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Into the Deep By Missy Fleming
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No one understands the fury of the ocean like Zoey. Ten years ago, she lost her leg in a shark attack and she has yet to accept her prosthetic limb. She ventures to a bonfire at the beach,... More > mesmerized by the ooean's power, until a wave sweeps her into the salty water. Zoey believed mermaids were creatures of legend, but it’s hard to ignore the tail that’s suddenly appeared, or the sense of finally being whole. She abandons her life on land for the sea, searching for who she really is. What she discovers is a kingdom as well as a royal father she never knew existed. Settling into her role as a mermaid princess, she learns her family is under attack. Raging storms threatening coastal cities, and sea levels rise, endangering the lives of everyone she loves. Determined to stop the strange phenomena, Zoey becomes caught up in the race to track down what, or who, is responsible for the catastrophic events. But, Zoey possesses another secret, one born of legend and more powerful than any mer or human can imagine.< Less
Deep Sea Diving Career By Jake Hofmann
eBook (PDF): $2.57
Chapter 1: Experience The Thrill And Excitement Of Deep Sea Diving Chapter 2: Experience The Thrill And Excitement That Only Deep Sea Diving Can Provide Chapter 3: The Career Opportunities In Deep... More > Sea Diving Chapter 4: Deep Sea Diving: Commercial Diving Courses That You Can Take Chapter 5: Deep Sea Diving: Careers In Diving Chapter 6: Deep Sea Diving: A Great Career For People Who Loves Diving Chapter 7: Deep Sea Diving: Facts About The Commercial Diving Career Chapter 8: Deep Sea Diving: What You Should Know About Commercial Diving Chapter 9: Deep Sea Diving: Jobs As A Commercial Diver Chapter 10: Deep Sea Diving: The Importance Of Trimix< Less
A Deep Sea Secret - A Legend By Grace Woelbing
eBook (ePub): $8.99
A Deep Sea Secret - A Legend, is a legend that was passed down from generations, is told by Grandpa Tom, and is a tale from the deep sea. A human is transformed into a mermaid and journeys into the... More > world below. Elizabeth, the human, goes on many adventures with the mermaid, Pearl, but when Pearl tells Elizabeth a tragic deep-sea secret, they go on their most dangerous adventure that may cost them their lives.< Less
Deep Sea Christmas By Federico Bini
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Timo had been sailing alone in the Pacific Ocean for weeks, when suddenly he comes across an SOS. With no time to realize what is going on, he finds himself with Talita on board, a bullying fifteen... More > year old girl. Timo knows a woman on board means trouble: the best solution would be to take her back home, easier said than done with Christmas in the way. A Christmas that will be full of surprises.< Less
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The book features two short stories, thirty-eight inspirational passages, seventy-eight quatrains and thirty-six poems of two or more stanzas. Essay questions are also included at the back.
Between the Devil and Deep Blue Sea By Amechi Odidika
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  '… I was a victim of circumstances, trapped between the devil and the deep blue sea.’  At one level, Between the Devil and Deep Blue Sea dramatizes human life, as a journey... More > to unknown with the ups and downs that are comparable to the pain of a woman in labour and the joy of her childbirth. Obinna battles against all odds in Europe to better his life, but loses it tagically in his country, trying to help his people. At another level: Deceit, prostitution, discrimination, occultism, pains, joys, betrayal and abuse of powers are the themes, which the novel uses to depict a struggle against the bad and the evil. Like its characters, we're victims of circumstances at one time or the other. Between the Devil and Deep Blue Sea is a remarkable achievement in creative writing. It is immensely evocative, dramatic and full of elements of mystery, passion, suspense and poetry. It is not just a novel, but a book of life with a universal message that grips the reader from the beginning to the end.< Less
Bob Conrad's Deep Sea Adventure By Bob Conrad
Paperback: $10.00
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Explore the world's oceans with author and illustrator Bob Conrad. Find out how deep the oceans are, why they are salty, and what causes the tides. Along the way, you will meet some of the... More > fascinating animals that live in the oceans, from star fish and sea horses to dolphins, whales, and sharks. You will also visit the beautiful and fragile coral reefs where many of these creatures live, and learn what we are doing to protect these endangered ecosystems. Bob Conrad is one of today's most popular presenters of educational school assembly programs, and the author of several children's books.< Less
Between The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea By Inch Chua
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Between the Devil & the Deep Blue Sea is the first of our Orchard Series, in which readers are given the opportunity to understand musicians with uncanny intimacy. Through drafts, unpublished... More > lyrics, poetry, or a narrative novel, the musician is revealed to us authentically as an emotionally independent mind. Between the Devil & the Deep Blue Sea features Inch’s personal journal entries, which include everything from album production notes to sketches Inch made in art school. In this collaboration, we see Inch faced with the struggle of self-identity - pondering who she was, who she wants to be, and where she is now. Between the Devil & the Deep Blue Sea celebrates Inch Chua at the many crossroads of her life, and, most importantly, rejoices her as the developed artist she is today.< Less
Twixt the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea By Janet Kinrade Dethick & Anne M. Corke
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During her distinguished career, HM Submarine Saracen was responsible for sinking thousands of tons of Axis shipping. But in August 1943 her luck ran out when she was mortally wounded by depth... More > charges from two Italian corvettes, the last Allied submarine to be sunk by the Italians. Forced to surface, she was scuttled by her crew who were taken prisoner. But HMS Saracen's story is more than the story of a submarine. It is the story of her crew and their experiences both before and after her loss. From the cat and mouse games of war at sea to their harrowing escape from their stricken ship, from being sent to Dachau to finding themselves on a POW train bombed by the Americans, from being shot by the Germans to being assisted by the Rome Escape Line, from being sheltered by Italian families to joining the partisans, their stories of escape, of flight, of capture, are as varied as the men themselves. But their shared goal was to return home safely to their families and sadly some never did.< Less
Deep Sea Diving-Is it For You? By Howard Camp
eBook (PDF): $1.99
This is a short but great book on deep sea diving to help you decide if you want to take it up as recreational or commercial.