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The Castle By Joseph Sale
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The Castle “Even now I shudder at the recollection of my experiences, and I struggle to set them down on paper, but set them down I must, for when I return to the land of the living I will... More > have a tale to tell like no other!" The Castle is a series of tales in keeping with the gothic tradition of the epistolary form, following the journals and accounts of Davey Harrison as he explores and eventually becomes trapped within the terrifying Castle. Each tale reveals new horrors and mysteries within the dark fortress, and brings Davey Harrison closer to the unutterable truth. Unravel the enigma of the Castle, and learn the true meaning of fear, depravity and isolation…< Less
Castle of Shadows: A Fade into Darkness By Jesse VanDyke
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Return to Gimghoul...see what darkness awaits! In this thrilling sequel , David's Wesley's younger brother Ryan encounters a shapeshifting gargoyle from a realm beyond Gimghoul Castle's wormhole. ... More > He offers Ryan a life altering chance to learn his unique abilities in exchange for a favor that will drastically alter the past. David must find a way to somehow undo all of his brother's damage before time runs out and they are forever imprisoned in the Shadow Realm.< Less
The Adventures of Marco and Carla The Dark Castle By Shamara S. Davis
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This is the story of Marco and Carla, and their friend Sammie. Young children in a town where weird things seem to happen all around them. Marco always wants to know why something is happening, so he... More > is a total sucker for a mystery and he always have to solve them. Carla and Sammie are always dragged on Marco's mad cap adventures and where they are always running for their lives while saving others. The brother, sister duo along with Sammie take on all kinds of adventures in the series and always put on a brave face. The Adventures of Marco and Carla, will intrigue your young reader and leave them wanting more. Marco and Carla, along with their friend Sammie go off in search of adventure, but sometime adventure comes to them. In "The Dark Castle", the trio find themselves trying to figure out the mystery of the disappearing villagers while all the time, not know that this adventure would send them running and fighting for their young lives.< Less
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Seen through the eyes of a young boy, John, we experience the highs and lows of growing up in war time Britain. Humour is a vital element to sustain people through traumas but a family can only take... More > so much.John befriends American soldiers who are billeted in the family's hotel.One of them is a Charlie, a black soldier from New York who was a jazz musician before the war. He helps John to face up to many of the problems the war is creating within his family.The soldiers have their own pressures to deal with as they wait for "D"Day and racism is one of them..Then there is the young German Jewish boy who is trying to come to terms with his own personal trauma.John tries to protect him from fascist elements amongst the bully boys but it's an uphill struggle. In contrast to the dark side of war we see how the human spirit can sour and rise above adversity. After the deepest dark night the dawn is always the brightest.The story is based on true events.< Less
Castle Falcon By Tom Alan Brosz
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Katie and her brother Zach have spent their whole lives in the vast and ancient stone fortress called Castle Falcon, somewhere in the northwest of present-day America. Their loving but enigmatic... More > father, driven by secret fears, rarely allows them to leave the safety of the Castle and venture out into the world. Katie, thirteen, and Zach, twelve, are constantly testing the boundaries of their enormous gilded cage. When they finally crack the secret of opening the mysterious Castle doors their father had sealed against their curiosity, they aren't ready for what they find: living hearts in jars, people turned to stone, and a cage containing something terrible and invisible. And that's before they discover a buried gateway to a dark and demon-filled hell, and the monstrous creature that guards it... Katie and Zach thought their summer would be boring. Now, with the help of some very unusual friends, they may have to save the world!< Less
Castle Keep By Germany Gibson
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Francesca is the baron's lonely daughter, consigned to the dungeon where she is at the mercy of the depraved William, a beast in human form. After corrupting her, he tells her she will bear his demon... More > son, the twelfth of thirteen children. Desperate, terrified of the evil within her, she sets out to learn all that she can. She meets a friar who has disturbing news - a prophecy written in a dead language that tells of these thirteen sons and a dark sexual frenzy that will destroy all mortal life. His dire prophecy predicts disaster will follow the birth she fears. Bound together by chance, the two innocents travel across the land to gather the holy weapons and secret knowledge they will need to keep the prophecy from being fulfilled. With enemies everywhere they only have each other, and must wage an impossible battle against the evil sexual tide. In a realm under such dire threat, can they use sex, pleasure and submission to find salvation? (18+) Sexual Content Warning< Less
Out of the Darkness Comes Light! The Castle ... Book 1 By Roxanne Lord
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Simone is a young single mother in search of God. On her quest for enlightenment and stability, she meets the eccentric Reverend Blake, an old preacher of a huge boarded up church that bears a... More > resemblance to a haunted castle. The Reverend Blake is twice Simone’s age but nonetheless swears that the Lord wants a marriage between him and her. Simone feels that God wants her to help the old man to revive his dying ministry and restore the building into a school for the children of a distressed ghetto community in Brooklyn called East New York. Simone is swept into a dark tunnel of mental agony, manipulation, confusion and deception from which only the hand of God can save her. She bravely goes through the fire over and over again and only time will tell if she will be victorious against the obstacles standing in the way of her destiny.< Less
Imago, the Red Castle By J.D. Miller
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Your mentor Osric is dead. The castle you inherited, your new home, is enchanted and alive. Staircases shift. Rooms move or vanish. Voices whisper that alternately make you blush and sweat. A... More > wardrobe eternally hunts a couch through the halls with an axe. Your dog has become-something else entirely. Osric’s friend, the prototype swordsman/hero, thinks you’re a weakling and a fool. And Osric’s lawyer is a wizard who tells you not to leave the castle grounds for one week, but won’t tell you why. This is the only condition for your inheritance. But you made a mistake. You broke the one rule. And now your terrifying, enchanted castle can't protect you…not even from itself. Welcome to your new home, Jesse Idlewild. Welcome to Imago, the Red Castle.< Less
Samuel Deksis and the Castle of the Kings By James Roberts
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Enter a world where newspapers speak, using magic carpets is a way of life and the deceased have power over the future. Learn about the dangerous magical sport of Levish, how curses really work and... More > what an Igni is. The story follows the life of an orphaned boy (Samuel Deksis) who discovers he is next in line to the throne of a magnificent mystical city in another world. If you enjoy reading about magical worlds parallel to our own world then this is the book for you! The story is dark and thrilling, set within a humorous and exciting world which is a delight to read about. It was written over a period of eight years and is set to become a classic fantasy tale for older children and adults alike. Get your hands on a copy by placing your order today!< Less
Hallowed Halls of Cromwell Castle By Elaine Markowicz
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The three were friends from childhood. Two of them got involved in Egyptian Dark Magic: one took it a step further and became a dark magician. Brandon forced his best friend Nathaniel to shoot him... More > in a duel. He uses his death to come back from the grave for his revenge against his ex-wife Emily and Nathaniel; using his five year old daughter to kill her mother.< Less