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BUS 340 GRAND CANYON WEEK 2 COMPLETE WORK Just Click on Below Link To Download This Course: URL= Contact... More > Us HELP@TUTORIALSEXPERTS.US BUS 340 Grand Canyon Week 2 Complete Work BUS 340 Grand Canyon Week 2 Discussion 1 Many retailers have policies that instruct employees not to attempt to stop shoplifters. Some store owners fear false imprisonment lawsuits and possible injuries to workers that exceed the losses related to the stolen merchandise. Are these policies reasonable? Would you put one in place if you owner a retail store? Why? BUS 340 Grand Canyon Week 2 Discussion 2 Are constitutional protections for criminal matters overly broad or too narrow? How should we balance the interests of the victim versus the interests of the perpetrator? Discuss.< Less
Insanity: Four Decades of U.S. Counterdrug Strategy (Carlisle Paper) (Enlarged Edition) By Lieutenant Colonel Michael F. Walther et al.
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In the 4 decades since President Richard Nixon first declared war on drugs, the U.S. counterdrug strategy has remained virtually unchanged—favoring supply-reduction, law enforcement, and... More > criminal sanctions over demand reduction, treatment, a d education. While the annual counterdrug budget has ballooned from $100 million to $25 billion, the availability of most illicit drugs remains at an all-time high. The human cost is staggering nearly 40,000 drug-related deaths in the United States annually. The societal impact, in purely economic terms, is now estimated to be approximately $200 billion per year. The global illicit drug industry now accounts for 1 percent of all commerce on the planet approximately $320 billion annually. Legalization is almost certainly not the answer; however, an objective analysis of available data confirms that: 1) the United States has pursued essentially the same lawed supply-reduction strategy for 40 years; and...< Less
Mexico’s “Narco-Refugees”: The Looming Challenge for U.S. National Security [Enlarged Edition] By Paul Rexton Kan & Strategic Studies Institute
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Since 2006, when Mexican president Felipe Calderon declared war on the drug cartels, there has been a rise in the number of Mexican nationals seeking political asylum in the United States to escape... More > the ongoing drug cartel violence in their home country. Political asylum cases in general are claimed by those who are targeted for their political beliefs or ethnicity in countries that are repressive or are failing. Mexico is neither. Nonetheless, if the health of the Mexican state declines because criminal violence continues, increases, or spreads, U.S. communities will feel an even greater burden on their systems of public safety and public health from "narco-refugees." Given the ever increasing cruelty of the cartels, the question is whether and how the U.S. Government should begin to prepare for what could be a new wave of migrants coming from Mexico. Allowing Mexicans to claim asylum could potentially open a flood gate of migrants to the United States during a time when there is a very contentious national..< Less
Countering Radicalization And Recruitment To Al-Qaeda: Fighting The War Of Deeds By Strategic Studies Institute et al.
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Twenty-five years after al-Qaeda’s founding, countering al-Qaeda radicalization and recruitment remains a key U.S. Government (USG) strategic objective. Al-Qaeda proclaims itself the true... More > Islamic vanguard seeking to overthrow alleged anti-Muslim apostate governments throughout the Arab Muslim world. Conducting spectacular, carefully orchestrated anti-Western mass casualty terrorist attacks as a component of a broader pan-Sunni Islamist insurgent strategy, al-Qaeda deftly employs insidious propaganda. This propaganda creates Manichean alternatives—“The Crusader-Zionist War Against Islam” versus “The Vanguard Defender of the Muslim Umma”—that have not been decisively discredited despite a barrenness in fact. An underground of selfradicalizing individuals and small cliques incited by al-Qaeda agitation propaganda now also occupies the attention of the intelligence and criminal justice sectors of virtually every Western nation.< Less
Veryimportantfacts By Yolandie Mostert
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This is a book about the criminal ansies de jager who claimed to be sars trainer who are phycotic and beleive she is god by interfering in other peoples life, god gave me a nice stressfree comfy... More > goverment job and the whore ansies messed up all my plans by defaming my good name, she lies and says she knows me but shes no friend of mine i have never discused my private life with her i did tell her she cannot come visit me and i wont accept to go our with her but she even stalked me i na chemist when i went to get penados shes crazy ansie and dont beleive a word the phyco sais she try to manipluate people and make up stories to have a nice lux life she did not work hard for and wanted to take my job from me by making up defamtive stories about me and she said she was tried of me interfering with her sex life during office hours and want to make up stories to get me fired< Less
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BOOK OF RECORDS: TIME CARD IS THE EXACT FORM THAT JOHN EDGAR HOOVER USE FOR CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS AS WELL AS EVERYDAY FUNCTIONS. It is an great scrap book. YOU WILL BE HAPPY TO RECEIVE: 1.Day of... More > the week. 2.Date. 3.Time. 4.Location. 5.Activity. 6.Reason. 7.Name. 8.Badge number. 9.Job description. 10.Comment. 11.Concern. 12.Witness. YOU WILL RECIEVE 31 BLANK PAGES THAT ARE GOOD FOR: 1.Stapling material things to the pages. 2.Taping material things to the pages. 3.Extending one's time card for the entire month. 4.Extending one's time card function such as a extra comments or concerns that occures in a time frame, location. activity, reason or otherwise. 5.Scrap booking evidence collected that day. 6.Scrap booking exhibtis collected that day. 7.Creating composte sketches of people, locations, and things. 8.Describing what happens in a day. 9.Create summary reports. 10.Mailing in one's time card to an employer, volunteer or employee.< Less
DeVry JADM 350 Week 7 Discussions latest By jon kelly
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Just Click on Below Link To Download This Course: DeVry JADM 350 Week 7 Discussions latest Research... More > Trends—Significance (graded) Think of crime and justice research trends that have been covered in your textbook or use a real-life example you can think of.Examples can include mixed methods research, international crime research, and human rights issues and research. Discuss the following: Which trend in crime and justice research do you think is the most significant to the field of crime and justice? Why? What Does Your Research Tell You About Your Topic of Interest? (graded) Based on what you have identified as an area of interest in response to question number 1, search any library database and find an article in a peer-reviewed journal that addresses your topic. Summarize the article and tell your peers why you believe this is a critical issue in criminal justice.< Less
Cells: Experience Life At Its Tiniest By Karen Bush Gibson
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Illustrated by Alexis Cornell. If you look at a piece of a leaf or a drop of saliva through a microscope, what do you see? Cells are the basic building blocks of life—they make up every living... More > thing, from plants to humans to bacteria! More than 250 years ago, scientists discovered that all living things are made up of cells. Since then, cell science has been a foundational step on the path to understanding why living things function and develop and how we can use our knowledge of cells to improve health, food, criminal investigations, and more. In Cells: Experience Life at Its Tiniest, readers ages 12 to 15 investigate these basic building blocks of life and learn how they affect every aspect of our lives. Essential questions in every chapter, links to primary sources, and engaging activities provide an interactive experience and promote further exploration beyond the page to deepen kids’ curiosity about this topic. Includes hands-on STEM projects! Build 3-D models of different kinds of cells< Less
Gli Dei Bugiardi By Giorgio Zamperetti
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Il libro narra di un uomo che per amore si ritrova in un vortice di crimine, passione, follia. Ne verrà fuori, ma niente sarà più lo stesso. E' un libro sbagliato, diseducativo e... More > violento. I vostri figli non dovrebbero leggerlo. Mai.< Less
Metodologia I : Enfoque Cuantitativo By Cirilo Orozco-Moret & Maria Elena Labrador
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Guia teorico-practica de metodologia de la investigacion y estadistica aplicada para la conduccion, ejecucion, y evaluacion de proyectos e informes de investigacion.

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