fitness level. “Great Workout, Thanks.” S. Liber, Australia ... Order now!< Less
Writing Workouts to Develop Common Core Writing Skills By Ana Luengo
eBook (PDF): $213.14
Learning to write should never be viewed as an end goal in and of itself. Rather, writing is a means to a goal (effective communication). “Writing” doesn’t mean “learn the... More > symbols and write them down.” It means “convince, persuade, inspire, entertain, and teach through your writing as effectively as you would through conversation if you and the reader sat next to each other on the sofa.” This book provides a variety of tested writing activities that can guide students to that level of writing competency.< Less
Maximum Boost Workout©Advanced Core Training By Julio A. Salado
eBook (PDF): $9.95
Advanced Exercises for: Body Weight, Stability Ball, Resistance Tube and Medicine Ball. Proven weight loss methods used by Fitness Professionals!!! Fitness Foundry's Maximum Boost Workout Book©,... More > written by NASM & NSCA certified personal trainer Julio A. Salado, is an unparallel workout for burning fat, core development, balance, flexibility, mobility, endurance and strength.A Seamless integration of western exercise science and eastern holistic arts. Workouts are designed for weight loss,complete body transformation & overcoming training plateaus. Includes Total Body SMR Foam Roll Techniques *for muscle recovery*, Printable Weekly Workout Planner & Nutrition Diary. Develop a personalized nutrition program by learning how to calculate Bodyfat & Lean Muscle Mass Ratio. The flowing exercise progression is designed to correct muscle imbalances, strengthen joints, increase stamina & burn fat. A complete total bodysculpting program that produces LONG TERM RESULTS!< Less
Legs Plus Workouts By Karen Goeller
Paperback: List Price: $15.00 $13.50 | You Save: 10%
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Legs Plus Workouts: You will get results! All ten LEGS PLUS workouts are challenging, unique, and very effective. Alternating the workouts will lead to weight loss and improved fitness. You will be... More > guided through each workout with specific instructions and photos of each exercise. The workouts are well-rounded and quick so you can exercise all of the major muscle groups and then get on with your life. Exercise at home or at the gym with LEGS PLUS Workouts!< Less
Total Beach Body Workout By Michael Geary
eBook (PDF): $29.95
Complete 6 month exercise program including information on everything needed to achieve a fit, lean, toned body and 6 pack abs. The program includes information on nutrition and diet, a 4 week detox... More > to help you get started on the road to eating healthily and goal setting. The workouts are divided into 4 distinct training phases using a variety of training techniques to ensure that you continually progress and improve your fitness level throughout the entire program. You will get a fresh, new workout for each of the 24 weeks and full routines are given for warm-ups, cardio sessions, stretching and core conditioning. You’ll never get bored of the same old workout again. The program is also designed with complete flexibility in mind - you can workout at home or outdoors or even at the gym. Minimal equipment is needed as these workouts focus on body weight, dumbbell or resistance band exercises to develop functional training and balance in the body.< Less
New Fitness Guide For Ladies By Chris Core
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Learn how to combine cardio and weights for a fat burning workout in the comfort of your own home for that lean, tone look. Efficiently improve your physique.
Core Body Basics: Why Your Workout Isn't Working Out! By Christopher Walcott
eBook (ePub): $4.99
You’ve been trying to get in shape, but you can’t seem to work out without pain. But don’t give up! Core Body Basics: Why Your Workout Isn’t Working Out will save your back... More > and your workout. It’s an easy to read manual for back safety in the gym. It cuts through the hype and confusion, giving you a clear understanding of what to do and what NOT to do while working out. But more importantly, this straight forward guide gives you the hidden reasons and science behind WHY your back is hurting. Using easy to understand language and examples, this book breaks down the complicated science behind “The Core”, and smashes the myths surrounding working out your midsection. By following the directions in this book, you’ll protect your back and get stronger abs, all while shortening your workout time! That’s right, less effort and less pain, with great results. Don’t be afraid of working your core anymore! Core Body Basics: Why Your Workout Isn’t Working Out is the answer!< Less
Ultimate workout programs for elite athletes By C. X. Rhodes
Paperback: $9.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
" For everyone that wants to take their physical and athletic abilities to the other stratosphere. This manual provides the custom made workout programs the elite athletes use that will enhance... More > the basic skills of improved strength and cardiovascular endurance that any good workout will provide. But it will also enhance the other abilities that 90% of the population don't even think about: Here you will finally learn the secrets of straight and to the point workouts that will yield improved footwork, speed, quickness, agility, biomechanical movement, balance, explosive power, and core strength. No matter what sport you're in, these skills mastered through this manual will take your workouts and your game to a whole new level "< Less
6 Minute Bikini Abs Workout Cards By Misato Alexandre
eBook (PDF): $19.00
Simple downloadable workout cards perfect for your iPhone, android phone, iPad, and any other digital devices you can take anywhere and everywhere. All you need is 6 minutes a day to sculpt your... More > abs and get a bikini-ready body. Workouts are great at home, outdoors or at the gym. With 30 different abs workout cards, you will perform a workout for 6 minutes each day for the next 30 days. It also includes warm-up and stretches to prep your body before each workout. 30 Abs Workout Cards 1 stretch workout card 1 warm-up workout card Equipment Needed: -Swiss ball -A pair of light dumbbells -A pair of heavier dumbbells< Less

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