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Sacred Space By Young Kim
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I wrote this book to add to the incredible stories of people who have seen the other side of the veil. I wanted to share in my own words some of the eternal knowings I gained. Such as: love does... More > not arise from life, but rather life arises out of love. Love is the breath inside each and every one of us. It makes us who we are. We were molded out of love and came to Earth to experience what it is like to be human. God created, or rather BECAME, the Universe to answer the question, “Who am I?” and to engage Himself in the ultimate theater or musical. I wanted to share what I learned when I merged with Source and understood the reasons for everything, including all of our sufferings and setbacks. I understood the nature of the polarity of existence (how you cannot understand joy without despair, patience without frustration, etc.). This world was created for our benefit, so that we can grow our love and eventually return to the Creator. I hope some will find my words peaceful and useful in their lives.< Less
Nanoswarm - Invasion from Inner Space By Richard Buday, Mary Ann Pendino
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Life in the year 2030 was almost perfect. War, crime, hunger and pollution were history. Just as scientists were on the verge of curing disease, people all over the world started getting sick, and no... More > one knew why. Nanoswarm is based on an action-packed video game that takes tweens on a journey of self-discovery to save a friend — and themselves. Obesity has become one of the leading causes of death, worldwide. The Nanoswarm book and video game are designed as unique approaches to promoting healthy diet and exercise behavior. The project was funded by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). See the video trailer at:< Less
Of Time and Space By Jack Weston
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Classic Sci-fi from the master of the genre - H.G.Wells. The War of the Worlds - It is almost the end of of the nineteenth century and mankind is going about its normal, mundane business when ... More > intelligent life forms invade from Mars. They rapidly overwhelm the defence forces and wreak death and destruction across Southern England. Is this the end of mankind as we know it? The Time Machine - The Time Taveller has invented a machine that will take him through the fourth dimension, time itself. He arrives in a very different world from the one he left, 800,000 years earlier. Humankind has split into two races, the simple, childlike Eloi to whom the planet is a beautiful garden and the underground dwelling Morlocks. An idyllic existance for the Eloi. Or is it?< Less
The Death Defiance By James Murphy
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Towards the end of the twenty-second century, the most respected members of humankind assembled to tackle the issue of the planet Earth’s suffering. They divided the human race into two... More > categories. From society they plucked the wise, the inspired, the brave and the beautiful, and left the planet in a space vessel. The people that they left with were called The Somebodies. And those that were left on the planet were called the Nobodies.< Less
Death's Door By David Jones
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"She was like the dawn, insubstantial and somehow transient, as though she would fade from reality at any moment.” Every day the villagers watch as Death, a spectral suit of black armour... More > mounted upon a horse, rides through the valley beneath their mountain top home. After a lifetime living on the edge of Death’s domain, his close proximity is neither terrible or threatening, rather he has become a simple fact of life and a familiar neighbour. Nothing seems to change until one night a young boy, alone in the meadows beneath a summer moon, watches a mysterious figure in white approaching the village through the tall grass. That fateful night culminates in a love story that crosses the borders between the village and the valley, childhood and adulthood, and even life and death. Death's Door is a novella from the author best selling "Love and Space Dust" and "Could You Ever Live Without?"< Less
Death Peace By Dominic J Clark
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His debut published work ‘Death Peace’ is a book of poems from out of the creeping mist of a Megalith crowned Cornish Moor and on into the shadow clothed alleyways, bleeding sunsets and... More > humid easy summer nights of Adelaide. Death Peace sweeps in deliberately assembled contrasts from melting paradise landscapes to narrative city street gothic gloom and closer down into pure split-second moments, treasured in expanded time. It is an anthology of deconstructions borne of melancholy, kicks and overdrive thought that yield delving visions, lysergic romance and blank nothing-ism coexisting in the same space. An understated dynamic exhibition, the marks, dots and imperfections of the blank canvas have been worked, joined and built on as foundation, the hidden structure splashed with colour and drawn out.< Less
Marley Mallard and the egg from space Vol 1 By mark osborne
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Billy Fox a young boy from a rural area of Scullyman in England soon embarks on a quest to save the world from an alien invasion. One day he discovers a strange egg in his back yard which soon... More > escalates into a matter of life or death for him and the whole of the human race. Soon a white witch and a duck team up with the boy to find a way to dispose of the egg before the Stellarlites invade earth.< Less
Time and Space Protectors By Kyle Galloway
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Mya and Zag are a long, long way from the wheat fields of their family's farm in Texas. Having ended up on a strange planet, they encounter Tlob, a narwhal riding alien that helps save them from an... More > attack by a rainbow unicorn of death. When Tlob's village is destroyed by a dinosaur, May and Zag find themselves on a mission to help Tlob find the dinosaurs responsible.< Less
NHUK: The Space Alien Girl By Donald E. Hammond
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Nhuk is a little eleven year old girl on a distant planet doomed to explode. Planet Zeet is a million years more advanced than Earth and Nhuk is one of the most intelligent. She escapes death and... More > travels through space for two light years at near light speed. Equipment failure causes her space ship to crash land in Tibet where she is given shelter in a Buddhist Monastery. She meets three American kids from the US Embassy and they become close friends. Nhuk struggles to be accepted and to convince humans she is from another planet. Some in the US Government think she is a threat and attempt to kidnap her and finally to assonate her. She and her three human friends survive and save Earth from a nuclear holocaust. Nhuk goes to space in the Shuttle and puts the Peace Crystal (a gift from Planet Zeet) in orbit. It causes peace between nations and Nhuk becomes a world hero.< Less
Songs of Destiny and Death By Marcus Boyce
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800 years ago on the planet of Galuu a young girl fears for her life from invading enemy forces. Little does she or the invader know of the danger that faces them. Arriving on a routine fuel stop... More > the Legacy of Anne and her crew must risk everything to save not only a planet but one girl. However they cannot save everyone. There will be death, it is their destiny.< Less