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Investigating Criminal Cases, How to read Police Reports, working on getting an appeal on a criminal case conviction, How to use Police Reports in Defense cases. The things needed to get a picture of... More > what happened. Tricks used by Police and Attorneys when in building a case. How to spot inconsistant Police reports. Understanding the importance Police Reports play in a court presentation, CASES ARE WON AND LOST ON POLICE INVESTIGATIONS AND REPORTS.< Less
Criminal Investigations - An Officer's Perspective By Anthony Craft
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When conducting a complete criminal investigation, the information/fact finding phase of the investigation is paramount to rendering a guilty verdict. All information received from individuals on the... More > scene who may have seen, heard, felt or tasted anything are given a chance to formally tell their story.< Less
Criminal Defense Investigation for Appeals, for the Attorney and Investigator By Charles Neuf, CPP
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Written by ex-State Police Detective and Private Detective of 40 years experience, developing information into evidence. Revealing how to read and develop information from reports submitted by first... More > responders and after the fact Investigations. Two case files presented a short stories, for an learning experience. Informative and eye opening ideas on how to use information gathered in criminal Investigation.< Less
NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Scene) By Nona McCain
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Those pictures are from NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Scene) Show.
Research Paper Writing Guide for Criminal Justice and Forensic Investigation Scholars By Michael Kane
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This book contains the necessary information for college students to write successful research papers. Most research textbooks stop short at describing the step-by-step process of building and... More > presenting research papers. This book does not. The textbook’s design walks students through the logical process of building research papers and presenting research findings both orally and in writing. Topics include: APA Writing Guide and Paper Requirements The Purpose Statement Citing in APA Style What is a Scholarly Journal? The Literature Review Critical Thinking: Analysis, Synthesis, and Evaluation The Oral Presentation Completing the Paper The textbook serves as a primary textbook for courses involving research methods and paper writing or serves as an effective supplement to courses with major research paper components. The textbook contains several practical exercises and helpful tables as well.< Less
Keogh on Criminal Costs By Andrew Keogh
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The legal aid landscape is complex, with statute, regulations, costs decisions and guidance spread over dozens of documents. Over the years the original legal aid scheme has become disjointed and in... More > many respects unclear. In April 2013 the legal aid scheme changed once again when LASPO 2012 was implemented, requiring practitioners to navigate a number of new regulations and contract amendments. This book is the first comprehensive guide to criminal costs, covering both legal aid and private costs recovery, from investigation through to appeal. The April 2013 legal aid regulations and key costs reports are covered in detail. The emphasis throughout is on maximising your legal aid claims and providing answers to the not so obvious queries that arise in practice when you least expect them. The book covers all criminal legal aid schemes for both solicitors and barristers. Updates during the life of this edition are available on the CrimeLine website.< Less
The California Private Investigator: Managing an Investigation Agency By Shaun Sundahl
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There's two objectives in writing this book. The first objective is to help readers build a foundation of knowledge in the private and legal investigations field. A strong foundation will help the... More > reader pass the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS), California Private Investigator (PI) Exam. The second objective is to assist current private investigators/detectives and the responsible citizen, to negotiate the often confusing maze of private investigations in California. The reader will learn about trial prep, surveillance techniques, ethics, reporting procedures, evidence code, penal code, code of civil procedures, business & professions code, civil code, client intake procedures, skip tracing, Fair Credit and Reporting Act, background investigations, criminal defense procedures, private and public record retrieval and much more! Most importantly, this book is based on California codes and procedures!< Less
Financial Investigations Guide By U.S. Department of Justice, Gerald E. McDowell
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Convicting and incarcerating leaders of criminal enterprises often fails to close down the illegal operation. The enterprise continues because the economic infrastructure remains intact. Destruction... More > of the financial underpinnings of crime syndicates through asset forfeiture is essential to law enforcement success. All criminal prosecutors and investigators must master the basics of financial investigations if they are to be effective. This pamphlet is designed to acquaint prosecutors and agents with basic financial investigative techniques that should be considered in every investigation. It is not enough to ask only: “What crime?” and “What defendants?” There is a third question that must be asked at the beginning of each case: “What assets?” A careful financial investigation can lead from the street dealer to the kingpins.< Less
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James McCarthy a man of phenomenal Wisdom and Courage emerged to be the unstoppable Private Detective who just went on solving the Criminal Cases of The City Of LIBRIA. He had a Colleague Drake... More > Barton who was a Wanted Criminal for his Mastermind thefts. He was really good at technology while James was awesome in field of science and together they created a Perfect fusion of SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY to unlock the mystery. This short Story contains the Case of THE MYSTERIOUS SUICIDES committed my by 3 teenage Girls exactly in the same manner. but the question arises was it really a suicide or a murder....??< Less
The Complete guide to investigations and enforcement By Sarah Owen
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This book is an indispensable reference to current investigatory best practice for the purposes of enforcement in criminal and civil cases. This book presents the separate stages of investigation in... More > the order in which you are most likely to require them, helping you to quickly and easily consult. In an easy-to-use guide, we will study the origin of law, our current system of law, and how this law is implemented at any given stage of an investigation. It also includes a list of various investigation and enforcement job roles. It is great for anyone wanting a job in investigations or enforcement or for those who want a career move. The easy to follow stages and check sheets make it a great reference guide for any experienced officer.< Less