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The One-Tree Grove, 2nd Edition By YeShell
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"It reveals social and cultural aspects of life in rural China - something that most North Americans ... don't have a clue about," said Ms. K. Green. "It has been the first time for... More > me to read a novel so sincere, simple and so fully detailed about China," a female reader from Vancouver commented. "This story give insight into the political, educational and economic climate in China in 1970s," Ms. Henriette Toth said. Meinia was a pretty village girl living in Xishuangbanna, China. Just after her graduation from high school, she was appointed accountant of her village. Responding to Chairman Mao's call, five members of Zhiqing (city high school graduates) came to her village. She and other villagers did their best to help the Zhiqing. But these Zhiqing inflicted huge and lasting hurt and pains on her and the villagers, ...... Filling with songs, and full of wisdom of an oriental culture, this is a bright love story for all readers.< Less
Stories from Chairman Mao's "Red Guard" By Wooden Tiger
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A rebellious teenager, in the revolution period in China under Chairman Mao in the 1960', evolving, learning and observing with gradual transformation through extreme-life events, maximum physical... More > hardships, yet still full of fun with the joy of youthful dreams most of which are unimaginable in the modern era of smartphones, instant gratifications. Ultimate success is a combination of talent plus hard works. You might not reach the ultimate height but it is the effort and the journey which provided you with the satisfaction of having done something useful to the society as a whole.< Less
The Revolutionary Artists Manifesto By Revolutionary Books
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"Art is not a mirror to reflect the world, but a hammer with which to shape it." Mayakovsky This manifesto argues that art must revolutionize the audience or it becomes yet another elitist... More > cultural commodity. It contains harsh critiques of the art gallery and all elitist art establishments.< Less
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DANCING BOOTS AND PIGS’ FEET is the memoir of Miklos Sajben who was born in 1931, grew up and received his education in Hungary. He escaped in 1956 after the revolution against the Communist... More > regime was beaten down by Soviet troops. He reached the United Stated in early 1957. The book is as much about the culture and history of Hungary during that era than a description of his personal experiences. Details of his escape and subsequent efforts of to reach America form an adventure story by themselves. Unlike the grim tone of many books written by refugees, the book is light-hearted, laced with humor, yet an objective account of his experiences and the world around him.< Less
When the East Was Red By C.K. Wong
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The epic tale of a forbidden romance amidst the height of the Cultural Revolution in 1960's China
When The East Was Red By C.K. Wong
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The epic tale of a forbidden romance amidst the height of the Cultural Revolution in 1960's China.
When The East Was Red By C.K. Wong
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The epic tale of a forbidden romance amidst the height of the Cultural Revolution in 1960's China.
Nine Months In Iran By George Bullen
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The personal experience articulated in this book provides the reader with more than a single person’s experiential description of events during the Iranian Revolution of 1978-1979. This book is... More > about an extraordinary and personal experience in Iran. It begins in San Diego on April 15, 1978. Three months later I awoke immersed in a parallel world populated by people of unimaginably different culture, customs, religion, and approach to coping with life’s challenges. Full of wonderment at my new adventure in a land rich with history, soon I would come to terms with changing political events while living in a neighborhood where Iran’s Islamic Revolution of 1978 and 1979 ebbed and flowed. This was the neighborhood where revolution was at its most intense, highly contested, violent, and deadly.< Less
Libertarian Marxism By P. Andrew Sandlin
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Exposes the the roots of the prevailing Western vision of our time — leftist radicals in the streets of Paris, 1968, who escalated egalitarianism from an economic to a cultural revolution.
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