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A Double Shot of Murder By Scott Cherney
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Two complete interactive murder mystery comedy scripts in one edition. DEAD TUESDAY- International playboy Francois Fibian is the only one who can solve the murder of a prominent New Orleans... More > socialite during a Mardi Gras costume ball, but he has his own problems. Someone at this soiree is trying to frame him for the crime. To make matters worse, a voodoo curse is turning him into a frog. Yes, really. and MURDER: THE FINAL FRONTIER-At a sci-fi convention reunion of the cult TV series STAR TRUCK, there is only one question on everyone's lips: Who killed Captain Kork? Could it be First Officer Mr. Spark? Maybe it's Carrie Fishwich, the blowsy actress from the rival franchise, STAR BOARS? And that alien over that a raygun in its pocket or it just glad to be here? Both are perfect for professional or amateur theatrical productions. Performance rights are available.< Less
The Weird Adventures of The Blond Adder By Will Murray & Lester Dent
Hardcover: $39.95
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Limited edition hardcover - only 100 made! It's 1933 and pulp writer Lester Dent has created a new hero who uses gadgets to solve mysteries and fight crime. No, it's not Doc Savage, but Lee Nace, the... More > Blond Adder! This volume collects for the first time all five Lee Nace adventures from the pages of Ten Detective Aces. The majority of these have not seen the light of day since their original publication nearly 80 years ago! We've gone back to the original manuscripts to restore deleted passages and also included Lester Dent's original character Bible for the Blond Adder series. Rounded out by an all-new introduction by pulp historian Will Murray, it's the must-own pulp publication of the year.< Less
shareyourvictory, say no to false advertising By Mario Segal
eBook (PDF): $21.84
Welcome to shareyourvictory! shareyourvictory is the breakthrough business system that effortlessly advertises with authentic moments, driving smart consumption and solving the most complex problems... More > in the world ─ social, economic and environmental sustainability. We have commercialised the link between consumer sentiment and business growth, delivering sustainable profit. False & fake advertising is the source of all of our social, economic and environmental problems, the former of which impacts our children the most. We've commenced action with the United Nations to recognise false and fake advertising as unconscionable conduct towards all people. We are asking The International Court of Justice to hold all company directors, who refuse to cease advertising this way, personally accountable for crimes against humanity. We are drawing a line in the sand ─ capitalism in its current form, is not sustainable.< Less
The Time Machine Project By Phill C. Akinwale, PMP
Paperback: $39.99
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This is a companion book of the DVD set of the same name. Professor Zakari (born on 29 Feb 2016) is an American theoretical physicist known all over the world for his contribution at the field of... More > quantum theory and particle physics. Professor Zakari is in discussions with various Government and Quasi-Government defense, space and time travel agencies regarding sponsoring a $55 Billion Dollars project named “TMX 01” that would last for around 15 years. Consequently, Zakari wants to work more with Albert Einstein’s theory of special relativity, build a time travel machine and solve the crime handling problem either by deporting offenders back in time or forwarded in future. At the focal point of these discussions is Noveau Inconnu, an industrial science firm and revered juggernaut in the industry. Learn about the processes, inputs, tools and techniques of project management through stories and examples.< Less
The Diva in the Duck Pond By Stuart Fortey
Paperback: $9.93
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No sooner has Peter Purkiss retired to the little market town of Bolt-in-the-Hole than a member of the local operatic society is found in his garden pond with a knife in her back. Being the obvious... More > suspect, Peter sets out to prove his innocence by solving the crime himself. There seem to be plenty of clues – but which are really clues and which are mere coincidence? There is the distinctive red knife used by the killer; the toy dinosaur in the pond; the strange smell in the opera director's room. Or perhaps the solution is contained in the three enigmatic words on the scrap of paper clasped in the dead woman's hand. And who on earth is the figure in fedora and trench coat seen lurking about the streets of Bolt? The Diva in the Duck Pond is a classic whodunnit with a comic edge.< Less
Flowers In The Sun By David Stedman
Paperback: $7.12
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Byron Knight is a former police detective who has left chilly London and moved to the sun-drenched Greek island of Apilonia to rebuild his life. His idyllic new existence, and his fledgling property... More > business, is suddenly threatened when the island’s wealthiest man is shot dead. Knight is very reluctantly drawn into the investigation and has to search for the culprit, and the reason for the murder, and also search his conscience over his attraction to two fascinating women. To solve the case, and save his much-loved slice of paradise, he has to battle against opposition from both criminals and entrenched local interests before uncovering a dark secret. Told with light-hearted good humour, Knight evokes the easy living charm and warm beauty of the Greek islands, and relates encounters with some eccentric, and sometimes threatening characters, on his journey to a solution of the crime, and of his tangled love life.< Less
The Innocence of Father Brown By G. K. Chesterton
eBook (ePub): $2.99
G. K. Chesterton's tales of the unassuming Catholic priest who claims that his work at the confessional (where he has to do 'next to nothing but hear men's real sins') puts him in an excellent... More > position to solve the bizarre crimes that come his way in pre-First World War England . . . The unassuming cleric, whose humble conviction that his God will eventually triumph over the souls of even the most evil of criminals, is the quiet but insistent heartbeat of these unusual exercises in detective fiction. G. K. Chesterton had a writing ability that is nothing short of extraordinary. He could craft landscapes, settings, and locations with vivid textures, and possessed a cunning knack that made the ordinary seem thoroughly outlandish and the peculiar rather tame.< Less
A Mediocre Man By A. K. Hill
eBook (ePub): $3.21
Francis James Humbleton, quiet and reserved, a simple man submerged in order and schedule that others could, and did, set their watches by is murdered. Detective Inspector Johnson an ageing jaded... More > detective, and Detective Constable Smith a young man eager to learn the ropes, delve headfirst into the world of Mr Humbleton; learning the truth about the man as they investigate his life in an effort to get to the reality of his death. The pressure to solve the crime intensifies day by day as a more melodramatic and sensational account of the life of Mr Humbleton appears in the press and quickly escalates as the story grips the nation; turning him from the politest and sweetest of men, into a man that is despised and loathed, before disappearing back into the oblivion that comes from such notoriety. Leading the two Detectives to find that truth can indeed be stranger than fiction, a murder can just be a pointless act with no ulterior motive, and sometimes a humbug is just a humbug.< Less
The Saga of Halfaday Creek By James B. Hendryx
Hardcover: $29.95
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Limited edition hardcover, only 100 made. As Black John, "the Law" on the Creek, is fond of saying, the interval between the crime and the hanging is hardly worth mentioning. This time, and... More > with the sometime assistance of Corporal Downey, Black John deals competently with assorted skullduggery, and his many activities include— Solving a series of pay-roll robberies, Expertly swindling a swindler, Seeing to it that Lady Ainslee-Higginbotham’s fortune goes to the rightful heir, and not to a hospital for homeless mongooses in Rangoon. Then, too, the population of the Creek, made up mostly of outlaws who have tired of ducking insistent invitations from the Yukon and the United States police, has to be kept under control. Black John deals out justice to all with high accuracy, high speed, and high spirits.< Less
Castor and Pollux By Dario Lisiero
Paperback: $22.20
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“When Castor Ishida, a Japanese student in Pittsburgh and one-half of a mixed-race set of twins, is found brutally murdered, Detective Ken Fresco must put together the puzzle pieces that led to... More > his premature death. Could his twin brother, Pollux, be the murderer? Since he has a cast-iron alibi, it seems Ken is unable to pin the crime on him. When Castor’s parents hire a private investigator, Jinpachi Nemoto, to investigate their son’s untimely death, he inadvertently reveals a forbidden love bubbling just beneath the surface of high-class Japanese society, involving two prominent members of the clergy, one Japanese, the other Caucasian. Will Jinpachi be able to uncover the burning secret his client is hiding and solve the mystery, or will it be too late for all the protagonists in Castor and Pollux, Dario Lisiero’s expertly spun web of lies and deception?” Jessica Keet< Less

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