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Dada and Futurism By Design History
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This was a class project focusing on the history of graphic design in the early 20th Century. The book is about the DADA movement and the Futurists.
The Dada Detective By Freese, Milloway, and Wood
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When he took the case it all seemed simple enough, just your run-of-the-mill heretical talking mime searching for a missing duck. But things are never simple in Dadaville. Not for Dirk Dada, the Dada... More > Detective. Three Fisted Tales of Absurdity.< Less
Dada Underwear By Diana Stratford
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This Novel is written in a “dada” format, the randomly placed words have developed their own meanings and ideas apart from the ones imbued by the author, thus each reader can experience a... More > totally different story line based on their own perception of what the words mean to them as individual readers. No effort has been made to “normalize” this dada proses. 100% PURE DADA If you are a fan of the dada art movement or of Tristan Tzara then your library should have this book. The author of this book is a simple American housewife who only wishes to explore the world of art in its many and varied forms.< Less
Dada Is Dead By Maria Morisot
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A short book of experimental poetry with varying themes including religion, sexuality, the muse, and love.
DADA DATA By Jeff Bender
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"In these prose poems and stories, poet Bender rightly identifies with the traditions of Dada and Surrealism as he explores spontaneity, apparent improvisation and incongruity. If you think this... More > is not your fur-lined cup of tea, I say give it a try, you'll find it very tasty: sublime, exotic, infernal, oddly familiar." -Tom Smith< Less
The Dada Alphabet By Freese, Milloway, and Wood
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An Absurdist's Illustrated Primer; 26 full color illustrations of strange and inexplicable things.
Withdrawn By Amir Dada
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The sequence presented in Withdrawn is stunning; its poems will take its reader on journeys through the different ways we can feel disconnected. The seclusions mentioned include our distance from... More > nature, community, culture, government, morals, people, and ourselves. These Thoreauvian meditations will take their reader to the core of his consciousness, which will make him question if it is fully intact. The contemporary issues are presented elegantly, but still in a way that is relative to our ordinary, day-to-day situations.< Less
Progression By Charles Dada
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A collection of short stories following the life and times of our hero in his struggle through puberty to manhood; naivety to responsibility; matter-of-fact to transcendence; with many strange... More > adventures in between. The stories include "Stolen Identity" and "Peace" as an essential part of his progression. Charles Dada writes from life and his own experiences, but with fun, sympathy, love and understanding. There may be some fantasy and a little exaggeration too!< Less
The one trick pony and other stories By Andre Dada
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A story book for children to help them identify and follow good values. The story of the one trick pony promotes focus, the dragon and the sheep promotes contentment, the ugly turkey highlights the... More > values of grace, the polite wolf, well, politeness, and the jacket that was never worn shows humility. A great read for christian families and can be used to enhance learning from the bible for young children.< Less
Oodles By Charles Dada
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The World is approaching catastrophe. It is mostly controlled by Oodles; can The Founder save it from its fate? Join the adventures of the Substitutes and the Rebels as they too try to head off... More > disaster. What is the future of Mankind; and what is its past?< Less

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