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The Last Crime By Ian Kennedy Martin
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In a nightmare world of people controlled by an elite and their computers a desperate Harold Acteon seeking for justice has a violent but inevitable philosophy that freedom requires the freedom to... More > murder. And from the outset the chase between the pursuer and his pursued can only resolve itself through slaughter and mayhem in this appalling rationale of destruction. "What makes this novel so interesting is the extraordinary brilliance of its execution. Kennedy-Martin writes like someone as rapturously high on words and images as his characters on their 'jollies'. For most of the time one is stunned by his virtuosity. One has the impression of an immensely fecund, feverish intelligence to match the immensely fecund, feverish imagination..." Francis King, Spectator "The satisfying qualities of a well-planned thriller as well as the intellectual questing that is the essence of science fiction..." Isobel Murray, Financial Times< Less
Crime Net By Colin F. Barnes et al.
eBook (ePub): $4.17
Technology Isn't Always Used With Good Intentions Crime Net is a collection of stories that delve into the nefarious side of cyberpunk and tech-thriller fiction. In a modern society, filled with... More > affordable technology and always-on networks, some electric dreams aren't always what we expect. Featuring stories from four talented authors, we get inside the head of a man heading for rock-bottom until a too-good-to-be-true job opportunity comes his way; watch a devoted fan get a little too close to her idol; see what happens when gene splicing technology falls into the wrong hands, and experience a driven woman’s mission to kill in the underworld of a futuristic city. Get Jacked In Now For A Cyber Thrill Ride< Less
The Crime Club By William Holt-White
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The Crime Club was an imprint of the Doubleday publishing company, which later spawned a 1946-47 anthology radio series.Many classic and popular works of detective and mystery fiction had their first... More > U.S. editions published via the Crime Club, including all 50 books of The Saint by Leslie Charteris (1928-1983). The imprint also published first editions in Sax Rohmer's Fu Manchu series.The Crime Club began life in 1928 with the publication of The Desert Moon Mystery by Kay Cleaver Strahan, and ceased publication in 1991. In the intervening 63 years, The Crime Club published 2,492 titles.Stories from this imprint were first dramatized on The Eno Crime Club, a detective series broadcast on CBS from February 9, 1931 to December 21, 1932, sponsored by Eno Effervescent Salts. Excerpt from: Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book.< Less
Reality & Fictions! By Sayed Taufiq Ullah
eBook (PDF): $5.99
I am trying to focus the raw & real views of humanitarian Rights in my writings. In this Book I am illustrated circumstantial aspects, moral bindings, fortune, crime, Law & Justices` and... More > Rights of human beings. Every story share untold criminality, brutality and victimized human by human, in different angle, types, reflections of our society and at Last I make clear status of human rights in here.< Less
Fact or Fiction By Nicole Beaudry
eBook (PDF): $7.95
This fast-paced novel takes the reader through a series of investigative cases that define hapless versus intentional crime, the victims, and the ultimate punishment doled out by judicial power or... More > destiny itself.< Less
Real Fiction By Terence Park
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Real Fiction shines a light on a murky world of crime and business, where detectives pit their brains against each other, criminals try to beat the system and no-one is entirely good or evil. Jonny... More > Muse is an OpEd. In Alibi He gets involved in a suicide and his life is changed. In Tornado Alley, fresh from New York, he chases tornadoes and gets an introduction to Indian culture. Ray wakes up in Korlam Heath, beaten and battered. Who’s Ray? That’s me. I live in New Goodshaw, capital of New England and biggest city in world. When I find who left me like that I’m gonna beat the crap outta them. Read my story in Goodshaw City Blues. Lellegheny is febrile with rumours of a local legend, the Ridge Runner and Mr Dimling has decided to go missing. A job for Bernie Doarn, private investigator, in Harjazes At the time of the Crusades, corsairs prowled the Mediterranean. A storm near Malta upturns the lives of three friends in Xewkija, The Central Sea and Adriana.< Less
Spy Fiction and Spy Fiction Writers By Students’ Academy
Paperback: $28.99
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Introduction to Spy Fiction 7 Historical Progression 8 Before the First World War 8 During the War 11 Second World War 12 Cold War Period 13 British and American Spy Fiction 14 Russian Spy... More > Fiction 18 Spy Fiction and Cinema 19 After the Cold War 20 After 9/11 21 Popular Spy Fiction Writers 499< Less
Fiction Addiction By D. E. Park
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Here are still more (71 more!) tiny tales in a variety of genres: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Fairy Tale and Other—Speculative Fiction. For example:  Follow the terraforming... More > expedition to Planet Margarita.  Would you believe targeted marketing for a playground?  Experience the extreme forms of OCD.  Where would you find a social venue for angels and their pets?  Read early reports of organized crime in rural Wisconsin. And many more! Seventy-one more works of flash, micro, nano, drabbles and dribbles. Short (very short, really really short) tales, from the author of Flush the Fiction and Unwashed Fiction.< Less
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Caucasian Crime Spree By Tyrone McCloskey
Paperback: $10.46
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A tale about the Tricky Dick in all of us: A common as dirt, sexually frustrated, middle aged white male impulsively commits a petty theft which sets off a series of tragic events, even as he... More > cleverly rationalizes his absolution.< Less

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