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dahlias By Alex Martin
eBook (PDF): $3.12
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Cultural instructions and photo album on dahlias
Dahlias 2012 By Lawrence Wentzel
Calendar: $15.00
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A collection of unique and beautiful Dahlias to brighten every day of the year.
Dahlia's Music By Caitlyn Quirk
Paperback: $24.95
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Dahlia’s Music is historical literary fiction set in the late Victorian era in England and Scotland that features mystery, murder, and music. Dahlia Talbot is a renowned music prodigy. For... More > Dahlia, everything and everyone has a musical aura which provides Dahlia with an intuition on which she relies like a sixth sense. Dahlia’s voice and musical genius have an extraordinary impact on the people she meets, from inspiring adoration to fueling envy and obsession. Dahlia’s Music is the tale of this young woman’s seemingly idyllic and musical life that is transformed by a series of tragedies foretold by a gypsy when she is just a child. Join Dahlia on her unexpected journey from adolescence to womanhood during which she loses her music, discovers the light and dark aspects of love and human nature, and realizes how three murders over two decades are inextricably tied to the fabric of her destiny as she struggles to regain her music that will complete her once again.< Less
Dahlia Geisha By Alex Craig & Travis Niblett
Paperback: $11.22
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Dahlia Geisha follows an alternative-future version of the authors in which Alex narrates his journey of saving Travis from Greek nuns, discovering a government conspiracy whilst making out with an... More > fifteen year old boy, and trying to stop it with explosives and a killing spree. It's an ultra fast-paced story of addiction and paranoia and a great deal of fun. What with coloring pages this book will leave you with the uneasy feeling of childlike glee and being bitten by a wild dog.< Less
2010 Dahlia calendar By Linda Ness
Calendar: $12.49
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Photos of dahlias taken at the home of Linda Ness as well as at Dan's Dahlias in Elma, WA in 2008 - 2009 seasons.
Dahlia Calendar 2014 By Don Johnson
Calendar: $12.50
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12 different Dahlia flowers taken at Swan Island Dahlia Farms in Canby, Oregon
Bill and the Black Dahlia By William Thacker
Paperback: $16.44
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Nine-year-old Bill Bailey hopes his good behavior and frugality will win his father's return from World War II. Maintaining his hope challenges his ingenuity with his family, social events,... More > robbers,romance and a brush with the Black Dahlia.< Less
Sunny Day Dahlias By Mary Young
Calendar: $14.99
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One for each month - fullpage close-ups of single glorious dahlias growing next to the Roosevelt "cottage" on Campobello Island, New Brunswick.
The Shulim Cycle: Book of Dahlia By Lynn Perretta
Hardcover: $35.99
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Eduli Springs is a quiet suburb, north of Atlanta Georgia. Situated along the Chattahoochee River, it features affluent communities and historic sites. It is the ideal place to raise a family or... More > start out your suburban life. Dahlia is not your typical high school senior. While most teenagers view school as a drudgery that must be put up with, she revels in it. Only something is interrupting Dahlia’s normal pattern. Someone has decided to start murdering teenage girls at Eduli Springs High School and Dahlia suspects there is something far darker behind the atrocities than just a teenager’s frustrations.< Less
Case Computer - Black Dahlia By Justin Tully
Paperback: $8.25
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Case Computer Black Dahlia is the story of a man being interested in an old crime scene. This crime scene is one of the biggest mysteries in the history of crime and still maintains an aura of... More > mystery to this day. Jack Spencer was looking into what happened to Elizabeth Short who was found murdered in Hollywood California on January 15th 1947. What Jack doesn't know is that his new computer was wrongly sold to him by an electronics store instead of being handed over to the police to use as a training tool. The computer designed by Professor Neil Greaves recognises the crime scene and before Jack can do anything about it, he finds himself transported back to forty-eight hours before her body was found. Jack finds himself arriving in Hollywood on January 13th 1947, he is full of questions about the crime but will be able to find out the answers that still remain a mystery to this day. Find out what happens in this new novel by Justin Tully...< Less