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The Crossing By Winston Churchill
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Churchill's early novels were historical but his later works were set in contemporary America. He often sought to include his political ideas into his novels. Churchill wrote in the naturalist style... More > of literature, and some have called him the most influential of the American naturalists. This book was named The Crossing because Churchill tried to express in it the beginnings of that great movement across the mountains which swept resistless over the Continent until at last it saw the Pacific itself. The Crossing was the first instinctive reaching out of an infant nation which was one day to become a giant. No annals in the world's history are more wonderful than the story of the conquest of Kentucky and Tennessee by the pioneers.< Less
the Crossing By Gerald Darnell
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The racial problems of 1962 have found their way to the small West Tennessee town of Humboldt. A white woman has been brutally murdered, and one of Carson’s childhood friends has been accused... More > of the crime. Carson’s friend is a colored man who once worked for his grandfather, but the accusations and problems extend beyond the crime and to the heart of this small community. Carson finds a divided town; a town divided along the lines of race and the interference of outside groups, which makes this division even wider. Challenged with defending his friend, Carson must find a solution before the two sides collide, which would definitely have devastating results. Join Carson, as he faces one of his toughest challenges in ‘the Crossing’.< Less
The Cross By Michael L Schuh
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This Michael's second story book The Cross is about three sisters (triplets) each with their own disability living on a mountainside where they befriend a young man who has been brought up by wolves... More > when he lived in a cave with them after being taken there by his parents to protect the gold that his father had mined for...This gold corrupts and destroys not only the young man but also corrupts two of the girls...Only Mary the most devout of the sisters is not tempted by it refusing to go on a spending spree like the others for she genuinely cares for the wolves that befriend her... this story told in an adapted rhyming couplets style is a wonderful read about love, life, nature and greed has a really good twisting climax with a really wonderful moral within... Michael is a great story teller and a wonderful natural rhyming poet as you will see by this book...< Less
CROSS By Minmin Shi
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I was in a gallery room of a school. And I need to finish a task to graduate. I was required to cut off a specific part of my finger. A snake had to be hold so I could not move or scream, otherwise... More > it would bite me. Finally I finished the task before woke up. I did not take it as a nightmare and tried to figure out why I had such courage to do that thing. It was definitely not just about graduation. It was because I had no other choices that all the incidents happened in my life pushed me to that point. And those incidents are intersections of time and memory. We live in a world full of parallels. Our daily life is paralleled with each others, we “eat – go to work (school) – sleep – eat – go to work (school)”. When we reflect back on our lives, the only thing left is a disrupted memory. These fragments of time are “crosses” in our lives.< Less
The Crossing By Graham Parks
eBook (ePub): $1.50
It is the year 2031, and 12 year old Able Worthy has made a journey that will change his life forever - a journey to the Dark Side. Born in Segregation, a suburb in the city of Bigotdom, Able Worthy... More > runs away from home after being enticed by the bright lights of the fairground that shimmer across the stagnant, toxic River Thames, which he has only ever seen from his bedroom window. Once across the divide that separates light from the darkness, Able unwittingly indulges in each of the seven deadly sins. He meets a young girl, Eve Hope, with whom he falls in love but tragedy strikes when they run into trouble with Cain Sins and his gang. Able's fantastical journey is one of courage and adventure, and after intimate conversations with the seven prophets, it also proves to be one of self-discovery. The Crossing is a humorous, provocative story that touches upon many of the issues that confront us today. It may even challenge you to question your own fundamental beliefs about life, religion and ultimately, death.< Less
The Crossing By Len Niessen
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Emil Niessen takes a business trip to Europe in 1928 and becomes involved in a mystery
The Crossing By Chris James
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She was new. Fast, sleek, very powerful and oh so very secret. The CSS Intrepid, the newest of her class, deep within enemy territory; her mission: a desperate attempt to bring the war to the alien... More > invader. It was a war they were losing. The Syato were too numerous, too deadly, too intent on utter destruction. Humanity’s flame was flickering; soon it would be extinguished forever. Their mission was doomed to failure. There is a traitor aboard, someone who yearns for the secrets of the warship for himself. Once he makes his move there is nothing to stop him.< Less
The Cross By Brennan Alan
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Blurring the line between fact and fiction. Professor Rincon returned from his assignment without his crew. The authorities and people back at home needed an explanation. What he told them was a... More > tale no one could believe or even comprehend. While searching for life on other planets, the doomed crew experienced events that still haunt Rincon to this day. And he found that his experience will forever change life for mankind.< Less
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In the projects of Newark two childhood friends find out how strong their bond is, and how money and power can determine where their lives will go.
Crossing By Taylor Granger
eBook (PDF): $5.00
A portfolio of original writing by a high school student and aspiring auhtor

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