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100 Grand In 72 Hours By Doe Dolla
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Based in Baltimore City, where many suffer from the infestation of crime, 100 Grand in 72 Hours is a story about 3 friends that all have the same goal: living the good life. They formed the Money... More > Mafia when they bought their first ounce. Kweezy, the unspoken leader of the group goes out of town to visit Kim, who introduces him to a different hustle and a new connect that can help him reach the million dollar mark he always dreamed of. Kweezy brings his boys Papi and 500 in to the game with him. When loyalty becomes disloyal, betrayal becomes betrayed, and the understanding of mis-communication can't be solved, things start to go arwy. Egos, pride, turmoil, and debts all culminate in this jaw dropper of a novel. This extraordinary tale is a page turner. Once you start you won't want to put it down.< Less
Sub: My Years Underground in America's Schools By Tom Gallagher
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As a substitute teacher in the schools of San Francisco and South San Francisco, Tom Gallagher sees kids on their worst behavior five days a week – that’s when business is good. Once a... More > member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, Gallagher currently holds the line against academic entropy in everything from pre-Kindergarten through 12th Grade, from Physics to Phys Ed. The fundamental stance of Sub: My Years Underground in America’s Schools is wry – it dares raise questions like why the guy who invented middle schools was never prosecuted for crimes against humanity. At the same time, Gallagher finds much of the current national debate on education misplaced – the system works just fine for some, but for others – particularly in much of urban black America – where they may be the only lifeline available, schools are asked to solve problems in children’s lives that are far beyond their scope.< Less
The Dumbfounded Detective in: The Baseball Bat Murder By Tim Wood
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This is an audio drama about a not-so-sharp private detective who is hired to prove that a baseball star didn't commit murder. Don Dixon is a private detective working in the burgeoning metropolis... More > called Metro City in 1947. A woman was bludgeoned to death in a public park. A bloody bat with the player's name on it was found nearby. The police are certain the baseball player is guilty. Dixon is hired to prove the player didn't commit the murder. Meet characters such as the dim-witted Miss Argus, Dixon's secretary; Grandma Dixon, who helps Dixon solve crimes; the enormous gangster Bruno; annoying clubhouse man Sparky; troubled team manager Graves; mysterious woman Wendy Solomon; tightwad team owner Jefferson Jackson; his girlfriend, Whitney Wiles, and crusty police detective Jawoski.< Less
Troubled Spirits with Medium Loraine Rees By Dr. Mary Ross
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In this second book on the medium LORAINE REES, the clairvoyant works with a former Scotland Yard detective and a sketch artist to explore astonishing truths from the other side, including the true... More > identity of Jack The Ripper. She also helps to ease the troubled anger of a woman after death, which reveals with stunning clarity how a soul can continue to grow and evolve even on the other side. Loraine's detailed messages from loved ones are supported by remarkably accurate sketches as well as the occasional and shocking photograph. Her work gives great comfort to many as she verifies with love and warmth the bold truth of life after death. Documented by Loraine's biographer Dr. Mary Ross, TROUBLED SPIRITS WITH MEDIUM LORAINE REES gives you an insider's view of the working life of a respected psychic who has helped the police solve difficult crime cases, and a rare glimpse into the window to the other side.< Less
The Captivating Case of the Chicken-shaped Chew Toy By Kevin Fish & James Mac
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Created and illustrated by Kevin Fish and written by James Mac, The Westies of West London, or WoWL for short, is a cartoon about four West Highland Terrier dogs, known as ‘Westies’,... More > living in and around West London. Together Casper, Basil, Lucky and Billy run a small dogtective agency in the shed at the bottom of Mrs P’s garden. They solve doggy mysteries and crimes, right under the noses of their unaware owners! In their first book, the Westies take on a new case when Fiona’s ‘Chewbury’ toy goes missing, in very mysterious circumstances. Is it a coincidence that chicken chew toys have disappeared right across Chelsea and Fulham? Casper knows better, and he leads the gang on a chase across West London to catch the culprits and foil their dastardly deeds. Hear the Westies WoWL!< Less
Night Church By Ed Russo
Paperback: $25.52
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Homecoming Queen Sharon Moseley is found dead, naked in the woods, and laid upon an altar. FBI Special Agent Charlotte Cassidy and Agent Harris is called in to investigate the murder of this young... More > woman in the small, Northeastern town of New Kensington. What she doesn't know is that in New Kensington, no one is innocent. Charlotte a Satanist and her FBI partner a Christian must overcome their differences to solve the crime. Meanwhile something is killing off townsfolk. Something mysterious. Something remotely human. With the FBI lagging behind a group of crazy teens who seem to be the only to have found the courage to stop this lurking menace in the small town life where darkness bubbling beneath New Kensington’s wholesome facade.< Less
Betrayal by Blood and Demons: The Judas Factor By Ian McBride
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“I’ve called the police,” screamed Tara Connelly at her stunned husband. “I hope you rot in hell for the rest of your life for what you did to our son.” Shane... More > Connelly, a self-made success story, faces a father’s greatest nightmare. His troubled son and wife accuse him of being a sexual predator. Then a beautiful mystery woman befriends him, only to disappear when the Twin Towers fall on September 11, 2001. With his life imploding, Connelly needs to summon all of his survival skills to save himself, his newly formed company and his vulnerable eleven-year-old daughter. With the assistance of an unexpected team of allies, he races against the clock to solve a diabolical jigsaw puzzle and to understand why his own flesh and blood would accuse him of such a horrendous crime. In this thriller, the depths of human darkness are probed in an epic battle of good versus evil as a father attempts to overcome the ultimate betrayal.< Less
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Maggie is a senior citizen who has spent the biggest part of her life robbing Peter to pay Paul. She was born poor and she'd been poor all her life until the day she ran into Mountain Man.That day... More > her life began to change and soon she was in possession of some thirty million dollars.How Maggie goes about living the rest of her life and keeping everyone in the dark has many twists and turns. She settles in the small rural town of Yukon, Missouri and solves many crimes that take place there. As the years go by she knows the mob has quit looking for the money and she reunites with her daughter. She'd left her family behind to insure their safety. Now Maggie had millions and she was free for the most part. She had built a beautiful home that the residents of Yukon named Mystic Manor. She's in her late nineties when she once again encounters Mountain Man. The outcome of this encounter is mystifying to her and to all who love her.< Less
Big Sky Consortium By D. LeVell Bingham
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Walt Hamblin is an easy going modern cowboy that works for the Libby, Montana Sheriff's Office. On his days off he enjoys horseback riding in the mountains and on this particular trip he stumbles... More > onto a dead body lying on top of Henry's Peak. Finding himself at a loss as to how the body got there, Walt calls Josh Simms, a rookie detective he is training, to help process the scene. Unable to find the identity of the John Doe, Walt is ready to file the case as unsolved. Trying one last option, he sends the information to the FBI's crime lab in Quantico, Virginia. Conclusive results come back and Walt is sitting on a dead terrorist, known for his involvement in al-Qa'ida, the Taliban, and Jihadist groups. Unsure as to why the terrorist is in the mountains of Montana, the FBI sends out their best agent to assist Walt in his investigation. Special Agent Sam Davis arrives and creates a stir within the Sheriff's Office and Walt has to work with the agent to solve the case.< Less
Knock, Knock, Knockin' By Ryan Wright
eBook (PDF): $6.88
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Knock, Knock, Knockin' is an unpredictable crime drama/noir/satire taking place in New York City in the very near future. Max Jensen is an ex-junkie, once working for the mob. After events unfold,... More > Max hides out for three years where a drug addiction overcomes him. After three years, when it's safe to come out, he checks himself into rehab where he meets his future wife, Nancy. Max's life was once filled with despair, but Nancy shows him life is worth living. Now working for the NYPD, Max learns the horrors of the city, now corrupted by a new street drug. After tradgedy strikes, Max finds himself wanted by the NYPD, and caught up in a mystery dating back to his mob days. A mystery not even Max knows how to solve, in a story that twists and turns until the very end. The title referencing the famous song by Bob Dylan, Knock, Knock, Knockin' is much more than your average mob tale.< Less

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