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BIG DADDY CASH By Big Daddy Cash Neve
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As extraordinary writers we open a world of wonders using words that flow with beautiful creative expression. Our short stories and poems are compelling and long to be expressed in a way that... More > nurtures imagination and realism to bring you satisfaction. Our best is extraordinaire, a use of words uniquely fashioned, offered especially for our readers. We endeavor to take you beyond the ordinary and into the world of the extraordinary. Writing boldly and freely on the pages of this book dedicated to your brief moment of joy.< Less
Daddy Mack's Guide: How To Know If Your Man or Woman is Cheating By Daddy Mack
Paperback: List Price: $11.11 $10.00 | You Save: 10%
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Have you ever had a gut feeling that your other half may be cheating, or lying? Are you tired of hearing excuses everytime you question them? Well try not to fret and read our book. It is a self... More > help book that focuses on the cheating techniques that both men and women utilize. This book also makes an attempt at finding a solution before it is too late. Written by a few college buddies, "Daddy Mack's Guide" is both educational and humorous. A fictitious pimp who gives great advice on the signs to look out for if your man or woman is cheating or having an affair.< Less
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Every Word is a Piece of My Soul By Zorro Daddy
eBook (PDF): $0.99
I am an author of age play and erotic romance stories. This is a selection of writings from the one and only blog I have ever written in my life, which details my personal feelings, experiences and... More > thoughts on the subject of age play and the dynamic which exists between two hearts that come together to share a life under its connection. This is the second book in this blog series. It is adult material and therefore not intended for minors.< Less
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10 Things Left To Do With Your BabyGirl On A Saturday Night By Zorro Daddy
eBook (PDF): $4.99
The Past 2 Saturdays saw 2 "lists of ten" completed. These weren't just any typical lists, but rather, 20 of her most erotic fantasies. And through a series of instantly memorable events,... More > her Daddy fullfilled all of her fantasies. On this, the 3rd Saturday, her Daddy decided that he would make a list of his own ten erotic fantasies. Both she and her Daddy are feeling physical and as he lists the ten fantasies she would complete for him, she added one of her own. It more of an obsession ... being perfect for him in every possible way. Follow this Daddy and BabyGirl couple in the 3rd leg of weekend discoveries they make and read how they change each other lives by making real what others only dare to dream about.< Less
The Mommy Grats - Girl Power 4 By Zorro Daddy
eBook (PDF): $3.99
Girl Power 4 shows a combination of characters other than Daddy and BabyGirl. In this case, it’s Mommy and BabyGirl. Return to the French Quarter and to The Creole Crawl Bar & Grille for a... More > little Cherry Pie and some Cajun Spice. Picking up the story where “The Mommy Grats: Girl Power 2” left off, Dominique & Winnie continue to grow together, bonding their hearts to what the other has to offer. Winnie begins to deal with insecurities about having a love for girls – a piece of her soul that is warmly accepted in New Orleans, but her greatest struggle is how to tell the world, namely her friends & family. Dominique remains her lover, her support and her friend, but begins to see how Winnie is more than just a BabyGirl to care for. Within Winnie’s heart is something Dominique needs and has been looking for. This is not a Daddy & BabyGirl story. It’s the polar opposite, but the dynamic remains the same. It is also adult material and therefore not intended for minors.< Less
The Mommy Grats: Girl Power 5 By Zorro Daddy
eBook (PDF): $3.99
An adult age play story about two females who fall in love and explore the depths of a dynamic uncommon. The Dynamic Story of Dominique & Winnie continues. (Girl Power 2, Girl Power 4) And as... More > the good weather approaches New Orleans, Winnie gears up for summer classes, exploring the French Quarter a lot more as well as exploring her life-changing love for Dominique with a desire to do more than just assume the role of a BabyGirl. Winnie wants to be born again and in her quest for renewal, she develops an even greater satisfying connection with Dominique - one that speaks of instinct and one that challenges her to be all that she has ever wanted to be. This is not a Daddy & BabyGirl story. It’s the polar opposite, but the dynamic remains the same. This is adult material and therefore not intended for minors.< Less
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Zeke and Lily (Books 1 and 2): Once Upon an Overnight By Zorro Daddy
Paperback: $7.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
This is the ageplay romance of Zeke and Lily, star-crossed lovers who met, fell in love and found their happily ever after - against all odds. Every story has a beginning. Before Zeke and Lily got... More > to know one another and before they took a Caribbean cruise to the Bahamas they were perfect strangers who shared a common interest in a fetish called infantilism. Lily is a simple girl with a submissive nature. She longs for a guy to fulfill her dreams and help her heart overcome a troubled past. Zeke is a "Daddy" who longs to find a soul mate who craves a gentle soul and a caring touch. This is the story of the day they first met face-to-face at a mall in Lancaster County, PA. It is also the story of a life-changing overnight stay Lily spent in Zeke’s apartment. The result was an evening of events where their separate lives finally collided and they fell in love. By morning, their fantasies had turned into their reality together. This is adult material and therefore not intended for minors.< Less

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