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Living in the Future By Mike Manolakes
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Living in the Future is the third book in the Traveler Series, the series which began with the book Variation Seven. Travelers are the men and women who possess timebands -- cybernetic devices that... More > allow the wearer to travel in time and change history. There are only twelve timebands and twelve Travelers, and those individuals have divided themselves into two rival factions, each with a different view of what the destiny of mankind should be. One group is attempting to steer humanity toward a bright future where it colonizes the stars, and the other is determined to work toward the extinction of the human race before it can infest the galaxy like spreading plague. In Living in the Future, the course of American history has been radically changed. During the height of the Civil War, an ambitious Union general has invaded Washington, DC, and placed Abraham Lincoln under arrest. It's up to Ruthie Terwilliger and her team of time travelers to travel to the past to fix America's future.< Less
Lady Opium By Aimee Lee & Colin Ingram
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Born from a tide of darker themes, the poems of Aimee Lee and Colin Ingram emerge in a 21st century cataclysm of cultural distrust and revelations, representing varied tones of disturbed, forcible... More > and subversive narratives, amongst a backdrop of opium-cracked surrealistic viewpoints and struggling consciences. This book represents fresh, challenging, psychological journeys through lost denizens of night-time alleyways and forbidden shadows; the weight of the mind exposed to the coercions of an ever changing world. The metaphors themselves elucidate through a rich palette of dreamscapes and conceived torments, of consummations and the shifting transition in an age of a cybernetic overwhelmed society; the rapid shift in technological advancement and lost values: identity, ethnicity, morals and the natural world, and make fresh the perpetual themes of love, fear, abandonment, addictions and of all things, hope. This is an exclusive limited edition and will be retired from print..< Less
The Book of Light By JJ Hof
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THE BOOK OF LIGHT is one of the most amazing and extraordinary books you will ever find. Compiled over a period of fifteen years, it is an archive of wisdom obtained from direct communication with... More > the Infinite Mind. To quote the man responsible for bringing this wonder to us: “…The templates themselves are written in the Language of Light, also known as Ideographic Pictographic Cybernetics, which are geometric: pictures and symbols that form a higher template that can be read and seen on multiple dimensional levels during varying states of consciousness.” Your eyes and your mind will attempt to find something to which to equate what you see, but it is something beyond the five mundane senses – or our everyday thought and knowledge. This is a passport to the worlds and knowledge beyond that which we normally perceive. It is the key to the Treasure, the box in which it is contained and the Treasure, itself.< Less
G.O.D.TECH Marked By David John Jeffery
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All nations are ruled by the World Parliament which promotes the idea of uniting all civilisations so as to create a utopia of peace and prosperity. However, everything is not as idealistic as it... More > appears. This is a society controlled and monitored by micro-chipped implants created by a branch of the government called G.O.D.TECH. These cybernetic implants provide a means of mass-identification for the World Parliament and a service that allows all trade and communication between all peoples and races on the planet. G.O.D.TECH has therefore allowed for a class division to occur which in turn flourishes two main agendas: that of an elitist society bent on control and the same elitist society raging war against those they see as terrorists.< Less
God, Science and Mind By Dennis Polis
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An exercise in Open Philosophy -- a worldview open to the full range of human experience including science, spirituality and traditional philosophy. Naturalism is exposed as a closed, a priori... More > worldview. God is not an alternative to, but the completion of, scientific explanation. The foundations and data of evolution do not show randomness, but Mind in nature. Evolution aims at verifiable targets and develops means in advance of need. While God is proven deductively, the fine-tuning argument makes a strong case despite the anthropic principle. The rules of evidence are discussed critically before reviewing data on mind ranging from neuroscience, connectionism, & cybernetics to introspection, parapsychology, near death experiences & mysticism -- even I-Thou relationships. Current theories are inadequate to important data points. Traditional philosophy suggests a single substance, two-subsystem theory integrating a data processing brain and an intentional, immaterial soul to solve the mind-body problem.< Less
Selected problems in the theory of classical cellular automata By Victor Aladjev et al.
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In the book we present certain results of the work we have done in the theory of Classical Cellular Automata (CA). These results form an essential constituent of the CA problematics. In particular,... More > we have studied such problems as the nonconstructability problem in CA, the decomposition problem of global transition functions in CA, the extremal constructive possibilities, parallel formal grammars and languages defined by CA, complexity of finite configurations and global transition functions in CA, the modelling problem in classical CA, etc. The CA problematics can be considered as a component of such fields as discrete parallel dynamical systems, discrete mathematics, cybernetics, complex systems and some others. The book will represent an indubitable interest for many persons working in subjects such as modelling, discrete mathematics, automata theory, computer science and a lot of others.< Less
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bounty-x By Andrew Willis
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The universe of bounty-x is ran by secrete alien invaders called THE PROGRAMMERS this alien race of beings gave birth to a cybernetic artificially intelligent army. To in slave the general population... More > with biomechanical spores that transform the mind and body of its host. This is how they continue this vicious cycle of control. These once normal now bounty hunting alien creatures are called THE SYSTEM. But some have manage to become aware and escape the invasion and have learned to survive on the out side of the system they are the drifters. A collective population of groups from deferent planets who have decided to form an alliance against the secrete invaders a army of resistance to defend and to protect this will be the law for there are those who must establish the balance and order from dimensions unknown they are THE BOUNTY KILLERS……..this is the world of bounty-x.< Less
Monochrome Gore Machines: a cull-ering book By Austin Abt
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This comically violent coloring book gives you an army of over 100 highly detailed cybernetic monstrosities to decorate as you see fit. Each creature includes a "cloning template" page that... More > tells you more about it, so you can give it a fitting coat of warpaint to match its traits. Do you want a crimson soaked steel juggernaut with intestines tangled in toxic green spines? Or a flowery pink mechanical mantis that sprays flammable glitter perfume? You can have both. Or neither. Decorate your beasts however you want before you send them to earth to wipe out humanity. Contains blood, violence, and slight nudity (butts), not suitable for immature readers.< Less
The Soul of the Demon By Corinne Petter
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In the 18th century, Aloha Ihnoe, a young Hawaiian pirate, relates how, after a childhood within the high British aristocracy, she only wants to be free. She joins forces with a buccaneer named... More > Garcia Kols and together they take control of a galleon they decided to name El Destructor. What forces will Garcia summon to empower his ship and to be sure to be helped by Miss Ihnoe? What link have already been existing between the young woman and the evil shadows, even before she met with the captain? The deadly struggle between the protagonists will unleash the elements, from the oceans to the fire of the earth. This epic full of encounters, love and treason takes place in a dark fantasy universe in which the events, mid-real, mid-virtual, are inspired in an original way by cybernetics role-playing games.< Less

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Birth Log Book Birth Log Book By Emily Rumsey
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