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The History of a Crime By Victor Hugo et al.
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Victor Hugo's documentary historical novel History of a Crime is an impassioned recording of the December 1852 coup d'etat that brought the usurper he called "Napoleon le petit" to power,... More > and sent Hugo into an eighteen year exile. The work was written in the few months following Hugo's flight, but only published in 1877, when Hugo feared a similar takeover by Marechal Mac-Mahon, who had threatened the dissolution of the republican-dominated Chambre des deputes. Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte was elected President of the Second Republic of France and subsequently accepted the title of the Emperor, reigning as Napoleon III.< Less
There Are Crimes and Crimes By August Strindberg
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Johan August Strindberg (/ˈstrɪndbɜːrɡ,... More > ˈstrɪnbɜːrɡ/; Swedish: [ˈstrindˌbɜrj] ( listen); 22 January 1849 – 14 May 1912) was a Swedish playwright, novelist, poet, essayist and painter. A prolific writer who often drew directly on his personal experience, Strindberg's career spanned four decades, during which time he wrote over 60 plays and more than 30 works of fiction, autobiography, history, cultural analysis, and politics. A bold experimenter and iconoclast throughout, he explored a wide range of dramatic methods and purposes, from naturalistic tragedy, monodrama, and history plays, to his anticipations of expressionist and surrealist dramatic techniques. From his earliest work, Strindberg developed innovative forms of dramatic action, language, and visual composition. Excerpt from:< Less
Poison Mysteries in History, Romance and Crime By C. J. S. Thompson
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POISONS, those silent weapons capable of destroying life mysteriously, secretly and without violence, have ever had a peculiar fascination for mankind. They have played so large a part in history at... More > various periods, in romance as well as in crime, that the subject is one which claims the attention of every student of human nature.< Less
The History and Romance of Crime, Millbank Penitentiary By Arthur Griffiths
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The Crimes of England By G.K. Chesterton
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Chesterton's "The Crimes Of England" was written in 1916 and needs to be read , and perhaps forgiven, as a product of the Great War. The "crimes" in the title are essentially an... More > ironic reference. Most of the "crimes" Chesterton relate to the preceding three hundred years to instances where English policy was too pro-German, or at least, too pro-Prussian by Chesterton's estimate. The list of crimes include too much support for Frederick the Great and too little support for the French Revolution. Even the crime of England's brutal response to the Irish rebellions of 1789 - something Chesterton lets loose against - was made worse by the Germanic element in the royal family and the Army's use of German mercenaries against the Irish. Chesterton ends his essays with a plea to his fellow Englishmen not to avoid criticising their nation but to embrace it.< Less
The Crime of the Congo By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
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The Crime of the Congo is the most powerful indictment yet launched against the Belgian rulers of this bloodstained colony. After reviewing the early history of the Congo Free State Sir Arthur quotes... More > the testimony of many unimpeachable witnesses regarding the brutalities of the 'rubber system' and the coldblooded mutilation and massacre of natives during the past fifteen years."< Less
An Artist in Crime By Rodrigues Ottolengui
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Detective Jack Barnes is pitted against a would-be "gentleman" criminal in this thriller by "one of the most neglected authors in the entire history of the detective story."
The Crime Fighter By MG Stough
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This is a book about Crime Fighting Science. It contains information about the American Criminal Justice System, its components and its agents. Reading this book will inform you about how American... More > Society reacts to Crime.< Less
Crimes of Empire By David Sivier
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The book discusses the current wars fought by the West in the Middle East, and shows that these are not being fought for humanitarian reasons, but are part of a long history of American coups and... More > political interference since World War II. These have been to overthrow regimes that have blocked or resisted American corporate or political interests. This policy is behind the Maidan Revolution in Ukraine, the invasions and attacks on Iraq, Libya and Syria, and conflicts with Russia and Iran.< Less
The Crime of 1873 By yamaguchy incorporated
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legislative history of the demonetization of silver, the coinage act of 1873 "it declares the gold dollar of 25.8 grains of standard gold to be the unit of value" "The silver dollar,... More > which by law is now the legally declared unit of value, does not bear a correct relative proportion to the gold dollar." "The committee, after careful consideration, concluded that 25.8 grains of standard gold constituting the gold dollar should be declared the money unit or metallic representative of the dollar of account."< Less

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