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The Dead Rising All Around Us By Henry S. Kivett
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Visit a world where pharmaceutical side effects seek companionship in seedy bars, where ghosts watch us couple, and where we invent and haunt our own scarred pasts. Combining two of his previous... More > releases (Outliving Your Pets and Best Left Unseen) Henry S. Kivett presents a darkly humorous and heart-wrenching collection of prose. Read. Ponder. Read again.< Less
Still Dead After All These Years By John Hunt
Paperback: $14.75
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Usually Death is the end; but what happens when Blackmail,Love and Revenge all find their way into death? Can the body stay dead forever?
Clint Faraday 48: Dead in the Water By CD Moulton
Paperback: $5.89
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A ship sitting just outside the harbor in Chiriqui Grande. There are skeletons and a dead body aboard. The ship is one that disappeared 36 years ago in the Devil´s Triangle. The skeletons may... More > be dead for 36 years, but the body died only a couple of days ago!< Less
Clint Faraday 38: Dead Reckoning By CD Moulton
Paperback: $5.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Clint and friends are watching the spectacular sunrise in Cusapín. Basilio says there are a few bad signs, but they don´t affect the comarca directly. Then Omar finds the body
Clint Faraday 47: Dead Drunk By CD Moulton
Paperback: $5.79
Prints in 3-5 business days
Sergio calls and saaid he needed help with a dead drunk. Clint replies, ¨You called me over a drunk?" "No. There´s a body. A dead drunk."
Vestigial Surreality: 53: Waking the Dead By Douglas Christian Larsen
eBook (ePub): $1.77
Episode 53: Waking the Dead. Tesla and Adam finally meet up with Doctor Frankenstein, in the Underworld. From Plato's Cave to The Matrix, philosophers and scientists and dreamers have questioned the... More > very nature of reality. Scientists today are actually running multi-million dollar experiments to discover hints on whether or not we are living in a computer simulation. To date, the program obfuscates the results, every time. Contend with the Simulation Hypothesis, at your own peril. Are we living in a computer simulation? The world may not be exactly what it seems. There is no body. Data is data.< Less
The simple light bulb and the deadly cancer By Paul Tatham
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This booklet is a free extract from my book 'Man Designed Himself' that only discusses cancer. It argues that all cancers are a matter of energy. We have the genes of cavemen who slept when it became... More > dark, they had no lights, so our day of light energy is longer. Victorians kept out of the sun using parasols and only had gas light in their houses, but now we deliberately sit in the sun and have bright electric lights in our houses. So in recent decades we have overloaded our body with light energy, yet reduced our sleep time and our ability to disperse the energy. Our cells cannot cope. We are killing ourselves with energy. This energy enters through our eyes and fills the nerves. It then overwhelms cells just as the sun overwhelms skin cells to cause skin cancer. Methods of preventing its cause and reducing the effects are discussed.< Less
How I Woke Up Dead By Kat Pascale
eBook (PDF): $7.99
Kitt may have escaped captivity and terror to finally have her taste of freedom. But it all comes with a price. Adjusting to her new life isn't as easy as she had hoped. But with her sister and... More > new support group, she just may find her way. “Kitt, you have been through an extremely difficult 20+ years of just complete torment. The fact that you are alive is just proof that there are some really strong women out there. It IS going to take a while to get adjusted to your new life. Something that hopefully you look forward too?” His voice was so soft and his eyes so hopeful. I felt so twisted and sick. My head and body just ached so fucking bad. I went from 20 something years of no emotions to just complete sadness. I couldn’t stop feeling sad and I hated it. “I don’t know, my other life was just so .... easy. I guess...” I couldn’t even finish my own thoughts and sentences. That’s how controlled I was and how completely out of control I felt now. I woke up the next day, dead again.< Less
SF&D | June 2012 [Body wRites] By Edited by Joseph A. W. Quintela
Paperback: $6.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
The June issue of SF&D features new work by Jee Leong Koh, the [Body wRites] theme, and un-themed prose, poetry, and word art.
Release my body to the cold blue sea By Joseph G. Barnes
Paperback: $5.00
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A book of survival poems these were written in great pain and sorrow. it is a testament to the human condition a pain staking heart wrenching tale of a man on the brinks of sanity,losing everything... More > and coming back to life. succede illegal a glimpse of the gimp restrained leather bound tied mouth stiched no more lies i miss your screams lord i miss your dreams messiah liar messiah jesus gross do you hear these angels are you blessed by the poet im the ghost of jim morrison and jack keroauc guided by being lost all the time edit sedate eradicate do something else do something else they scream do this do that the fat is in the fire burn me at both ends immolation never worked for a child lover like ginsberg his love for young boys is disheartening and off putting but his beauty was his phoenix and his alligator heart.< Less

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Shattering the Wall: Imagine Health Care without Preventable Harm Shattering the Wall:... By Anne Gunderson et al.
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Shattering the Wall: Imagine Health Care without Preventable Harm Shattering the Wall:... By Anne Gunderson et al.
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