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Dear Credit Bureau, By Damien A. McKinney
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What makes this book different from all other books on credit repair and debt reduction is that it is a self-help book which identifies with those who are in a bad situation with no hope of... More > survival. This book will discuss and provide proven ways to: 1. Remove negative items from your credit report. 2. Write letters to the Credit Bureaus, Creditors and Collection Agencies. 3. Add positive credit and boost your credit score overnight. 4. Never be denied for credit again. 5. Live the life you want.< Less
My Credit Edit By Adam Miller
eBook (PDF): $4.99
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ARE YOU TIRED OF BEING TURNED DOWN BECAUSE OF BAD CREDIT? This book is an enlightening guide that has easy to understand information to help the average ""Joe"" understand credit... More > restoration. NO MORE SPENDING YOUR MONEY ON LAWYERS! Fixing your own credit is the way to go and not spending a fortune is just a bonus!< Less
Fix Your Credit By Joan Butterfield
eBook (PDF): $7.00
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101 Legitimate Tips for Boosting Your Credit Score! learn how credit bureau's do their business, learn how to draw up your battle plan, after a few strategic moves are put in to place, it is possible... More > to reclaim trust from creditors, lenders, and renters. All it takes is the right knowledge and a little bit of your time.< Less
Fix Your Credit By TT57
eBook (PDF): $6.99
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The Secret Of Boosting Your Credit Rating - Finally Revealed! Less than perfect credit is not a permanent situation. If you've made financial mistakes in the past (and who hasn't), it's not too late... More > to start repairing your credit today. When you know the little tips and tricks you can use to convince the credit bureau's your trust worthy. You can leave the loan officer's chair confident that the deal will have a happy ending. It's all about knowing how to play the credit game. And you can play the game like a master. If bad credit is holding you back, you can start nursing your ailing record back to health today with a few strategic moves. All it takes is the right knowledge and a little bit of your time...< Less
How to Remove Bad Credit From Your Credit Report By AC Associates
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The following tips will help correct your credit and it should be done with all Credit Bureaus. These are the exact same methods credit repair clinics and attorneys charge up to $2,500 or more to... More > perform. Since they don't always do it correctly, people have been taken for millions of dollars over the past years. You can outsmart creditors who are damaging your credit!< Less
The Ultimate Guide to Improving Your Credit Rating By Diane Vickers
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Credit Report and Credit Score is used to check credit worthiness of a person. Credit score is based on the data provided by the credit report that indicates payment history, accounts, etc. Today... More > many lenders and retailers take the help of credit report and credit score to lend credit. Credit report and credit score helps the bank lenders to judge the credit worthiness of a person at the time of allotting him credit. Person with bad credit report and score find it difficult to raise the credit whereas the person with good credit score and report does not face any financial stake. The credit report and score provides a true picture of a person's financial position. But it is the initiative of individual or financial institution to ask for it. This credit report and score are provided by credit bureau within few days of your request. GRAB A COPY OF THIS INCREDIBLE EBOOK TODAY!< Less
101 Powerful Tips for Legally Improving Your Credit Score By John Smithe
eBook (PDF): $5.59
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If bad credit is holding you back, you can start nursing your ailing record back to health today with a few strategic moves. It is possible to reclaim trust from creditors, lenders, and renters! All... More > it takes is the right knowledge and a little bit of your time... If you're planning on asking for a loan in the future... If you want to get help from the bank to buy your dream home, dream car, start your own business or more... but feel like your bad credit rating is holding you back. FRET NO MORE. Within this 50 page guide, "101 Legitimate Tips For Boosting Your Credit Score," you'll learn exactly how the credit bureau's do their business, how to regain their trust step by step, and even show you a few simple tricks for being financially responsible.Preview this e-book for more info!< Less
The Cathford Group Credit Inc Loan Review Tips Av Regler Kan Ikke Stave Slutten Av Boliglån Lån Svindel By Rian Mckenlly
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Boliglån lån svindel, nesten en hytte industri under Great tilbakeslag, heldigvis borte fra det økonomiske landskapet, som den økonomiske krisen blåser seg. Det har,... More > har det? Ikke vær dum; innlån og utlån er gjort av mennesker og eiendom lån innebærer tusenvis eller millioner av dollar. Når det er store penger på bordet, vil noen alltid prøve å feie noen av det til papirkurven. Det var nok av eiendomsmegling lån svindel før fôring vanvidd av tidlig 2000-tallet, og senere piranhas går ikke utryddet bare fordi Kongressen opprettet forbruker finansielle Protection Bureau. Svindel var og er like varierte som avtaler er forskjellige. Det kan være en omfattende struktur, involverer, si, en tittel selskap, en appraiser, en finansberegning megler og en eiendomsmegler eller bare en kne-jerk reaksjonen et transaksjonsbasert problem.< Less
Fred Solomon's Loan Modification, Entrepreneur and Marketing Bootcamp By Fred Solomon
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Fred Solomon, from the Solomon Free Money Hour Investment Talk Radio brings you this handbook with his all day Intensive Bootcamp. AAA Rated on Better Business Bureau. Materials included to you at... More > no additional cost with the bootcamp: Intensive training and the ability to attend any future bootcamps at no cost (Priceless) Secrets to Better Credit Kit ($99 Value) Identity Theft Prevention for you and your clients ($140 value), Marketing Strategies and PRESENTATION by Lisa Solomon, How to Increase your Referrals Guide by Lisa Solomon, Access to copies of previously recorded investment webinars and tapes. Foreclosure Timeline, 91 Mistakes Homeowners Make In Transactions and More!< Less
Chinese Nights Chapters One & Two By Phillip Kivernun
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First two chapters. Charles Smyth or Charlie to his friends; unmarried, in his late twenties and a former bank manager from London, has financially and emotionally hit bottom as the victim of a... More > credit crunch warning tremor. However, Charlie has found a new profession and gets off of a plane in China to take the first step of his new career as an English teacher. Charlie is forced to suffer through one crises after another which ultimately results in Charlie being chased by the Chinese Public Security Bureau. The book for audiences is cathartic as karma works it magic and a London banker gets his just desserts. For Charlie however his Chinese days are atonement and his Chinese nights, through a series of dreams involving Chinese protagonists are vehicles of self examination. Charlie’s ultimate apology takes place in a dream manufactured self examination criticism session worthy of the cultural revolution itself.< Less