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Euro Crisis By Yannick van Dam
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Eurozone Crisis for High Schoolers. Learn about: - The Euro adn all its history - The beginning of the end - The Crisis that is currently taking place - The Solution for the Euro Crisis - The... More > Consequences of a Collapase< Less
Crisis in Greece By George Frangoulis
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CRISIS IN GREECE -- This fascinating collection of photos shows violent riots in Athens during the worst economic crisis in Greece since the end of World War II. In 2012, the economy of Greece... More > began a deep decline. This financial crisis caused the government in Athens to impose strict austerity measures in hopes of stopping the crisis. However, the legislative actions, which were pushed hard by the IMF and leaders of other EU countries -- especially Germany -- caused tremendous hardships and upheaval to Greece, especially the poorest of its people. As a result, peaceful demonstrations quickly turned into wide-spread rioting, as police used harsh measures to break up the demonstrators. Hundreds of innocent citizens were injured, some killed, and thousands of people were reduced to living in poverty. Today, just a couple of years since the crisis began, some civil stability and economic recovery is beginning to be felt. But much is still needed to remedy the situation and bring full recovery.< Less
Crisis of Legitimacy By Dafydd Bullock
eBook (PDF): $3.88
This Dissertation was originally written for the Degree of MA in International Relations at the University of Sussex. It covers the crisis of legitimacy in Soviet relations with Eastern Europe from... More > 1956 to 1968.< Less
Financial crisis By Antonio Sánchez Serrano
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How did we get into this deep financial crisis? Why "Europe is different"? Is it enough with an increase in the capital requirements of banks? Are incentives of everybody in the financial... More > system aligned with the common good? Are policies aiming at the right target? What should be done to mitigate the effects of this crisis? And to prevent the next one? To this and to many other questions, we try to answer in this book, written in a didactic way which also those with no economic background can understand and follow.< Less
System in Crisis By Danae Moore
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System in Crisis was designed by Danae Moore for the Spring 2011 Publication Design class at CalArts.
System in Crisis By Danae Moore
eBook (PDF): $3.99
System in Crisis was designed by Danae Moore for the Spring 2011 Publication Design class at CalArts.
The Gun Crisis By Rhiannon Harris
Paperback: $3.60
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This document has three different types of text.Informational text, Fiction, and a persuasive essay against gun abuse/violence.
Crisis in Capelburgh By Ken Down
eBook (ePub): $2.44
As George Crandall tries to rebuild Capelburgh he is faced by crisis after crisis. First the community is threatened by an attack from a company of runaway villeins led by men who call themselves the... More > "True Witnesses" and lay claim to apocalyptic powers. It takes a bloody - but one-sided - battle to defeat them and unlock the secret of the silver reliquary Margaret could not resist buying. Then comes the greatest crisis of all: a new lord appointed by the king. Like so many mediaeval nobles, the new man is arrogant and cruel but George and his people have no choice but to submit - until, that is, the new lord wants to burn Lady Lucy alive. Then the full power of the silver reliquary must be unleashed to set matters right again.< Less
Crisis And Scarecrow By Karbo & Servomoore
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Felarya is the last place to start a healthy relationship. There are monsters that would love to eat humans behind every tree, under every rock, and in every body of water. Fortunately, any... More > relationship between Crisis, the giant naga and a human being named Scarecrow probably isn't going to be healthy anyway. Especially since their doom is fast approaching. The first (or at least one of the first) full-length vore novels ever written, featuring the fantastic world of Karbo's design known as Felarya and all of his unforgettable characters, plus some new ones.< Less
After the Crisis By John Ouzts
eBook (PDF): $9.00
This workbook is designed to help those coming out of a crisis. This 21 day guide will help you recognize patterns, improve skills, and set a different course to avoid any repeat of the crisis

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