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The Exile of the Skies By Richard Vaughan
Paperback: $17.95
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The greatest scientific mind in the world, Knute Savary, who has given to the civilization of the twenty-third century most of the wonderful inventions and discoveries that it enjoys, suddenly... More > decides to try to gain control of the governments of the world for unknown reasons. He destroys Chicago as a lesson to the peoples of the Earth to let them know that he is invulnerable. He is betrayed, and his plans are destroyed. The World Council decides that he has given the world too much, and that he has too grat an intellect to be sentenced to death for this greatest of all crimes. Their fnal decision is to exile him into space in his own space-ship which is a century ahead of all others in design. Just before he is exiled into the skies, Knute says that Earth is doomed, but does not mention the reason why such should be the case. Find out the reason in this First Book Publication of this age-old classic science fiction novel from 1934’s Wonder Stories pulp magazine.< Less
The Link: Colette's Beginning By Makala Thomas
Paperback: $17.40
Prints in 3-5 business days
The sequel to The Link: Matthew's Beginning is here! Colette's blissful life with her father crumbles before her eyes when she takes a frightening dare in the meadow of her home island, just to prove... More > that she isn’t ‘chicken’. Her father Steven, unable to believe what she had done, leaves home and disowns Colette, breaking his little girl's heart and replacing his fun self with her strict mother, Brenda. When it all becomes too much she runs away from home. Colette has a secret... she can do magic. Brilliant magic. Those who know love and fear her at the same time; Colette learns she is very talented and will become even more skilled at magic, extremely powerful, with guidance from her magical guardians. This sequel continues the story about the mysterious boy Colette meets dead at night in the meadow, Matthew James. Colette and Matthew have an intense connection and are unable to forget each other, even when Matthew vanishes from Colette's life. This is a juicy read full of fun, crime, romance and magic!< Less
Dark Side of the World: Golden Silence By Lee Jerrard
eBook (ePub): $0.00
GOLDEN SILENCE: A story of isolation, the effects and a retaliating war surrounding it. Future Earth has a new face of blue. Across the ocean, the new circular island of Pervil is congested with... More > impressive towers and giant TV screens in every direction, but crime and terror wander the streets with a violent race of disfigured mutants. As for one man, the greatest thing to ever happen to him was to fall in love and have a baby girl, but against his line of work it was also his biggest mistake. Forced to live an anonymous life in Pervil, he is entrapped, living on borrowed time and desperate to escape to the other side for the safety of his family. When officially offered his chance to escape to the other side, he has no choice but to take on an operation far from his control. On a journey with a band of hopefuls he becomes tangled up in a war. Fighting to survive with the horrors that await him he must face his own conscience when he learns the awful truths outside of Pervil.< Less
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Alien Minds By E. Everett Evans
Paperback: $14.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
A FICTION HOUSE PRESS FACSIMILE REPRINT: The ability to read minds isn't an unmixed blessing, so learns George Hanlon, Secret Operative of the Inter-Stellar Corps. His unique gift helps him with his... More > assignments, of course--except that he has a lot of trouble with alien minds. He encounters a whole planetfu of alien minds on Estrella when the semi-human inhabitants of this Earth-like world of another sun decide that they want nothing to do with the Federated Planets. He also encounters an inexplicable propaganda ring, and a crime-wave whose sole reason for existing seems to be to discredit the System Hanlon represents. Hanlon's investigations lead him into complications and troubles, all of which contribute to the entertainment of this tale of intrigue on a distant world. Hanlon, be it understood, is not a super-man. He takes an occasional figurative left on the chin. But he comes back fighting--and the story gains in realism because of his human weaknesses.< Less
Interrogation and Litigation, the Nightmare - The Star Voyager Series - Vol. 10 By John B. Bolton
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Both Capt JT Buckton and Lt Yato Assagio are facing charges that stem from the Polnon invasion of Styros and Logel almost a year ago. Lt Assagio, is facing murder and mistreatment of prisoner-of-war... More > charges that come about because the media got wind of possible improprieties during the battle. The Alliance New Network, an anti-Fleet Command media giant, perverted the facts of the story to show how Fleet Command was nothing more than out of control warmongers, evidenced by the lieutenant leading a security detail that boarded a Polnon warship and the crimes she committed. Capt. Buckton is facing far less serious charges. His charges are serious enough they could put an end to his glorious career or get him a simple reprimand. Either way, Rear Admiral Wanizami, the man who brought the charges, did it to show he was a better tactician than JT Buckton. The ending is one nobody on Pegasus, especially Capt Buckton's command staff sees coming. Surprise after surprise is the name of the game!< Less
Happiness at the End of the World By Happy Smiley & Friends
eBook (ePub): $3.80
The world as we know it has come to an end ... but someone, somewhere is actually happy? While the rest of the world is doom and gloom over climate change, ancient predictions of planetary alignments... More > spelling the end of days and the potential for nuclear holocaust, one book has come to the rescue with some joy in the midst of horror. Eight science fiction short stories with a different take on a moment of post-Armageddon happiness. Crime, romance & adventure. A desolate space station, a jungle village & a super-clean Singapore of the future. - a lonely space-craft dweller finds home - a private eye resolves a case - a career-driven woman discovers a whole new world - a scientist finds love & saves the day - a mutant warrior recovers lost love - a neat-freak can have a relationship after all - an old man greets hope in a desolate city - a widow's life is changed by truth. Enjoy Singapore's first ever Science Fiction anthology by new and talented writers.< Less
Bitch Heiress X2 Samurai Butler By KuroKoneko Kamen
eBook (PDF): $6.00
Kusanagi Kimamura is a Tokyo heiress whose greedy relatives and even the yakuza are in pursuit of her life on a daily basis. Due to this threat her grandfather hires her a Samurai Butler bodyguard.... More > Ranmaru is a stoic man with a dark past while Kusanagi is a high school girl with a fiery temper. Sparks fly when these two conflicting personalities meet. Find out how the story continues in Bitch Heiress X2 Samurai Butler. There’s X2 Action, X2 Romance, and X2 flying sidekicks sent poor Ranmaru’s way, but this loyal butler doesn’t care as long as he gets a kiss by the end of the day! About the author- KuroKoneko Kamen has always had an interest in Japanese culture, folktales, and modern manga and anime. It was this passion that led to the creation of Bitch Heiress X2 Samurai Butler. KuroKoneko lives in the Caribbean with her three dogs and nine cats. In her spare time she fights crime as a vigilante and enjoys long walks on the beach. That was a joke, half of it.< Less
Unwanted Daughters By Dianne Khan
Paperback: $15.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
It took a minute to set in. My own horrendous story of child sexual abuse seemed insignificant now. Being born a girl in an Indian family for me was like being a free for all sex object. The abuse... More > was shoved under the carpet and no one speaks about it or comprehends what it did to me as a child and what it continues to do to me as a woman. I started out on a journey that didn’t promise understanding. It was an accidental answer. It started in India and was scattered with families all over the world where Indian families were misplaced. The burden that arises when a girl child is born. Molestation. Sexual abuse. Incest. Infanticide. Child brides. Child prostitutes. Homicides. My book touches a little of all but most importantly, a list of signs to look for if your babies are being sexually abused. Also, a glimmer of hope for other sexually abused Indian children who are now grown and still seeking answers as to why this remains such a prevalent silent crime.< Less
The Fuller Children Chronicles : The Otherworld Children By Matt Jones
eBook (ePub): $2.46
A collection of interlinked stories inspired by and in loving memory of Ceri, Sam, Becca and Charlie Fuller. Join the kids as they embark on wonderful adventures that take them to a magical realm... More > they never knew existed but have always been a part of. Each Fuller child has their own individual tale before they must work together in a final adventure in which the fate of a world rests on their shoulders. Charlie enters a horse race in order to save her good friend's stables from closing. However, her horse is not what he appears to be and is sought after by a mysterious man. Sam must solve puzzle after puzzle whilst investigating a crime. A case that leads him to make discoveries he never could have expected. Becca falls into a magical tale and aboard a very special ship which she must lead back to its own world. Finally, the kids travel to a once wonderful world that has been enslaved. To save it, they must battle an army, overcome extraordinary odds and fulfil a legendary prophecy.< Less

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