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Cross Culture - Thailand 2014 By Mark Steyn
eBook (PDF): $0.00
A team from Cross Culture visited Thailand & Vietnam on mission during July 2014
Cross-cultural Awareness By Harris Whaley
eBook (PDF): $0.99
This programme enables you to become an effective manager of a cross-cultural team, especially a remote regional team. You will learn the differences between Chinese and Western colleagues (and other... More > cultures around the region) and apply tips and techniques for building synergy.< Less
Cross- Culturalism in Indian English Novels By Dr. Chelle Naresh
Paperback: $7.56
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Human exodus as a biological occurrence has become a predictable component of human history, and this puts man in a scenario in which he becomes the most extensively diffused social animal, the... More > explorer on the move. Writers, poets, critics and theoreticians have tried their best to capture and expose these harrowing experiences of displacement and dislocation which have to a large extent altered the sentiments of people culturally, socially and linguistically. Multicultural societies today are a consequence of the widespread movements as a result of diaspora, which has been occurring at different levels of social echelon, with varying enormity and for as many diversified reasons.< Less
Crossing Paths...Cultural Surprises in a Global World. By ROSAYE Jean-Yves
Paperback: $18.95
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If there are lots of models in business, only a few are useful as they must stretch to core human values. With cultural differences, quality in society for example becomes prodigiously versatile as... More > it embraces many shades of meaning. As an image, if two railroads seem to join on the horizon, this is only but an illusion. However, this is possible to shift from one culture to the other. From many path crossings, surprises arise and this is about a journey in Europe, America, Asia, and above all Japan to unravel truths of a global world.< Less
Crossing Cultural Roads: Stories of the Balkans and the Scythians By Marija Makeska
Paperback: $25.00
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Myths and stories told visually through painting and other mediums about the Balkans and the Scythians. All profits will proceed to the Macedonian Arts and Sciences Fund.
Crossing Cultures: in English et en français By Lynne Breakstone & Nicole Jouane
Paperback: $15.00
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Fifty years ago, in the early 1960’s, two women set off in opposite directions to cross the Atlantic to spend a year living in a foreign country – France and the United States – and... More > mastering a foreign language – French and English. Crossing Cultures in English et en français tells their story in both languages. Lynne Breakstone was one of the first American Junior-Year-Abroad participants while Nicole Jouane served for a year as a teaching assistant and resident native speaker in a college’s French House. Although their experiences differed greatly, they both shared in the delight as well as the difficulties of having to decipher behaviors and customs that were at times confusing, strange, and mysterious. Anyone who has spent time in a foreign country having to communicate in a foreign language will find pleasure in these two memoirs of such an experience in the pre-Internet era.< Less
Entrepreneurship and Culture By Faisal Al-Kadi
eBook (ePub): $2.99
This academic book is one of the few rigorous studies (a doctoral dissertation) that sheds light on the ambiguous and challenging-to-test relationship of national culture and entrepreneurship. It... More > offers entrepreneurs, potential entrepreneurs, relevant policy-makers, and researchers an understanding and a remedy path to the entrepreneurial phenomena in their nations from a validated cross-country cultural perspective. The book begins with a thorough overview of the academic advancements in the areas of entrepreneurship, national culture, and the interactions between both fields. After an assessment and critique of available measures, it moves into building its own propositions and assumptions.< Less
The Cross Section By Kelsey Green
Paperback: $14.38
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A collaborative magazine collected by the University of Wisconsin-Madison that explores the nordic culture.
FIRE ON A CROSS By Karen D. Paxton
Paperback: $37.30
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This Historical Fiction, spans 1941-1971. FIRE ON A CROSS is a suspenseful story of survival. Intrigue and exciting travels propel characters and readers alike. Public opinion, the media and any... More > instrument that disseminates news or gossip is the Fourth Estate. These exciting characters are on a fascinating journey of personal trials with an aim to survive. Everyone is on trial in some frame or fashion, if not in legitimate presses then certainly by public opinion. These are the publishers, throngs of the crowds, iron fisted news reporters, advertisers, publicist, announcers, press operators, journalist, and correspondents. Everyone has an opinion. Each has a voice unheard. Without being on trial these judgments, build independent characters spoken through human nature. Readers are their judges. Anticipation builds and moves. It is a mystery and an adventure. Finest as Historical Fiction, FIRE ON A CROSS is dynamic.< Less
The Cross Section By Yuhee Chung
Paperback: $7.76
Prints in 3-5 business days
This is a book with academic journals from University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Undergraduate Scandinavian Studies and University of Illinois Urbana Champaign senior graphic designers designed the... More > layout by each person.< Less

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