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Dark Magic By Brandon Chandler
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Astral Pschic Body Suggestion- (APBS).
The Dark Magic : Begining of Dark Disaster By CE Nicholas
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This is the story of a young boy in order to save the magical kingdom of Rheanuss from the big threat that can destroy the world.
Dark Magic 4 By Brandon Chandler
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Dark Magic and Language to be used and interpreted by the owner!
Dark Voodoo Magic Spells By Jennifer Oneal
eBook (PDF): $5.95
Dark Voodoo spells and magic. Use the infinite power of the Loa to change your life. Ask the Gods for justice,love,money and so much more. Use this real magic to have anything you want!!! Get your... More > copy now!!!< Less
Magic Missile and The Darkness By Jared Callan
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Anthology of poetic works by Jared Callan 2002-2010. Subject matter varies throughout and some works may contain language and concepts not appropriate for children.
Dark Magic Study Guide By
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The Dark Magic Study Guide contains a comprehensive summary and analysis of Dark Magic by Christine Feehan. It includes a detailed Plot Summary, Chapter Summaries & Analysis, Character... More > Descriptions, Objects/Places, Themes, Styles, Quotes, and Topics for Discussion on Dark Magic.< Less
Magical Journeys: The Dark Realm By Terri J. Taber
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Have you ever wondered where the elves, fairies and other mythical creatures went after the fall of King Arthur? What if you found out that some of them lived among us... That you might even be one?... More > That is what Melissa Star had always wondered. Melissa moved to the small town of Ely, Nevada to live with her step-father and on her first day at her new school she meets an enchanting young man named Jason Marks. Jason takes her to a magical planet filled with the creatures of Myth and she discovers that she is a descendant of Arthur Pendragon and she must defend the planet from an evil warlord bent on controlling her and everything around her.< Less
Magical Theorems & Dark Pacts By Dyson Logos
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Upgrade your OSR Magic-Users with Magical Theorems & Dark Pacts. This tome provides everything you need to run a spellcaster in Labyrinth Lord or classic 1981-styled OSR games. This tome... More > includes full rules for playing Clerics, Wizards, Elven Swordmages, Elven Warders, Enchanters, Fleshcrafters, Healers, Inquisitors, Merchant Princes, Necromancers, Pact-Bound, Theurges and the Unseen - along with all their spells, a collection of magic items, and a variety of new elementals to summon. This supplement is not a full RPG, but is designed as a supplement for Labyrinth Lord or any other OSR-styled RPG.< Less
Into the Dark By Jane Lowry
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Villagers living on The Island unexpectedly find themselves in total darkness. Does Soudanger, an eccentric old lady with mythical creatures as pets, hold the answers to make a new day dawn?
Into Darkness By Marcus Black
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In the land of Caladom the gods are a very real and cruel presence; bringing destruction to any that dare to break their law. For generations the people have served the demands and whims of divine... More > authority without question, under the constant yoke of fear. A young girl runs from slavery. An act, deemed to be a crime, leads to the destruction of a village. It seems that once again the gods will require appeasement. For good or ill, there are those who stand firm and only the balance of power can shift; as desire for revenge sends ripples throughout the land. Into Darkness is a fantasy adventure set in the world of Galawi; a dark and dangerous world of strange magic and intrigue.< Less