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The Dark Times By Eden Monier
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Every individual in this world goes through a period like the Dark Times where feelings of loss, grief, and despair can prevail. This compilation of poems is written, and illustrated, from the... More > author's experiences from such times.It is filled with poetry ranging from the broken hearted, to the journey into the light, to the constant battle of understanding God... To the Reader: There is a poem within For every journeyer, And every whim, For all the dark That we all feel, And all the starts To what is real... So step inside, If you feel so blind, See what your capable to find. Within these pages There is a truth, or two... From darkness, And all that we must Rue. Read the lines, Brighten your mind, Amongst the pages of... The Dark Times.< Less
DARK TIMES By Ian Palmquist
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It is 2039. America is deep in a brutal war with Russia over the last drop of oil. Cities are bombed daily as what is left of the Military struggles to protect its dwindling population. A man... More > named Harold realizes the war is only getting worse, and he and his friends hole up in a bunker to wait it out. But the journey will be dangerous, as a plague has started to emerge. It turns people into feral, cannibal monsters and is taking its toll on the war. The world comes perilously close to extinction, abandonment and ruin as the survivors attempt to control the cataclysmic virus. And when the friends emerge from their bunker, they find a completely different world, riddled with abandoned buildings, bomb-ridden ruins, and piles of dead bodies in the aftermath of the virus. Now they must survive rogue military units, ruthless gangs of plunderers and the endless army of the undead to find the fabled Echo Safe Zone, the last of the government camps, and the safety within its walls.< Less
Dark Times By Adrienne Carrington
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This is a compilation of the things i've written when i just wanted to cry or scream, or throw things. This is not a happy poetry book, but the poems in here all are important to me.
In Dark Times By Dion J. Crowe
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This collection of short stories tackles the issues of everyday people from a different perspective. The characters are flawed, and real with an inner strength. Some don’t even have a name, but... More > their cause will speak to you as if you knew them personally. In Dark Times has its finger on the pulse when it comes to what makes us human. From the man who hates his job, to the sacrifices of a mother for her child in desperate times, to the perspective of a person coping with schizophrenia, this work deals with it all, nothing barred, uniquely and honestly< Less
Dark Times By Kathryne C. Scott
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dark, sad poetry capturing the low point in your lives. don't fear the darkness.
Dark Times By Michael Lebron
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Book one in the Dark Times Trilogy, Dark Times tells the tale of a young teenage boy named Daniel Harper who must come to terms with losing a forbidden love. Soon this love hurls him into a world of... More > magic, strange wonders and horrors beyond his wildest imagination. Due to circumstances beyond his control, he learns the role his deceased father played upon his life as well as others around him. He is soon faced with a decision; to turn away from his duty to save those he loves or to stand firm and walk forward into the fire. This duty weights heavy on him and as the time ticks by it becomes harder for him to make a choice. In the end he must come to terms with himself and choose a road to follow before everything he loves dearly is destroyed. This story is continued in Book Two: Dark Times Gothic and concludes in Book Three: Dark Times Lament.< Less
Dark Times By Tony Rainbird
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'Ye Banks and Braes!'...Alex and Nikki ride again - all the way to Scotland! The Exodus is slowly being crushed by a Black Hole, and so the twosome are dragged back through time,as youngsters one... More > again, in an effort to help Miss Archer and her crew escape. But it's not that easy,and Alex and Nikki have to reach The Black Isle of Scotland, and retrieve the only active power ring, if their friends are to survive. Attacked by the Vambie remnants that linger in Bestwood Village, they make good their escape in an ancient Vauxhall Viva, and head off 'Up North' for another (!) final adventure in what is currently the 'Dark Creatures' trilogy.< Less
Time of Darkness By B T Coll
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As the Sun disappears from the sky, the darkness arrives and changes the lives of everyone on Earth. When their neighbours leave to go to the city, the Hollingsworth family decide to stay at home... More > and sit it out, hoping that things would soon return to normal. Their battle to stay alive is complicated by freezing temperatures and lack of food but things are about to get even tougher. Can they survive< Less
Dark Times By Dominic Oliver
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Charlie Wright is a man content living the life he has. A great wife, a great child, and a job that keeps everyone happy. But when Recession attacks, and destroys everything he holds dear to him, he... More > is forced into changing his life forever, as he try's to rebuild whats left of his shattered life. What depths would you sink to provide for your family, when the Recession comes knocking on your door?< Less
It Is Dark By Arlene Hill
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Paige, a genealogist, is hired to search out Mrs. Hoffsmiller's family tree and write the family's history. She finds herself transported back to 1851, which may or may not help with her research for... More > the family's "missing branch."< Less