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Duel Nature By John Conroe
Paperback: $15.16
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Book 4 of the Demon Accords. Chris and Tanya have been assigned as Coven Rovers, troubleshooters for the supernatural world. Their missions will take them across country from city to wilderness as... More > they tackle rogue vampires, witch families and monsters from the darkest Native American folklore. When they are called to the most important vampire political event in over 300 years, they discover that mixing Chris's volatile nature with ancient vampires is a deadly mistake.< Less
Deadly Dames: Monstrous Maneaters By Mini Komix
eBook (PDF): $2.00
Deadly Dames brings you more bad girls from the Golden Age of Comics with murderous macabre stories of Monstrous Maneaters! An underwater explorer comes across a kingdom of sexy mermaids who turn out... More > to be more than just a pretty faces, Dagar the Desert Hawk encounters the scantily-clad Queen Mura and her tribe of amazons who worship giant lizards, slinky snake goddess Mahrana masquerades as an attractive actress, The Love Witch woos a warrior, Devilina duels with the Devil, Princess Nefertiri rises from her tomb, the Prophesy has a foxy fortune teller foretelling of a werewolf, and The Tower of Demon Dooms has a barbarian and his mate transformed into vampires! Terror-filled thrills and sexy scares are in store for you in this collection of creepiness!< Less
The Queen’s Blade V: Master of the Dance By TC Southwell
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Captured and condemned, the Queen’s Blade is forced to face his fate and fight a deadly duel with a Master of the Dance to survive. More treacherous Cotti princes must die and the... More > Regent’s life is in danger. Blade’s legendary skills are tested to the extreme and his web of lies and deceit is challenged, but nothing touches the frozen heart and icy mind of a killer whose heart died long ago.< Less
New Ceres Nights By Alisa Krasnostein and Tehani Wessely (eds)
eBook (PDF): $7.00
New Ceres, a planet in the outer colonies, embraced the Age of Enlightenment nearly two hundred years ago and refused to let go. Refugees and opportunists come to New Ceres in search of new lives,... More > escaping the conflict of the interstellar war that has already devastated Earth. New Ceres Nights presents thirteen exciting stories of rebellion, debauchery, decadence, subterfuge and murder, set against the backdrop of powdered wigs, coffee houses, balls and duels. Debutante Dirk Flinthart The Widow’s Seven Candles Thoraiya Dyer Code Duello J.C. Hay Murder in Laochan Aliette de Bodard Tontine Mary Kaaron Warren Fair Trade Stephen Dedman A Troublesome Day for Jacky Midnight Matthew Farrer Prosperine When It Sizzles Tansy Rayner Roberts Candle to the Devil Sue Isle Blessed Are The Dead That The Rain Falls Upon Martin Livings The Sharp Shooter Sylvia Kelso Smuggler’s Moon Lee Battersby The Piece of Ice in Miss Windermere’s Heart Angela Slatter< Less
E By D. R. Mitchell
eBook (ePub): $3.99
What became of Einstein's brain? A sadistic neurosurgeon and his obsessive attempts to wrest a deadly secret from a moribund Einstein sets the stage for a medical thriller spanning multiple decades... More > and several continents, This duel between good and evil continues long after Einstein's death.< Less
Chi By Yonatan Gershon
Paperback: $11.60
Prints in 3-5 business days
Jim Gordon believes he's an average teenager, until an encounter with a vampire sends him to a camp of sorcerers, on a quest, and finally into a deadly magical duel. What's the reason? Jim Gordon... More > isn't an average kid. He's a SORCERER!< Less
Tristan and Isolda By Richard Wagner
Paperback: $17.99
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When Tristan is escorting the Irish princess to his King so he can marry her, Tristan falls in love with the wife to be and starts to meet secretly with the new queen to the anger of the King. When... More > Tristan takes a deadly blow in a duel with the king, Isolda is called on to see if she can save her one true love.< Less
Fatal Rendezvous By Paul Weightman
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It's 1773. Career diplomat Benjamin Hackett returns to York and the shocking news his estranged elder brother, has not only killed his friend in a duel but become engaged to the woman he had hoped to... More > marry. To learn more about the suspect duel, Benjamin reluctantly attends a weekend house party to celebrate his brother’s engagement. House guests get more than they bargained for when a lady’s maid is murdered, the bride-to-be attacked, and a guest is shot dead. Benjamin uncovers a connection between these sinister acts and his brother's duel. He must also confront a cruel twist of fate that explains why his brother loathes him and will go to any lengths to discredit him in Polite Society.< Less
Klassik Komix: Happy Haunting By Mini Komix
Paperback: $9.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
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A haunting we will go! Klassik Komix collects a crypt crammed with creepy comics for all ages! Debunk the Devil of the Deep, Blonde Bomber solves a mystery, time travelers have The Last Laugh, The... More > Man in Black makes a fatal bet with Father Time, Sir Lancelot dares The Haunted Tower, Hack O'Hara does the skeleton dance, Col. Whiteshroud tours haunted houses, Who's There? sees a scared loner stalked by spirits, The Brain thinks from beyond the grave, The Island Monster wrecks Manhattan, brave Queen Ambia battles an undead army, a doomed sailor sees The Handwriting On The Wall, Slap Happy Pappy meets a corpse, The Woman In The Moonpool lures men to oblivion, see some Superstitious Notes, Mr. Bones recalls Remember Me, Norge Benson duels a space dragon, uncover the Devil-Fish Treasure, saddle up with the original Ghost Rider, and Zero-Ghost Detective crosses a dead captain! Holistic horror and tremendous terror from the Golden Age of comics! 100 Big Pages!< Less
Bleak House By Charles Dickens
eBook (ePub): $5.00
A story about an unresolved estate due to conflicting wills, a daughter thought to be dead as an infant but still living, dueling lawyers, and love. Dickens was trained in the Law and he was... More > concerned about the difficulty involved in trying to settle an estate. Much of this book is concerned about how trying to settle this estate messes up the lives of the people that should have been enriched.< Less