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Crowd Funding Guide By Yuan Yudistira
eBook (PDF): $7.00
Do You Want To Make Money Online? Do You Want To Work With Others To Make Huge Profits? Though you may not have heard of crowd-funding just yet, it’s not a strange concept. This is something... More > that is built on the idea that more than one head is always a better option for business. And when those heads can contribute money, that’s all the better. In “Crowd-Funding Guide” we’re going to teach you from basic like : What is crowd funding?, Spreading the word through crowd funding, The influence of the crowd, Examples of a crowd-funding campaign, Moving forward You will also learn about some of the applications of crowd-funding in this book. This guide will tell you what are the Pros and the Cons of Crowd-Funding. So, in “Crowd-Funding Guide” we’re going to talk about the truth on both sides of crowd-funding. And above all,..This guide will help you to learn exactly how to successfully start crowd-funding you business projects. You can even get started today!< Less
Crowd Funding Success Code By BookLover
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Uncover the secrets to creating crowdfunding projects that will pull in funding for your project like crazy! Find out exactly how to ensure you meet your funding goals over and over again, so you... More > never have to worry about not meeting them and getting nothing! Discover the best crowdfunding sites, and how to use them to pull in insane amounts of startup capital for your project! Learn the secrets of getting your project to go viral, getting people to share your project, and getting more people to see (and potential back) your project! And much, much more!< Less
Crowd Funding: How to Raise Money with the Online Crowd By David Gass
Paperback: List Price: $16.97 $15.27 | You Save: 10%
Prints in 3-5 business days
How to raise money for any idea or business without acquiring debt or giving up equity.
Six Things You Need to Know About Crowd Funding Success By Matthew Tukaki, Austin Kim
eBook (ePub): $6.33
The questions a lot people and organisations are asking is – how do I engage in the art of crowd funding? For many in the social enterprise, not for profit and non-government space raising... More > money to fund projects or whole organisational business plans can be fairly tough. Crowd funding is fast becoming an alternative and many have already rushed to try and take advantage of it. But just as there are some really great examples of success – there are also many hundreds and thousands of failures. Our pocket eBook is not a comprehensive guide, instead it provides six important and fundamental learning bites to enable you to take smoe first steps. We will be covering: 1. Investing in the crowd, understanding the market 2. Designing the campaign 3. Developing your first crowd funding page 4. Underestimating your financial need 5. Incentivise your investors 6. Harnessing the power of networks and social media< Less
People Power - A Fundamental Guide to Crowd Sourcing By UNO Principles of Collaboration Class
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Today’s business problems exhibit an ever-increasing complexity. It is long past the time to tackle these problems individually; groups are now essential. But we are approaching a time when... More > even individual organizations may not be enough. Enter crowd-sourcing, a business strategy that solves problems using the power of the crowd—individuals outside the organization who are solicited to provide their unique perspectives and talents towards finding solutions. In this book you will find ways to: • Find your crowd and shape it so that it is best suited to address your organization’s needs. • Control your crowd’s size and behavior so that it avoids distractions and stays focused on its goal • Motivate your crowd so that it operates at maximum creative potential, while still producing good outputs Crowd-sourcing is a valuable tool for dealing with large and multi-faceted problems. Problems have many faces…now it’s time to use many faces to solve them.< Less
Successful Kickstarter Project By V. T.
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Undoubtedly, more entrepreneurs will be looking for ways to fund their dream project. This should lead to more innovation in areas that traditionally fail to interest or satisfy the expectations of... More > larger-scale investors. The initial stage of startup is the toughest, and without capital, it's accelerating towards failure. Luckily, Kickstarter is here to help. You can get your projects funded at Kickstarter, a place to help wanna-be entrepreneurs. This ebook will show you how to set up your Kickstarter account, success stories of projects being funded and launched successfully, how to get words out to the world, and lots more tips. If you have a serious idea, get this ebook and get your project funded today!< Less
Unlocking Kickstarter Secrets: Crowdfunding Tips and Tricks By Mario Lurig
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Unlocking Kickstarter Secrets is your guide to creating a successful Kickstarter or Indiegogo project. The e-book offers guidance, tips, and tricks for creating, marketing, and fulfilling your... More > project goals. Do you want to learn how to determine how much money to raise? What kinds of rewards attract backers? How to use pricing to your advantage? Learn these answers and more with this concise guide to crowdfunding.< Less
Operation: Outer Space By Murray Leinster
Paperback: $7.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Originally published in a limited edition (supposedly under 2,100 copies) this novel take the approach that in order to fund a space exploration program, the orgainizers needed to create a space... More > exploration program. Literally. A television show is developed to finance the world's first outer space trip to the Moon, and possibly beyond. It may not take a Verne-like look into the future (it was published in 1954 and is a bit off the mark compared to what actually happened) but it takes a good jab at PR people and the television industry while telling a fairly good space story. It also predates crowd funded projects by nearly six decades and is a slightly cautionary take on what can happen when your supposed scientific exploration must play the to paying audience.< Less
Shaking the Money Tree (PDF Version) By Zhana Books
eBook (PDF): $5.46
Worried about how you will pay for college or university, or for private school for yourself or your children? Worried about getting deep in debt? Many people have dropped out of university, or... More > decided not to go, due to lack of funds. Others have been saddled with debt. You shouldn't have to go into debt to get an education. Shaking the Money Tree offers alternatives. Our experts tell you how to raise funds for education or business. In Shaking the Money Tree, we talked about crowd-funding years ago. We just didn't call it that. Crowd-funding is the new sponsorship. Have you ever wanted to attend a conference or other event, but lacked the funds? Struggling to pay for university education? This book contains practical advice from sponsorship fundraising experts in the fields of business, education, the arts and sports sponsorship. PUBLISHER'S NOTE: The price of this ebook is likely to increase.< Less
Crowdfunding and Kickstarter: The Ultimate Guide By Scott Steinberg
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Want to raise money online? STOP: Don't launch a crowdfunding project on Kickstarter, Indiegogo or other fundraising websites without reading this must-see training guide first! The expert hints and... More > tips found within this workbook will give you all the inside secrets you need to: - Create amazing video pitches and campaign descriptions - Design better rewards, pricing levels, and sales strategies - Use the same tricks top successes do to send funding levels soaring - Build stunning marketing and social media campaigns - Make headlines and generate more media awareness - Succeed with non-profit and for-profit fundraising efforts - Raise record levels of venture capital online Crowdfunding and Kickstarter: The Ultimate Guide includes exercises and step-by-step activities that walk you through the campaign design and management process. Inside, you'll discover how today's most successful creators design winning projects, and what it takes to plan for and run them from top to bottom.< Less