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Cyber Sapiens Clan Book By Elizabeth Valdez
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From the far distant future they came to our world in peace, but by our own hands we caused a new war and they are claiming Earth as the final battleground. The Cyber Sapiens clan book has all you... More > need to level the playing field and crush your opponents.< Less
Cyber Gem 2012 By Me Decor Cybrary
eBook (PDF): $8.99
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Contains art, designs, photography and manuscript by a Cybrarian. Handwritten manuscript, photographed and epublished. Memoirs of an artist / cybrarian's pilgrimage to the libraries of Santa Fe New... More > Mexico. Keeping notes and documenting interesting material for present and future reference. Cybrarian's handwritten notes. Fun augmented reality content tonic. For cultural and creative reference. Complimetns of the Me Decor Cybrary - R&DEP Research and Development Electronic Publishing node. 2012. - Outsource yur digital publishing projects to us.< Less
Spynet "-" the Cyber Drone By David Agam
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MARK MOULIN, CEO of Moulin Enterprises, invents and builds the first prototype of the quantum computer with his son, FRANK. A Marine Drone having advanced technology unlike anything else before... More > taking us into the future of complex espionage no one is able to stop it. It's about to change the rules. In a turn of events, Mark Moulin and his accusatives disappeared without a trace. The LZE Corporation and its most ruthless and lethal CEO, launched two satellites from the Sichuan Province in China. The Navy and Military came under cyber-attack. TOM KITTRIDGE is the Commander of the French Secret Service in Lancelot, the home of the DGSE, near Langley, Virginia. TOM KITTRIDGE, and his highly trained top operative, ALEXIA PALMER, go all in with an offensive operation. Their heroic adventures take place in the depth of the ocean, in the air, and in the heart of China. They unravel high-end political and military affairs, while setting new standards for the world intelligence communities.< Less
CyberTales -- Live Wire By Arthur Sanchez
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Presented by Whortleberry Press, here is a collection of 14 Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror short stories that push the boundaries of speculative Fiction. Using communication networks (such as... More > the Internet, computer consoles, and telephone systems) as a common element, our writers have created memorable tales that are sure to delight, amaze, and astound. This is what the future of Speculative Fiction is all about. Editors: Arthur Sanchez & Jean Goldstrom.< Less
Stories of 10,000 Tomorrows By Future Writers
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From cyber, post-apocalyptic societies to rampaging robots, "Stories of 10,000 Tomorrows" represents what young authors of today imagine the future to be like. It all started as a simple... More > Creative Writing class project, and has bloomed into an entrancing anthology. Readers will discover and explore whole new worlds while reading the ten memorable short stories in the book. The inspiring, heroic characters and dangerous, risky plot lines are sure to leave readers thinking of the possibilities tomorrow can bring.< Less
Journal of Law & Cyber Warfare: The New Frontier of Warfare By Daniel Garrie et al.
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FOREWORD Cyber Warfare, What are the Rules? By Daniel B. Garrie ARTICLES Cyber Attacks and the Laws of War By Michael Gervais If You Wish Cyber Peace, Prepare for Cyber War: The Need for the... More > Federal Government to Protect Critical Infrastructure From Cyber Warfare. By Michael Preciado They Did it For the Lulz: Future Policy Considerations in the Wake of Lulz Security and Other Hacker Groups’ Attacks on Stored Private Customer Data By Jesse Noa A New Perspective on the Achievement of Psychological Effects from Cyber Warfare Payloads: The Analogy of Parasitic Manipulation of Host Behavior By Dr. Mils Hills< Less
Proceedings Second Annual Cyber Security and Information Infrastructure Research Workshop By Frederick Sheldon et al.
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Cyber Security: Beyond the Maginot Line. Recently the FBI reported that computer crime has skyrocketed costing over $67B in 2005 and affecting 2.8M+ businesses and organizations. Attack... More > sophistication is unprecedented along with availability of open source concomitant tools. Private, academic, and public sectors invest significant resources in cyber security. Industry primarily performs cyber security research as an investment in future products and services. While the public sector also funds cyber security R&D, the majority of this activity focuses on the specific agency mission. Broad areas of cyber security remain neglected or underdeveloped. Consequently, this workshop endeavors to explore issues involving cyber security and related technologies toward strengthening such areas and enabling the development of new tools and methods for securing our information infrastructure critical assets. We aim to assemble new ideas and proposals about robust models on which we can architect a secure cyberspace.< Less
Predicting Our Future Cyberlife By Nicholas Johnson
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In 1970 the author, then-FCC commissioner Nicholas Johnson, offered his effort at predicting communications in the year 2000. In 2011, now-Professor Johnson asked his law school students to take... More > their own 30-year look forward. This book lets you Monday-morning-quarterback his 1970 predictions, and compare his students efforts at "Predicting Our Future Cybelife" in 2040 with your own digital hopes and fears.< Less
Designing A Future By Guiniture
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Artificial intelligence, massive dehumanization, totalitarian rule, natural disasters, cyber-genetic technologies, robots reigning supreme... // Utopian visions and science fiction present pictures... More > of the future that can be both exiting and disturbing // What will our future be like and how will we live in it? // Drawing on popular fictional ideas and projections concerning the state of our world to be, we will examine future scenarios and speculate as to how architectural forms may adapt to suit extreme and changing conditions.< Less
The Next Digital Decade: Essays on the Future of the Internet By Adam Marcus, Berin Szoka
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This unique book brings together 26 thought leaders on Internet law, philosophy, policy and economics to consider, from a wide variety of perspectives, what the next digital decade might bring for... More > the Internet. This book is essential reading for anyone gazing toward the digital future. The book's 31 essays address questions such as: Has the Internet been good for our culture? Is the Internet at risk from the drive to build more secure, but less “open” systems and devices? Is the Internet really so "exceptional?" Has it fundamentally changed economics? Who—and what ideas—will govern the Net in 2020? Should online intermediaries like access providers, hosting providers, search engines and social networks do more to "police" their networks, increase transparency, or operate "neutrally?" What future is there for privacy online? Can online free speech be regulated? Can it really unseat tyrants?< Less