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JESUS, JAMES, JOSEPH and the Past and Future Temple By Nazarene Project
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In Roman times, the historic records say the world's most beautiful city was Jerusalem. Amid the city, the Temple shone out in gold and white stone. About a million man-years were involved in its... More > ingenious structure. It astounded the world. To the north lay the fortress city of Antonia, connected by a causeway. Another causeway crossed the ravine of the Kidron to the Mount of Olives. Worldwide the exiled tribes of Israel supplied vast quantities of gold and treasures. Millions came to worship. James the brother of Jesus had a throne inside the Temple. He prayed in the Holy Place. He followed in the steps of his father Joseph. Jesus had a far higher office than either. It is described both in the New Testament and early writers of the first centuries. The facts of the resurrection were so clear that Roman emperor Tiberius immediately proclaimed Jesus a God. Others like Caligula tried to destroy the Temple and Jerusalem. Rome also tried to destroy the real facts about Jesus, James and Joseph in the Temple.< Less
America, Christianity, And The Forgotten Link By Allen Wooten
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Prov 18:17, "He who tells his story first makes people think he is right, until the other comes to test him." For almost seventy years now, we've been taught American history primarily from... More > a secularist's viewpoint, with seemingly convincing arguments for a Godless America and Constitution that it sounds right. Yet, Christian Americans have heard enough. And we're now stepping up to cross-examine their claims with books like this one. What were the religious beliefs of most of our nation's founders? Was America founded as a Christian nation and what does this mean? Where did the concept of religious freedom originate; and, how did it evolve into what it is today? If we started out as a Christian republic, then what went wrong? How can we restore our founders' original intent to America? This book highlights the Christian influences in America's exploration, colonization, national formation, and progression. Once you've heard this other side of the story, you must make up your own mind and then act on it.< Less
Stories of the Past, Small Farms & Towns By Charlie The Time Traveler
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Image yourself standing on a corner, waiting to cross the street, when someone you know drives up in a 70 year old restored pickup truck, and motions you to get in and take a ride in the 1940's... More > something pickup truck. As your riding along the driver asks you have you every ridden in and old truck like this down a dusty country road in the summer time? You reply no. The driver responses with, let me tell you about it. It was different then, really more fun than it would be today, but I really don't know why. Well, that is what the Time Traveler is going to do, tell you a story about what the world was like "Back then." Then the world was a different world than where we live today. You are going to Time Travel in your imagination, as the storyteller tells you what it was like when he was in the other world. About small farms, little Towns & Cities of the 1940's, 50's, & 60's. A time of large families, a connection with the earth, and living in harmony with the nature & all life forms.< Less
Fort Harllee By James M. Gray
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Fort Harllee was established and constructed at latitude 79 deg. 50 min., longitude 81 deg. 40 min., on March 18, 1835 under the direction of Major William W. Harl1ee of the South Carolina... More > Volunteers, serving in Florida. He had visited the site the previous year and had erected picket walls with two substantial blockhouses, one on each diagonal comer. When it was built it was therefore named in his honor. He also served as its first commander. Fort Harllee was built primarily for the protection of early settlers in the area from marauding Seminoles and situated between Garey's Ferry at Middleburg and Newnansville, which would later become Alachua's first county seat. It was located on the north bank of the Santa Fe River at a point where the Black Creek to Newnansville Road crossed the river; just south of Hampton's Lake. When an alarm was given of impending Indian attack, settlers would all gather in and around the fort for protection.< Less
Diana Inquest: Who Killed Princess Diana? By John Morgan
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This explosive, evidence-based book is the most shocking, revealing, yet factual work written on the 1997 Paris car crash that took the lives of Princess Diana and her lover Dodi Fayed. It includes... More > evidence showing the assassination of Princess Diana was carried out by the British intelligence agency, MI6, on orders from senior members of the British royal family. Sensational new revelations include documentary and witness evidence which demonstrates that the top three MI6 officers in Paris were replaced by more senior officers in the days immediately prior to the Paris crash. Analysis of testimony from MI6 officers reveals they lied repeatedly during their inquest cross-examinations. Who Killed Princess Diana? also covers the role of the Queen and senior royals in the deaths. A leading UK QC, Michael Mansfield, who served throughout the six months of the London inquest, has stated “I have no doubt that the volumes written by John Morgan will come to be regarded as the ‘Magnum Opus’ on the [Paris] crash."< Less
The making of a bigot By Rose Macaulay
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Dame Emilie Rose Macaulay DBE (1 August 1881 – 30 October... More > 1958) was an English writer, most noted for her award-winning novel The Towers of Trebizond, about a small Anglo-Catholic group crossing Turkey by camel. The story is seen as a spiritual autobiography, reflecting her own changing and conflicting beliefs. Macaulay’s novels were partly-influenced by Virginia Woolf; she also wrote biographies and travelogues.Macaulay was born in Rugby, Warwickshire the daughter of George Campbell Macaulay, a Classical scholar, and his wife, Grace Mary (née Conybeare). Her father was descended in the male-line directly from the Macaulay family of Lewis. She was educated at Oxford High School for Girls and read Modern History at Somerville College at Oxford University. Excerpt from:< Less
The Battle of Spring Hill By Captain John K. Shellenberger
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Spring Hill was the prelude to the Battle of Franklin. On the night of November 28, 1864, Gen. John Bell Hood’s Army of Tennessee marched toward Spring Hill to get astride Maj. Gen. John M.... More > Schofield’s Union army’s life line. Cavalry skirmishing between Brig. Gen. James H. Wilson’s Union cavalry and Maj. Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest’s Confederate troopers continued throughout the day as the Confederates advanced. On November 29, Hood’s infantry crossed Duck River and converged on Spring Hill. In the meantime, Maj. Gen. Schofield reinforced the troops holding the crossroads at Spring Hill. In late afternoon, the Federals repulsed a piecemeal Confederate infantry attack. During the night, the rest of Schofield’s command passed from Columbia through Spring Hill to Franklin. This was, perhaps, Hood’s best chance to isolate and defeat the Union army. The engagement has been described as “one of the most controversial non-fighting events of the entire war."< Less
The Sleeping Beauty and other fairy tales By Charles Perrault
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch... More > (/ˌkwɪlərˈkuːtʃ/; 21 November 1863 – 12 May 1944) was a Cornish writer who published using the pseudonym Q. Although a prolific novelist, he is remembered mainly for the monumental publication The Oxford Book Of English Verse 1250–1900 (later extended to 1918) and for his literary criticism. He influenced many who never met him, including American writer Helene Hanff, author of 84, Charing Cross Road and its sequel, Q's Legacy. His Oxford Book of English Verse was a favourite of John Mortimer's fictional character Horace Rumpole.Quiller-Couch was born in the town of Bodmin, Cornwall, by the union of two ancient local families, the Quiller family and the Couch family, and was the third in a line of intellectuals from the Couch family. Excerpt from:< Less
Tracking the 101st Cavalry By Melaney Moisan
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The 101st Cavalry was a New York National Guard unit that spent the final months of World War II doing reconnaissance for the U.S. 7th Army. They crossed the Saar River in March, and were closing in... More > on Innsbruck, Austria, when the war ended. Attached at various times to, among others, the 4th Infantry Division, the 63rd Infantry Division, the 12th Armored Division, and the 101st Airborne, the 101st Cavalry found a series of concentration camps in the woods near Landsberg and liberated Oflag VIIA, a prisoner of war camp for Polish officers near Murnau. When Melaney Welch Moisan set out in 2004 to find out what her father had done in World War II, she discovered that many other men in the 101st had stories of their own to tell. This book is the story of her journey to connect with her father’s past. It is also the story the men who served in the 101st Cavalry, and others whose lives they touched during those few months of the war. More than 100 photos and 17 maps.< Less
The Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem in Australia: New South Wales Members, 1895-2017: An Official Complete Annotated Listing By Matthew Glozier
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This book is the first official, complete, annotated listing of NSW members of the Venerable Order of St John 1895-2017, Queen Victoria’s prestigious Royal Order of Chivalry. St John Ambulance... More > training began in NSW in 1881. A state branch of the St John Ambulance Association started in 1890; the St John Ambulance Brigade in 1900. By that time NSW had six members of the Order. By 1905, five Australians were Knights of the Order, all of them from NSW. From 1942 NSW played a key leadership role nationally through Sir Hugh Poate, Australia’s first Bailiff Grand Cross. Membership of the Order is prestigious and rare, and mostly includes first-aiders operating within the traditions established by the Association training arm of St John and by the active-response Brigade. Their achievements are a fitting reflection of the ideals of medieval chivalric self-sacrifice which continue to inspire and inform St John activity world-wide today.< Less

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