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The guilty and the Damned By GENO OSBORNE
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Everyday all across the nation innocent people are tied into a legal situation and are either forced to sign a court rigged plea barging that carries no weight or consider the possibility of being... More > labeled through life as a guilty person. A handful of the time this is the work of a friend or spouse. These moments can sometimes turn an honest hard working individual into the very criminal they are accused of being. Police officers and state prosecutors are often the type of scum that in someway tare down the dream of the innocent. Oh yes, this is another Geno Osborne, Paula series master piece. Turn the pages of time to the present and know the truth for yourself. Learn as much as you can about cheating spouses, the legal system that protects them and the fight to remain innocent in a world that has already presumed you guilty and damned for an eternity before a judge has even seen your case.< Less
All Or Nothing By James Dixon, Chris Gilder
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The history of Europe's most controversial wrestling promotion: 1PW. The group employed the biggest stars in the business and caused massive ripples throughout the industry. This fascinating tale... More > delves deep behind the scenes, interviewing ALL of the key players involved from all over the globe. Including: Chris Daniels, Abyss, Steve Corino, Kid Kash, Nigel McGuinness, Doug Williams, Nunzio, Nova, Steven Gauntley, Tracy Smothers, Jerry Lynn and over 40 more There are over 25 exclusive reviews of all the major events from Arnold Furious. Also, there is a comprehensive results and title history guide. This is a fan's dream, looking in great detail at everything from the wrestlers to the bookers to the promoters. No stone is left unturned and this book will revolutionise the way people view pro wrestling in the UK. It does not matter if you know of or followed the company at the time, any fan of pro wrestling will be captivated and fascinated by the content of this 300,000+ word epic.< Less
Change of Heart By Nikki Winter
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Kyran Alexander had no idea how he was going to make the woman that he adored beyond anything see him as more than a fried. And he damn sure didn’t know how he was going to make her stop hating... More > a national holiday made just for lovers but he was determined to try. Could he get his long time best friend and the love of his life Maryssa Williams to see past the pain of one experience and have a change of heart?< Less
Classic Film: O Lucky Man By chris wade
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Following on from the controversial success of If...., director Lindsay Anderson, writer David Sherwin and actor Malcolm McDowell teamed up again in 1973 for O Lucky Man. Epic, savage, sharp, wicked,... More > satirical, and funny, O Lucky Man wasn't quite as appreciated in its day as it perhaps should have been. Swiping at everything the nation had to offer, O Lucky Man was damned as anarchic and arrogant, and met with a lukewarm reception. At almost 3 hours long and artier than most other films of the time, Warner Bros. didn't know what to do with it. Nearly 40 years on O Lucky Man has a cult following and is seen by many as one of the finest British films of its day. Writer Chris Wade takes a look at this extraordinary film, through exclusive material from the Lindsay Anderson archive, interviews, cast recollections and press cuttings from the day.< Less