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Critical Elements for Nursing Home Quality By Matt Sevier
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Cardio-Thoracic Injury, Essentials All Critical Care Nurses Need To Know By Sameh Elhabashy
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Chest trauma is a significant source of morbidity and mortality in the world especially for people in their productive ages which affecting the economy and social adherence of the communities. This... More > book focuses on the nurses' management of chest traumatic patients based on theoretical, ethical, legal and comprehensive practical background. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced clinician, I hope that you find this book enjoyable and clinically relevant that because of simple presentation of ideas and supported figures.< Less
Critical Care Patient Transport, Principles and Practice By Christina Patterson
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Our textbook, online course, and CD Audio Box Set is APPROVED by the Board for Critical Care Transport Paramedic Certification (BCCTPC) and is used by our nationally recognized lecturers who present... More > Review Courses for Certified Flight Registered Nurse (CFRN), Flight Paramedic-Certified (FP-C), Certification in Emergency Nursing (CEN), Critical Care Registered Nurse (CCRN), & Certified Transport Registered Nurse (CTRN). In addition to being industry recognized leaders in their field, several of our lecturers are also Editorial members with the “Air Medical Journal”, having worked in the industry for a combined sixty years and have experience in Adult, Pediatric, Neonatal, Obstetric, Trauma, Emergency, and Critical Care. Our Instructors are also licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as commercial rated airplane and helicopter Pilots. This book is sure to assist anyone wanting to expand their knowledge, better themselves clinically, or to prepare for any of these tough examinations.< Less
CLINICAL TEACHING IN CRITICAL CARE SETTINGS “Challenges & Solutions” By Sameh Elhabashy
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In nursing education, the classroom and clinical environments are linked, because nurses must apply in clinical practice what they have learned in the classroom, and through other experience.... More > Clinical teaching is a main part of nursing education. Excellent clinical teaching is a skill that can be studied, refined, and continuously improved. Teaching in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) comes with unique challenges given the medical complexity of the patients. Identifying challenges of nurses in the clinical teaching environment could improve training and enhance the quality of its planning and promotion of the nurses. Also, This book providing a certain solution, strategies, and plan of management to overcome these challenges. The book utilized different experiences from multiple perspectives in addition to present the latest evidence on (ICU) clinical teaching and incorporates practical tips and examples< Less
Monitoring of Neurological Parameters in Critical Care Settings By Salman Assad
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Monitoring of patients with critical neurologic illness has expanded significantly over the past several decades. Prior to the advent and application of technologies such as continuous EEG... More > (electroencephalogram), intracranial pressure monitoring, brain tissue oxygenation and multimodal monitoring, the care of these critically ill patients relied on frequent clinical examinations to detect subtle changes that may signal an acute neurologic deterioration. This type of monitoring was limited by the availability of highly trained clinicians and nursing staff. The severity of the patient’s illness can also obscure clinical changes, and then the interventions taken in order to treat the illness, such as induced coma for status epilepticus or intracranial hypertension, could further mask the clinical signs that would be necessary for detection of an acute change.< Less
Kids in Crisis -True Stories By A Pediatric ICU Nurse By Tabitha B. C. Abel
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KIDS IN CRISIS tells real stories about critically ill kids in a Pediatric ICU, their families, the nurses and the team who care for these children. Readers will ask themselves hard questions about... More > God, and life and death issues. They will be awed by miraculous outcomes; laugh at some of the weird goings-on in a Peds ICU and shed tears, because not all the kids survive. KIDS IN CRISIS draws back the veil to reveal an ICU no parents want to visit and that many nurses can only wonder about. Tabitha tells readers what it takes to be a PedsICU nurse and will grab their emotions as she tells it like it is, without any frills. "Experience the life of the PICU through the eyes of a veteran PICU nurse. Feel the joy, sadness, suffering, and pain that a day in the PICU brings. You will not need the made for television stories about a “Medical Center". If you pay close attention, you may even sense the presence of God." Ronald M Perkin, MD. Chair, Dept. of Pediatrics, Brody School of Medicine, Greenville, NC.< Less
The Red Shoes By Mary Lee McKimmey
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As our population in America ages there is more and more demand for qualified caregivers to help provide the basic support that an elderly person needs when their own powers of personal management... More > begin to fail. Often such caregivers are children, relatives, or other friends of the person in need. When that is the case, it is critical that the caregiver not lose sight of their personal limits and crossover into the dangerous area of sacrificing themselves for the sake of another. Noble as that may sound, it is a recipe for disaster, not only for the caregiver and the people who depend on them, but for the elderly person in need as well. The Red Shoes is based on the true story of one caregiver who was both privileged and challenged to be to provide support for an elderly widow, living alone, during the last year of her life.< Less
Love Comes to All of Us: A Book of Short Stories and Poetry By Sandra L Bobbitt
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In a collection of four short stories and poems, Sandra L. Bobbitt explores how love can come along after loss at any age. Roxie and Rex are two widowed seniors. She is a former music professor. He... More > is a former rodeo rider. When they meet, they quickly fall in love. But can they overcome their initial insecurities to live happily-ever-after on his Arizona ranch? After Julie and Sam meet unexpectedly, they realize they have undeniable chemistry. But can their relationship survive living in two separate cities? After a litter of kittens is orphaned, a kind mother and daughter take them to a shelter where they eventually discover the joy of being adopted. Charlie is battling Alzheimer’s disease and has no idea a caregiver is about to become an unexpected gift with an unknown purpose. Within a moving conclusion to her compilation, Bobbitt provides a loving, poetic tribute to her late husband. Love Comes to All of Us shares short stories and poems that celebrate love in all its greatest forms.< Less
Relationship & Results Oriented Healthcare: Planning and Implementation Manual By Ruth I Hansten
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Healthcare leaders continually strive to improve quality, yet staff shortages, regulations, interdisciplinary conflicts, and overwhelming complexity subvert their efforts. This guide is a roadmap to... More > implementing the Relationship and Results Oriented Healthcare philosophy and bundle of best practices. The RROHC professional model of care provides tools to create transdisciplinary partnerships with patients and families to facilitate the journey to their preferred outcomes. Featuring healthcare organizations' stories of success, this manual distills expert professional practice into steps beginning with establishing relationships with care providers and patients at the bed side, culminating in improved patient satisfaction and employee engagement. Restoring a sense of purpose, nurse retention and recruitment soars. Throughout the continuum of care, this book offers a conceptual framework for excellence through improved connection with patients, enhanced critical thinking, and advanced teamwork.< Less
Soul Stories: Voices from the Margins By Josephine Ensign
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Soul Stories is an exploration of the boundaries of narrative within health and healing in the context of trauma and homelessness. It draws upon scholarly research across a range of disciplines, and... More > is informed by Ensign's thirty years’ experience as a nurse providing health care to people marginalized by poverty and homelessness, by her personal journey through homelessness as a young adult, and by her experience of teaching critical reflective practice to health science students. Soul Stories deepens our understanding of homelessness; trauma and resilience; gender-based violence; the role of narrative in health and healing; and ways we can humanize health care for patients, providers, and communities. It contributes to civically and community-engaged scholarship in the health humanities.< Less

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