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Medicinal Plants for Colds and Flu By Aaron Matas
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Elderberry Juice! That's it, you don't need anything else.... Well, Thyme is Commission E approved for Coughs and Bronchitis, you could add some fresh Thyme to your Chicken soup along with a little... More > Commission E approved Onion. Maybe a little Garlic. Radish Honey juice for Whooping Cough sounds a little far fetched so I won't mention it. But the Teas, a little Anise or Clove with some Mint and Honey.< Less
56 Common Cold Solutions: 56 Meal Recipes That Will Help You Prevent and Cure the Common Cold Fast Without Pills or Medicine By Joe Correa CSN
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The common cold is a viral disease of the upper respiratory tract, primarily the nose, throat, and sinuses. There are over 200 known viruses that cause the common cold and they are mostly spread... More > through the air or in direct contact with people who have already been affected by it. These rather tiring viruses usually attack during the cold winter months and affect all age groups. The average adult gets two to four colds per year, while children get six to eight because of their weaker immune system. Besides having a weaker immune system, some other lifestyle factors can greatly contribute to the body's inability to protect itself. Among the most important ones are pshychological stress and lack of sleep. The common cold has been with us since ancient times. People are fighting it every single year for their entire life.< Less
Classical Chinese Herbal Recipes for Healing Flu, Common Cold, and Infectious Diseases (Journal of Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture) By (Editor)
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Herbal recipes in Chinese medicine that can be used for healing influenza, common cold, and other infectious diseases are collected here. These recipes have been used for hundreds of years, proved by... More > billions of people, and confirmed by scientific studies. These natural herbal recipes can relieve stuffy noses, reduce fever, stop coughing, relieve headaches and body pain, calm the mind, and improve digestion. Scientific studies have found that they have antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects. Ingredients of the recipes are explained with Chinese medicine theories. Modifications for personalized treatment and preparation methods are described. Many of the recipes are also useful for healing asthma, bronchitis, tonsillitis, pneumonia, mumps, encephalitis, meningitis, and measles. Some are effective for the treatment of stomach flu, gastroenteritis, pancreatitis, and conjunctivitis. Many of the recipes are also helpful for relieving skin diseases.< Less
Swine Flu - The Guide to Understanding Swine Influenza By Diane Jensen
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Is Swine Flu affecting you or someone you know ? Health implications involve coughing,sneezing which is one of the ways of spreading the disease. Stop Swine Flu Now! Get this book and keep your... More > family and friends safe from swine flu.< Less
The Kickstart Guide to Dealing With Bronchitis - Overcoming Bronchitis and Its Health Effects By Lynne Parcell
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Bronchitis is a common respiratory disorder that can occur to any age. It is usually associated with flues and colds. When the complication is left uncured, this can lead to pneumonia. Bronchitis... More > attack the immune system of a vulnerable person especially the smokers. In this e-book, we’ll discuss what bronchitis is, what it can do to your health and how to keep it out of your life as much as possible. By learning this now you can protect yourself in the long term from what bronchitis can do to you. Discover: • Causes of Bronchitis • Home remedies for Bronchitis • Bronchitis and Emphysema • And more< Less
Too busy to be sick By Anthony Coundouris
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This is a practical guide for those who are too busy to get sick. You run a schedule tighter than a Scotsman’s pockets, with many people relying on you to get the job done. Falling sick is not... More > an option. It struck me that the people who complained most were well-educated, versed in math, English, and literature. Yet they didn’t know the first thing about self-preservation. When something went wrong, their only option was to see a doctor. And who wants to rely on outside help every time they fall ill? Don't get me wrong. This book is not a substitute for seeing a doctor. In fact there are moments I suggest you go directly and see one. Loss of a limb due to a horrific industrial accident, for example. Or ebola. This book will make you aware of the symptoms of influenza and how to rid from your body, before a doctor becomes your only option.< Less
Aromatherapy for a Healthy Body By E. M. Kim
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Aromatherapy for a Healthy Body teaches you how to use essential oils to: * Treat Arthritis * Manage Coughs and Colds * Lower High Blood Pressure
Classical Herbal Recipe for Healing Flu and Bronchitis (Chinese Medicine Herbal Recipe Series) By (Editor)
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This herbal recipe is useful for the treatment of influenza, common cold, bronchitis, and other infectious diseases with Yin deficiencies. Such diseases are usually shown as headaches, fever, slight... More > aversion to wind and cold, no sweating or little sweating, cough, thirst, dry throat, irritability or restlessness. Current studies have shown that the recipe has anti-inflammation effects. It can help strengthen the body, reduce fever, relieve cough, and remove the phlegm. Modifications of the recipe are described, including for severe thirst, irritability, cough with thick and sticky sputum, and sore throat. Explanations in Chinese medicine theories are included. This classical recipe was recorded in the Chinese medicine classical book The Revised Popular Edition on Febrile Diseases (Chong Ding Tong Su Shang Han Lun).< Less
Stuffed Up By Denise N. Fyffe
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Cold and Flu season usually puts us out, makes us uncomfortable and disrupts our everyday life. As if the coughing and the sneezing wasn’t enough, that stuffy, puffy feeling comes along as... More > well. You don’t have to endure the suffering. Once you understand the symptoms and how to get rid of it, you can use the remedies to alleviate your congestion.< Less
Classical Herbal Recipe for Healing Flu and Pneumonia (Chinese Medicine Herbal Recipe Series) By (Editor)
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This is a very useful herbal recipe for the treatment of influenza, common cold, acute bronchitis, pneumonia, tonsillitis, and other respiratory tract infections of the wind-heat type. It is also... More > used for acute conjunctivitis. The recipe can help improve the lung's function and stop coughing. The recipe has the effects of relieving cough, removing the phlegm, antibacterial, and anti-inflammation. It can also reduce fever. Modifications of the recipe for different applications are described, including for severe cough, thirst, severe sore throat and acute tonsillitis, and eye disorders such as conjunctivitis. Explanations in Chinese medicine theories are provided. Comparisons between different recipes for influenza are included. This classical recipe was designed by a famous physician Jutong Wu in the Qing Dynasty. It was recorded in the ancient Chinese medicine classic by Dr. Wu, The Treatise on Differentiation and Treatment of Epidemic Febrile Diseases.< Less